Monday, 23 July 2012

How Android Phones have changed the way we do business

Android apps for businessmen
Virtual Reality Apps for Business
If you're an Android owner and a man of business then you're heading in the right direction. Android phones have really changed the way we do business. Business cards, note taking, scheduling, research, and even low end PA functions can easily be handled by Android phones. Of course the iOS devices can also handle these but I feel that they are hampered by virtual reliance on iTunes.

As an example I have friends who are event designers and this is how they would use their Android Phone to sort out their next function. A Google search on the phone to find suppliers and venues, a trip to the venue using Google Maps. Pictures for comparison taken using their phone's camera, a good measuring tool app to get the venues dimensions. If they were to see another potential customer then business cards could be shared electronically, Standard note taking about a customer's requirements is easily handled by ICS ability to take voice notes or a premier business app like Evernote can easily take and upload notes to the cloud. And moving a step forward especially for business like functions that involve the physical changes of one area to another (event organising ; architectural changes etc) Virtual reality layering through time and physical means is also coming on in leaps and bounds. And that's why the use of Android phones has changed the face of business as we know it.

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