Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mobile Music Sequencer

Yamaha has just had a big push on their mobile music making apps,with some quality sound creation apps recently going free on the app store . Among them is this gem f mobile music creation which will really allow the DJ in you to rock out . Introducing Mobile Music Sequencer.
The name Mobile Music Sequencer tells you exactly what this app does. It allows you to create music through the combination of of a range of patterns and sounds. The composition you create will be melodic and enthralling, giving you a great and robust way to make music. Its not recommended for novices though as it can be a bit heavy handed and complicated, meaning that it’s going to take some time for you to completely understand how it works, and how you can use it, unless you have prior music composition experience.
The app walks you through the step-by-step process of creating your sound, from phrases to sections to the actual song. There are 92 high caliber sounds built within the app to help you, and you can use sound editing tools like filters, EG, and a number of others. There’s a mixer, reverb, chorus, and variations tool, and much more going on if you've got the music sense to access it. Yamaha's music apps are definitely making waves.

Commander The Great War on iPad

This is about as strategic a title as you're ever likely to find on iPad and is immensely meaty,to such an extent that despite not having immense retina graphics to shove around the iPads processor has massive slow down when the fantastic AI has to plot its moves. Commander the Great War is a broad and sweeping campaign as as close to entire World War ,including policy and economics,as you're ever likely to get on iPad.
Users of the TouchArcade forums really sum up the grandeur of this game:
"... $20 for a complete game. There are 5 scenarios you can play, starting from each year of the war, and you can play those from both sides against AI and in mulitiplayer. The multiplayer looks the most interesting, as in Panzer Corps you got individual battles there which were fun, but by their nature kind of fast and frenetic affairs. Playing the entire Great War on iPad against a like minded opponent could be amazing.

You don't need a Panzer Corps style "Grand Campaign" because the 1914 scenario could not be grander in scope. It's day one of the war, covering pretty much every battlefield and frontline in the entire world, all the way until the armistice. While it will always start the same way, the flexibility to change things up seems pretty good. The battle for France and Belgium in my run so far has actually been a war of movement and flanking, with very fluid lines, and it wasn't until the Xmas truce (which ironically saw the heaviest fighting of the entire war in my game) that things started to become more static.

I'm already seeing ways to try different strategies on future runs. There's a natural clash of infantry at the beginning, and just pushing for land/holding on while mobilising for war is going to be the focus of the first few months. I've been investing in fighters as once I get to upgrade them from recon units to attackers I reckon I could dominate the skies while the Central Powers play catchup. My Russians pretty much ignored the Austro-Hungarian border and moved en masse towards the German Baltic ports. Could have played a delaying action on that front, built up a transport fleet and invaded Turkey across the Black Sea. Kind of interested to see if that would have been viable.

For anyone curious about the game, RiothouseLP on YouTube did an excellent Let's Play series of the PC edition as both sides. It's a good way to have a quick look at how the game plays. Sold me on the game while I was waiting for release."

If you want to go deeper here is the PDF link for the Commander the Great War Manual :