Monday 30 April 2012

Moshi Monsters Record Breaking Game

Here at Gametrender we first encountered Moshi Monsters just over 2 years ago when the third eldest in the house jumped on the average Pre-teen Bandwagon that made the loveable and fun Moshi Monsters such a smash hit. Moving on a bit, both for us and Mindcandy, the team behind Moshi Monsters, the game has soared to new heights of success and has just recently become the longest ever number one in Nintendo DS Chart History (we're still awaiting signs of a godd Moshi Monster game on the Appstore and for Android though!)

Here's MindCandy's Press Release

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo knocks Brain Training from top of Nintendo DS™ chart to make video game history
Moshi Monsters Press Release
VideoGame Record Breaker

 Moshi Monsters’ debut video game Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo has become the longest ever number one in Nintendo DS™ chart history by knocking Nintendo’s Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training from the top spot.

Launched just six months ago in November 2011, Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo has made video game history by holding the top position for a record breaking 15 consecutive weeks.

The game has fought off stiff competition from Nintendo classics such as Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call and Pok√©mon Black Version

“This is the first video game we've ever published at Mind Candy so we're delighted and amazed by how well it has done.  We're lucky to have such a passionate fanbase of Moshi players” said Michael Acton Smith, creator and CEO of Moshi Monsters.
Developed by well-renowned US based gaming developer, Black Lantern and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo offers fans a fresh new take on the Moshi Universe by building on the popularity of the collectable “Moshlings” (pets for your pet monsters), and  provides a new way to interact with their favorite characters. The game features new locations and an exclusive new Moshling - Nipper the Titchy Trundlebot. From the common to the rare, there are 52 Moshlings to collect including the elusive ‘ULTRA-RARE’ – find them if you can! Children can also play new mini-games, educational style puzzles, as well as win awards and trophies to take back to their zoo.

And craziest Moshi  Monster news of them all, just proving how much videogames shape modern entertainment. News from the Press release shows what we think is the highest debuting video game inspired music album:

The monster success isn’t just confined to the video game charts – the recently released debut music album, Moshi Monsters: Music Rox!, reached number four in the Official Music Charts this month ahead of Madonna and Jessie J with no TV or promotional airplay. 

Professional and elegant Photo Framing for iPhone

ios photo framing
With a superb camera and a million and one ways to share photos taken with your iPhone, many iOS users really want to take their iPhone (and iPod) photography to the next level. FrameUrLife now brings us a very elegant way to make our iOS photos even better looking.

Let's get one thing straight though, despite the Appstore having a lot of similar Photo apps, they're not a patch on FrameUrLife. For one thing the photo framing app has just recently been featured as a new app on the US Appstore, so it is certainly good enough to attract the attention of the appstore editors. However don't just take the Appstore's opinion into account, just simply have a look at the framing app and you'll instantly see a very fine photography app indeed. It's polished to an amazing degree and brings a multitude of ways to customise your iOS photo viewing experience. 

Professional Framing for iPhone Photos
There are 48 fully adjustable frames allowing multiple photos to be grouped together and really enhance the look of the special moments in your life. Aside from the 48 iOS photoframes the app also offers a huge degree of personalisation making for seemingly endless unique ways of framing your photos. Colours can be added, border widths can be changed, different rations can be applied to photos and effects can be added to each photo. There are numerous other features that we haven't gone into, including the very easy ability you will have  to fully manipulate your photos in a way of your choosing.(Zooming, rotating and more)

Follow the app store link below to see why this app fully deserves to be one of the best photo apps on the Appstore:
FrameUrLife Free - The Best Picture Frames & Photo Frames Free

FavesDial on iOS

Contact Customisation for iOS
Say what you will about the iPad and iPhone, despite being fantastic devices they're not very customisable nor easily personalised. FavesDial is set to change that, with a new and unique interface for iPhone and iPad to get hold of your contacts.

FavesDial is a highly configurable iOS dialer that brings one touch email; Facetime; text or  calling ability to your Smartphone. The app is very good looking with a nice clean interface that makes contacting people just so easy. The icons employed by the custom dialer are bright and bold with the relevant means of contact available in each corner. The icons are further customisable with three different icon sizes giving the ability to have up to 16 contacts on your screen at once. 
While the app is free it also has premium themes which can add even more to the ease of use and just sheer good looks of a very simple yet effective app. We wouldn't be surprised if Apple didn't include their equivalent of FavesDial in a future iOS update

Download the custom dialer, FavesDial from the Appstore.

OPS Institute - Earn College Credit with your Smart Phone

         Ever wished you could move your classes to specific times to fit your schedule? That’s been possible with online courses, but with OPS Institute, you may even take courses through your smart phone.  Currently only available on Android OS. Other platforms may gain support in the future. The phone courses gives credit to University Courses/

       Each course is an app on Google Play. This allows each course to be reviewed by students and prospective students to read those reviews before committing. There are likely other enrollment and other fees or requirements that we are not aware of. Please contact the schools directly for further detailed information. It is highly recommended that you check the full degree outline before making any purchases with the intent on earning a degree. Although the phone courses are the full courses, Degrees will most likely require off phone courses as well.

        Most prices vary from FREE to $24.95, up to $100 for each class. This is a lot cheaper than prices for traditional college classess. If you were ever interested in online courses, this new ability to take courses through your phone may just add enough of a convenience factor to help you make your decision.

Courses include but are not limited to:
(taken from the actual website)

Emergency Management Courses

    Social Media for Public Safety

Fire Service Courses

    Airport Rescue Firefighter
    ARFF Driver/Operator
    Driver/Operator- Mobile Water Supply
    Driver/Operator- Pumping Apparatus
    Driver/Operator- Aerial Apparatus
    Firefighter I
    Firefighter II
    Fire and Emergency Service Orientation and Terminology (FESHE)
    Fire Inspector I
    Fire Inspector II
    Fire Inspector III
    Fire Instructor I
    Fire Instructor II
    Fire Instructor III
    Fire Officer I
    Fire Officer II
    Fire Officer III
    Fire Officer IV
    Fire Prevention Application for the Company Officer (FESHE)
    Fire Protection Structures and Systems (FESHE)
    Health and Safety Officer
    Incident Safety Officer
    Fire Scene Communications
    NFA’s Calling the Mayday
    Portable Fire Extinguishers
    Public Safety Telecommunicator I
    Public Safety Telecommunicator II
    Public Safety Telecommunicator III
    Rescue Company Tools and Equipment Operations
    Strategy and Tactics (FESHE)
    Vehicle Fires

General Studies Courses

    Acids and Bases
    Beginner’s Spanish
    Career Decisions
    Digital Citizenship
    English Composition
    Fitness Trends
    Introduction to Biology
    Introduction to Chemistry
    Introduction to Economics
    Introduction to Grammar
    Introduction to Health and Fitness
    Introduction to Leadership
    Risk Management
    Sports Psychology
    Structure of an Atom

Hazardous Materials/ Weapons of Mass Destruction Courses

    Air Monitoring and Detection Strategies
    Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations
    Introduction to Hazmat and WMD

Industrial Safety Courses

    Exit Routes Emergency Planning
    Hazardous Communications
    Introduction to OSHA
    OSHA Recordkeeping
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Respiratory Protection

Law Enforcement and Security Courses

    Law Enforcement Drivers Training
    Surviving Traffic Duty

Sunday 29 April 2012

Combat Arms update: New Clan Map and Weapons

Gaming press release for Combat Arms Press release gives details of the new Combat Arms Clan Battle Map: Slaughterhouse and exciting info on some of the new and most powerful weapons now available for the game. America’s “Combat Arms” Slaughterhouse is open for bloody business   New content update includes new search-and-destroy map for Clan battles Nexon America’s popular online first person shooter, Combat Arms has release a new content update that will offer clans a map custom made for faction-on-faction fights. The Slaughterhouse content is now live and free for download at The new map, Slaughterhouse, is set within the bloody confines of a meat packing plant, provides players with the opportunity to put their teamwork skills to the test with clan-on-clan warfare where two opposing teams try to outwit and outgun each other in map’s search-and-destroy mode.   Players will have an array of new weapons to take into the Slaughterhouse with them including a M1 Garand, a World War II replica of the semi-automatic rifle that was as step-up from its bolt-action contemporaries. Additionally, the Super-Shorty shotgun, designed for maximum damage and minimum range; the scope equipped .357 Python revolver and the USMC KA-Bar multi-purpose knife are now available.

Saturday 28 April 2012

What are the New Gadgets and Achievements for Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Update with new Gadgets and Achievements

Jetpack Joyride Updates

Barry Steakfries is back -sort of-Jetpack Joyride has just received some awesome gadgets and new achievements in a new update. Our original JetpackJoyride Achievements article is still just as popular as ever, but what with all the new and nifty gadgets that Halfbrick has brought our way with the new Jetpack Joyride update we felt it deserved a whole seperate article. Thanks Halfbrick for making one of the best endless runner type apps on iOS even better.

New Jetpack Joyride Updates-New Gadgets and Achievements and how much the new gadgets cost (How many Jetpack Joyride Gadgets are there any way? And where do I get the gadgets from?)

There are 15 gadgets in the new upgrade and we're going to try tell you the best bits about them in this article:

Jetpack Joyride Gadgets update
Using New Ipad app gadgets: Air Barrys;
Nerd Repellant and Insta-Ball
Don't like those Jetpack building scientists? Let Barry chase them away with his Nerd Repellent Spray!(2000 coins)

Vehicles like CashBird and Lil' Stomper have always had their coin magnet upgrades-now you can buy yourself a Jetpack Joyride Magnetic Tokens (6000 coins) upgrade too

Anti gravity boots let Barry change the gravity as much as he wants. Think you're falling too fast? The Gravity Belt Gadget (5000 coins) will help with that and make you fall even faster.

One of the worst things about Jetpack Joyride Vehicles is that just when you think you've benefitted and found a new powerup for Joyride you get a vehicle that is just inappropriate for the Jetpack achievement you want. Example: Going for the Fly close to the red Light Achievement-well the last vehicle pickup you want is the Gravity suit then, isn't it. So welcome in the new Jetpack Joyride XRay Specs( which let you see what the next pickup is going to be. Probably not from Specsaver or your local optician , but The Stash currently has a special for X-Ray Specs costing 4500 coins.

Want more Final Spin Tokens-A new upgrade allows you to buy them with Token Gift costing 5000 coins.

Like the Final blast Upgrade? Imagine how far you could go with a bouncy Barry Steakfries! Now you can with the new bouncy upgrade. Instaball (2000 Jetpack Coins)

Jetpack Joyride missiles proving to be a pain for Barry Steakfries? Use the new missile jammer gadget (5000 coins) that makes them go all wobbly!

And the height of Jetpack fashion? Air Barry's , super jetpack sneakers that let you instantly jump into the middle of the screen instead of slowly wobbling up there on a dodgy Jetpack. Air Barries are available at most game retailers-ie.The Stash for 3500 coins

Best Jetpack Joyride gadget
New Jetpack Joyride Gadgets
And what does the Freeze-o-Matic do? Well it's instant Barry Steakfries popsicle time as you snap freeze and gain a few metres of icy sliding when the hard running comes to an end.

And how exactly do I earn more coins in Jetpack Joyride? You could try the Gemology Gadget that gets you more coins for your buck by turning them shiny doubloons into high valaue gems.

Still unsure of those missiles or looking for a last minute dodge achievement? Then try Ezy-Dodge Missiles , worth every Jetpack penny at only 5500 coins. (Anything to help with those updated or old achievements!)

Umm, this is kind of a crazy one and I haven't bought it yet so am still waiting to find out what the Flying Pig Gadget (6000 coins) does. Comments welcome!

Okay let's make Barrie's life even easier with some of the best new gadgets straight from the Halfbrick Mad Scientist testing zone:
Choose your Jetpack Joyride best vehicle with the Free Ride Gadget (5000 coins), get even more coins to spend on the new gadgets with the Coin Magnet (6000 coins) and Lucky Last (5500 coins)  which guarantees a winning Final Spin token.

Unlock Jetpack Joyride Gadgets in the Stash section of the game with earned coins.

And what's the best feature of the new Jetpack Joyride Gadgets?
You can combine 2 at once for some hilarious results-up to 100 combinations. To get the new gadgets you will have to work through 5 sectors to unlock them for purchase.

New Achievements in Jetpack Joyride
The update hasn't just bought us a ton of cool gadgets but also some new achievements to unlock:
Get Another way in Jetpack Joyride Achievement
New Jetpack Joyride Achievements

CRACKLING – Destroy a flying pig with a missile.
REJECTED – Just go past the token gift without getting it.
ANOTHER WAY IN – Start the game without breaking the laboratory wall (see comments in our previous article for advice on how to achieve the Another Way in Achievement).
MIX ‘N’ Match – Equip 50 unique gadget combos

What a game and what a massive update! Now to go off and get all those new Jetpack Joyride Game Centre Achievements!

The Fans want more though, so hopefully in the future if the Halfbrick Fans are listened to we can expect:

  • iCloud Sync between devices
  • and Improved Retina Display Graphics for the New iPad.

Cheech and Chong showcase for iOS

Cheech and Chong App:
The Fatty

Cheech and Chong have quite the following worldwide so it was only a matter of time before an app celebrating everything that is Cheech and Chong about the loveable stoner pair was released on iOS.

The stoner app will appeal to both long term fans of Cheech and his buddy; those embracing a shall we say 'freer lifestyle choic' when it comes to their favourite form of getting high and of course those who are liberal enough to see the great humpour in Cheech and Chong.

I must admit that I've never really known much about the stoner comedy duo beyond my parents watching a few of their videos late at night, and packing me off to bed whilst they did so-we are talking decades ago here by the way , so the high as a kite comedians have been around for ages. So what is the significance of 4:20? I'll have to do a web search to find out-but I'm sure long term fans will get some laughs from one of the apps features: The 4.20 clock that is always that significant cheech and Chong Time( with interchangeable faces too). Other features like 'Kush Notifications' and the "Cheech and Chong 4:20 Social Planner" are also nice touches bringing a bit of useful planning functionality to this comedy stoner app.

"The Stoner" is highly emebedded into net functionality too, with all many features linking in to social services like Twitter and Facebook. Premium features like a Cheech and Chong Soundboard and " The Head Shop" ( Cand C mechandise?) can also be accessed. Now if you're a fan and manage to come down from your high for a bit you can also get your head around "The Chronic" accessed from in app and bringing the latest stoner news your way! Useful I suppose to stay on the right side of the law when smoking illegal substances-who thought there'd be an app to help out with cannabis legalities!

The front end with the pet Iguana (fans help me out here-what is Cheech and Chong's Iquana's name?) who breathes dubious smoke when prodded and the '80s joint car with pink fluffy dashboard and chain  steering wheel is a nice touch too.

Other in app features to look forward to when they are released are "Cheech and Chong Photo Booth", Stoner exercises-" The ultimate Stoner workout (Get Ripped with Tommy Chong) !" ; stoner recipes courtesy of " Get baked with Cheech Marin" and Cheech and Chong fans who are iPhone owners will love this one: "Ice-Cream Truck across the Sky" .

Glazy eyed fans will be putting aside their joint money in  anticipation of all these features, as a portal to all things Cheech and Chong on the internet and iOS The Stoner" is unparalleled.

Fun Fashion Conscious Platform Game on iOS: Spinnyhead

Games like StarDolls really seem to capture gamers, particularly women gamer's attention. Spinnyhead a new iOS platformer takes the idea of a fashion game and builds on it to make it appeal to those not just interested in clothing an avatar in the latest fashions but also to appeal to those after more of an action fix on their iPads and iPhones.

An uncluttered game with an appropriate backdrop of a clothes closet, Spinnyhead the game's fashion concious main character loves her fashions, her task is to complete a full fashion ensemble using the scattered platforms to gain height and get the latest clothes and accessories whilst avoiding the moths who can be taken out woth her anti-moth gun.

The game is a nice simple diversion and will appeal to both iOS platformer lovers and fans of Stardoll and its  like. An in app purchase of the ever so cute SpinnyCat protects SpinnyHead from the moths temporarily. As the game stands it has broad appeal and game centre integration also brings some competition to this fashionista's world. In later updates we can hope for more enemies to avoid (paparazzi and fashion disasters maybe?) and more varied backdrops.

Definitely worth downloading for those with a penchant for fashion and platformers. Spinnyhead

Thursday 26 April 2012

Giddy Up - Send Event Invitations Through your Phone

     Do you often have events such as hangouts, parties, birthdays and sporting events and wish that you could invite only certain friends that you actually see to the events? If so, give the app Giddy Up a try. It’s available for both iOS and Android OS and it's easy to use. Name the event. Add where and when the event is to take place. Set the event as either private or public. Use your phone’s contacts list to invite people to your event. That's about all you need to do and you're set. The forms are legible and transitions between screens are smooth. The directions are also simple and easy to follow. If any changes need to be made after the invite, they can be made and the invitees will get a notification of the updates.

Details of the events are nicely organized on one screen.
If you want, other details such as map locations may be added
 Invitees may look at the invite list and see each persons attending status.

Group Chat makes it easier to communicate and plan.

     The app is FREE and does not require invitees to have Giddy Up to work. Those without the app would receive a text message invite with the details and a link to a webpage that displays more information.

As you can see, the user interface is clean
Click on the in-text Link to view information
Screenshots taken from the nicely done official GiddyUp Demo Video

     Giddy Up is brought to you by MEDL Mobile, Inc. There is also another App on Google Play called "Giddyup" but that is a different and unrelated application. The size of Giddy Up is only 2.2 Megabytes and that's reasonable. Only 10 digit numbers may work with the app. The Developer knows this is an issue for some and are working on it at the moment. I doubt this will take them very long to fix. MEDL Mobile, Inc. states that "Facebook and Evite won't solicite as many responses" if the event is posted on short notice. So what are you waiting for? Giddy Up and gather your friends and have a great time.

Talking Car App To brighten up your child's day

Talking Car App: Talking Car Zippy
The Appstore has no shortage of Talking Friends Apps, so to stand out as a talking character app you have to have something unique and special.
Talking Car Zippy
The cute talking character app is the only talking car app that we have been able to find on the Appstore. When we were pointed in Zippy's direction and told that he's probably  unique as being the sole app of his type on Itunes , we were prepared to be disappointed if "Talking Car Zippy" didn't live up to expectations.
He does! (and the talking app is free at this time which is also a bonus!)

Why your child will love this Talking Character App
When my little boy went into hospital with pneumonia a few months ago one of the only toys he had with him was his little Roary the racing Car. Roary and Lighntning McQueen and other famous cars have always touched a heart string with kids and adults alike. Zippy immediately reminded me of my son's love of cars and it's pleasing to see that the animations and cute drawings used to bring this app to life are very appealing to him too. Of course, as nice as the animations of Zippy are, if you couldn't do anything with him it would be a waste. Well there's plenty to do in this car app and it's all executed at just the right loveable level for a child and easily amused adult!

Talking Car Zippy is very interactive and can be played with in a variety of ways. The car responds in different ways to voice and gestures-such as when you talk to him and he  will talk back in his own hilarious voice. Zippy can be touched , poked and prodded with a variety of different reactions occuring. Don't be too obnoxious to the little car though as he'll soon let you know!

The well animated and entertaining app is a delight for young and old. Naturally youngsters will get the most out of the talking car app, but young at heart adults will also be amused by the level of Zippy's interactivity.
Download TALKING CAR ZIPPY from the Appstore. The Talking Car app is free!

PowerOn: Merlin Electronic Game reborn as iOS App

PowerOn: iOS App Puzzler similar to Merlin
Electronic Game
Nothing quite matches iOS gaming for it's brilliant touch capabilities, puzzle games especially revel in the ease of UI compatability. That's why Puzzle games are so prevalent-especially on iPad. However to be a good iOS Puzzle game requires something special. PowerOn  ticks quite a few of those "Something Special" boxes.

Loosely based on the Merlin Electronic Game of the '70s, PowerOn bring s the Merlin experience up to date for modern touch screen gaming. The original game was by all accounts a bit of a puzzler and mind scrambler, the app is no different! With the simple premise of pushing the lights in the correct order to power up the whole grid, the puzzle app starts off easy and has a firm but not sadistic learning curve. It uses retina display graphics to perfection with the graphics really reminiscent of top quality tabletop puzzles. PowerOn is not short of levels either, with over 60 levels bringing a lot of brain numbing puzzling to your iOS device.

Like me you can just push to complete very level, or you can work hard to complete a level in fewer moves to get a better score. The graphics really enhance the puzzle app and there are different light arrays to keep it interesting.
Download POWERON for Free

Audio Filter for iOS: SpaceSampler

Simple apps that do big and impressive things, is really what we want. Look at Instagram for example, nice, simple and uncomplicated, but the brilliance that it brings to photos is unparalleled. So what other senses can iOS enhance, as visual has already been covered let's move on to the audiosphere. After all Apple originally became massive on the strength of it's MP3 Players, so you'd expect apps to have kept pace with this audio legacy and be bringing some brilliant features to our music. 
Well we think we've come across one of those audio enhancing apps , in some circles SpaceSampler has been touted as "An Instagram for audio". There are clear comparisons:

  • SpaceSampler is easy to use
  • The interface is uncluttered
  • Instant audio gratification is granted at the push of the button.
SpaceSampler Audio Convolution App
So what exactly does SpaceSampler do? In essence you can add effects to music, instruments and voice with this app. Any audio you play through or record with SpaceSampler can be changed and enhanced with a variety of filters added to it. I'm no muso, but this is powerful audio equipment distilled down to the size of an iOS app. I ran the audio app through my iPad, just experimenting with a bit of voice recording. Adding various filters, such as AM Radio and Electro IR Filter just to see how it works and for amusement's sake. The results are clear and instantaneous with over 15 professional IR (Impulse Response) high quality audio filters for your iPad or iPhone this music making app will be very powerful in the right hands.

iOS Apps for Musicians
I've given a copy of the audio filter app to a musician friend and am awaiting a response. Growing up with this muso friend he'd often try intrigue me with his latest music gadget. Instantly he sprang to mind with his Korg Synthesisers and Cakewalk software, because as far as I can tell this powerful audio app from Periscope does all the work and more of an expensive real time hardware filter and all from a cheap and easy to use  app. 
The Clever Maths behind SpaceSampler
Paying a visit to the SpaceSampler Website will give you more of an insight into the brilliance behind this musician's app. Periscope Audio Labs hasn't just number crunched some fancy software to do this apps work but has used the algorithms and sound wave forms from real audio equipment and performance spaces.
Sharing your iOS created Music

  • Share via e-mail, MAPI Audio Copy, Dropbox & SoundCloud
  • Choose between .wav and .mp4 for file encoding
Download SpaceSampler Audio Filter for iOS

MapleStory Update: Alliance Eternal rebalances Cygnus Knights and other classes

maplestory update
Alliance Eternal Maple Story Update
Maple Story is one of those RPG type games that have been around for ages. If you're a fan then we're sure that you want to find out what the latest Maple Story Update has to offer. We've got hold of the Nexon Press release to show all you Maple fans what to look forward to in the latest game update.

MapleStory Update: Final Leg of Alliance Eternal

Explorers and Cygnus Knight characters in Nexon America’s 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, “MapleStory,” are the last groups to be rebalanced in the Alliance update trio. Alliance Eternal, released Apr. 12, restores the order among the classes, making Cygnus Knights and Explorers, specifically Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen, more powerful and equal to all the other character classes that were balanced in the previous Alliance updates.

In addition to the rebalancing, Cygnus Knights can now enjoy new quest chains for levels 110 and above. Players can investigate and solve the mystery of the Clock Tower as a newly awakend Cygnus Knight, earning a reward of five skill points. Those that are level 120 can travel through the Dimensional Schism and defeat the evil Arkarium. Victorious players are rewarded with the ability to raise the skill level of their Noble Spirit, a skill that raises the master level of Empress' Blessing and gives permanent stat boosts to the characters in the same account that are in the same game world. This is dependent on the level of a Cygnus Knight character in the same account that is in the same game world.

Legends characters are also making a brief appearance with the Alliance Eternal update. For the duration of the Alliance Eternal update, players who haven’t logged in for a month or longer have the opportunity to create a Legends character to explore Maple World. Those who choose to create and level a Legends character to at least level 10 will receive 3,000 Maple Points.

Alliance Eternal completes the Alliance updates and rebalances the Explorer and Cygnus Knights character classes. 

Look forward to MapleStory's  seven year Anniversary in May and an expected summer of Massive Content Release , including ,it's rumoured, the Phantom Hero.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Personalised Android Weather App

Android users love Weather Apps so they'll absolutely adore PixWeather Update. Which brings a really unique and refreshing idea for a weather app to Google Play.

Other apps are happy to show you a generic picture, perhaps nicely animated if you're lucky, of Sunny conditions, rain or whatever else your local weather is doing. Bland, boring and humdrum. Because let's face it: You're an Android User because you love the way that Android can be personalised. And that's what PixWeather Update is all about: Personalising your Weather Forecast for your Android Phone.

Using Google Weather Forecast to see whether to expect rain, or sun or sleet or whatever else may come your way. The clever little weather app allows you to tag one of your own pictures with a "weather tag" . So if you're expecting snow tomorrow , then guess what PixWeather shows you your own personalised picture of you in the Swiss Alps, or perhaps making Snowmen in the garden with the kids. Or whatever personalised picture for the cold you want. Sunny Weather tomorrow? Well isn't it appropriate that your weather app is showing you your sunny holiday abroad?

Clever, personalised and a great idea for really making a weather app have real and individual meaning for you:
Download PixWeather Update from Google Play
or PixWeather on Handster
The very personal Android Weather App is also available on 
Amazon App Store
and Android Pit

Get more Downloads for your Android App: Improve Google Play Search Rankings

Google Play (the Android market) is notorious for having hard to find apps. As an app developer you want to find the best way to get your app promoted on Google Play and get more downloads for your Android App. Here's a guide to help you promote your Android App and improve developers chances of being found in searches on Google Play (Android Market)

Improve Your Android Apps Search Rank on Google Play

Like a normal Google search the actual Google formula for Android app searching is a closely guarded secret, but based on recent research trends have been seen showing a correlation for good SEO of Android Apps and their likelihood to be found in a Google Play Search.

What Factors Affect Android App Downloads?
Organic search on the Android Market counts for about 75 percent of App downloads.So to increase Android App downloads it's crucial to improve your search rank for popular keywords within the type of app you have. For example I want to download an Alarm Clock App, think of all the various phrases that a person likely to search for this type of clock app would look for. Be creative and use the power of Google Play Search to your advantage. Don't be afraid of the Panda , embrace it!

Why Android App Titles improve Google Play Downloads
The first and most important thing when having your Android app listing searched for is the Title of the App. How big can your Android App title be? 32 Characters-32 App Title Characters that make the difference between being the next Angry Birds and Generic Hangman App Number 168 . Again Keyword, keyword,keyword! Use at least one Keyword to improve your Rankings. When you're a big App developer you can afford to be creative with your Application titles, because then people will search for your app development studio and hopefully buy your apps because they love your apps. Until then the Keyword Search is your biggest weapon in avoiding your well honed app sinking into obscurity.
Why an Android App Description and Promo Text improves your App downloads
Just like you see me including anchor text and popular search terms in this blog a multitude of times and in different contexts within this blog to improve it's chance of an App developer searching for terms such as " How to make people download my Android App" or "Get Lots of downloads on Google Play" (see there I've done it again, two more chances of this being searched by an app developer just like you!) So too should you use this type of SEO for your Android Apps. It's recommended that you use keywords at least five times in your app description. Remember you not only need to use synonyms for your search text but also make sure that your description makes sense to a potential user of your app. Your good App SEO will bring the buyers to you-but the deal will only be closed if they like what they see.

Ten Ways to improve Android App Discovery on Google Play

1.    Find  keywords that are relevant to your app- a great too for this , aside from your research is google Traffic estimator
2.   The most important keywords MUST be included in the app title.
3.    Include App Name + all other keywords at least 5 times in description
4.    Try to use a developer name that pertains to the type of app you are publishing.
5.   The app logo is also important-make it relevant to a potential search
6.    See what rival apps are up to and use their ideas in your own creative ways.
7.    Geo-specific: Consider putting city and country names if geographies are relevant to your app
8.    Look at the search rank for your keywords. Don't use an oversearched term-unless you're already established you'll sink!
9.    Measure traffic from search on keywords over the period of a week
10.  Change the  keyword mix in  the app title 

Monday 23 April 2012

ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary App for iPad and iPhone

ZX Spectrum Fans revelling in the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the ZX Spectrum's launch can now enjoy their favourite Spectrum games on iPad and iPhone. Today (23 April) Sir Clive Sinclair released the humble Speccy onto the World. With a nostalgic lump in my throat I remember reading the original 8 bit gaming mags "Crash" and Sinclair User. So I'm sure that you'll be as excited as me to find that Elite Systems has released a bumper pack of the 100 greatest Spectrum games for iOS.

100 Greatest Spectrum Games for iPad and iPhone: Press Release


Track-list Confirmed

Release To Coincide With 30th Anniversary Of Launch Of Sinclair ZX Spectrum 23rd April, 1982 – 23rd April, 2012

Sensational New Release Pricing – 20th-27th April Only          All 100 Games For £5.99 (iPhone/Touch) £8.99 (iPad)

Following its announcement  of the iOS Apps, Elite Systems, the long established UK based developer and electronic publisher of games for portable, mobile and other devices has confirmed the full track-list.

The full track-list of the Apps is:

Elite Pack #1 - Chuckie Egg, Buggy Boy, Turbo Esprit, Saboteur!
Elite Pack #2 - Roller Coaster, Beyond Ice Palace, Saboteur II, Batty
Software Projects Pack #1 - Manic Miner, Astronut, Orion, Thrusta
Software Projects Pack #2 - Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy II, Push Off, Hysteria
Gremlin Pack #1 - Wanted Monty, Monty On the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Moley Christmas
Gremlin Pack #2 - Jack The Nipper, Jack The Nipper II, Avenger, Krakout
Palace Pack #1 - Barbarian, Cauldron, Crazy Cars, Secret Armor Of Antiriad
Palace Pack #2 - Barbarian II, Cauldron II, Crazy Cars II, Extreme
Alternative Software Pack #1 - Skool Daze, Hideous, Eliminator, Dead or Alive
Alternative Software Pack #2 - Back To Skool, Confuzion, Slug, Revolver
Cronosoft Pack #1 - Splattr, Stranded 2.5, W*H*B, Treasure Trove
Cronosoft Pack #2 - Gamex, SlubberDegullion, Egghead 4, Egghead 5
Hewson Pack #1 - Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, Nebulus
Hewson Pack #2 - Cybernoid II, Rana Rama, Dragontorc, Avalon
Vortex Software Pack #1 - TLL, Deflektor, Highway Encounter, Android One
Vortex Software Pack #2 - Cyclone, Android II, Revolution, Alien Highway
New Generation Software Pack - Trashman, Trashman II, Genon, Escape
Mikro-Gen Pack - Pyjamarama, Everyone’s A Wally, Automania, Frost Byte
Julian Gollop Pack - Chaos, Lords of Chaos, Laser Squad, Rebelstar
Steve Crow Pack - Starquake, Firelord, Wizards lair, Laser Snaker
Odin Computer Graphics Pack - Nodes Of Yesod, Arc Of Yesod, Heartland, Robin Of The Wood
Nexus Pack - Earthlight, Micronaut One, Firestorm, Nexus
Data East Pack - Midnight Resistance, Dragon Ninja, Sly Spy, Express Raider
Audiogenic Pack - Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Exterminator, Helter Skelter, Impact
            Durrel Pack - Critical Mass, Fatworm Blows A Sparky, Scuba Dive, Thanatos

All of these legendary Spectrum games are now on the Appstore and for a really good price. That's definitely the best way to celebrate a great anniversary for an 8 bit gaming legend.

How to find Spectrum Games for iPad and iPhone
 If you’re looking for the definitive ZX Spectrum app, to which new games are added every other month or so, then search for “ZX” at the iTunes App Store and then select either ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection’ (for iPhone/Touch) or ‘ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD’ (for iPad).