Thursday 28 November 2019

10 Game development trends in 2020

10 Game development trends to watch out for in 2020

It is a known fact that the gaming industry made a significant impact in today’s world. There has been a recent rise in contributors within the industry with advancements such as VR and AR and due to the progressive mechanics these two technologies are making it to the top.
In a nutshell, the demand for games has grown recently; which is why significant companies are implementing ideas to attain best outcomes for their fans around the world. There are over 2 billion gamers who play via smartphones. Although, it cannot be matched to console gaming or desktop gaming; it is still moving closer to its target each year.

It is crucial to understand the revolutionary era of mobile phones. Game developing companies are pointing at mobile platforms to increase their revenue generation and delivering the best user experience possible.
Here are some trends that you need consider for 2020 to become the best game app developers in the market.
Game app development trends that you need to look into for 2020

1. Handheld consoles:
Handheld consoles became outdated two decades ago. However, Nintendo Switch managed to bring them back into the market and regained the audience’s interests. It has been predicted that game consoles are going to be a significant element of the future of gaming.
Not only will it bring back nostalgia for gamers belonging to older generations but provide easy access to those who wish to play games without facing disturbances. In case you are a retro gamer then 2020 is going to be your year.

2. Cloud centered gaming:
Cloud is the future of technology. Most industries are implementing cloud, especially those within gaming industry. By the year 2020, there is going to be significant amount of games that will make use of cloud technology. Due to the assistance of cloud technology, gamers will be allowed to play games on any device, given that they have an internet connection to facilitate the game with. It will be very much similar to video streaming.
The best part is that you will not be required to update your games manually; instead they will upgrade on their own to the latest versions.

3. AR/VR:
AR and VR have become extremely popular in the world of games. They provide an out worldly experience; therefore, have managed to put virtual reality on screens aside. People tend to show more interest within games and the quality they are provided with due to the help of AR/VR devices. In short, AR and VR are a multibillion industry.
The VR technology is forecasted to enhance its functionalities, allowing more features for the users.

4. Change in game engines:
Companies are developing game engines that give unique experiences to their users, they are more graphical, audible and mechanical; making gaming more attractive for gamers. You can take the example of unity game engine and how it operates, makes each moment within the game worth it.
In game engines are going to improve the essence the gaming industry. Movements, gameplays, fights and victories are going to get more engaging in 2020.

5. Screens and devices:
Several game app development companies are seeking for ways to increase gaming experiences through dual monitor systems. An advanced screen is going to enable the user to have agile gaming involvements. Gameplays are going to be more intense for gamers, engrossing them in to the storylines.
For example, there are applications that can be installed in gadgets to be utilized as supplementary tools in manner to improve the game that is being mainly features on another device. Secondary gadgets are going to make controls easier for gamers, making movements and reactions efficient.

6. 5G data service:
5G internet is going to bring everything related to technology ahead of its time. It is going to put an influence on gaming as well, which implies that it is going to provide faster and dependable connections for mobile phones.
 Gaming is going to become more fast paced with the development of 5G data services, giving a wider coverage, data transferring and decreased latency. Gamers who often face issues due to ping problems will no longer lag within their games.

7. Cross platforms:
As per the statistics there has been a finding that around 53% of the games are more likely to be played on mobile phones than on gaming specified consoles and devices. And that is due to the factor that phones are handy.
 People have experienced reduce in their interests when it comes PC games and mobiles are their first choice of option to kill time and feel the buzz. This allows gamers to play their favorite games at any place and at any given time, whether they are on a break or on their way back home from work.

8. UI experience:
In addition to all of that, there have been collaborations of actors that has boosted the industries outcomes. The better the user interface is the more interesting the game becomes for the gamer. What connects gamers to games is the part where they witness high end graphics, smooth controls and performance; which is all linked to UI designs.

9. Geo centered games:
People love to play games that offer location based options. A good example of this would be Pokémon Go, hundreds of users got addicted to that game, mainly due to the reason that it offered an open space to explore for gamers.
Location based games are most certainly an effective development to thrive revenue.
10. Multiplayer gaming:
Multiplayer games are old and have been in trend since long, however due to the recent demands they have proved to be one of the top grossing games. It allows gamers to challenge other players online and that makes the game more exciting.

Whether it’s a game similar to PUBG or Modern Combat, it will surely catch the attention it requires in 2020.

This guest post has been written by gaming journalist Susan Daigle.