Sunday 31 July 2011

Android Market Shortcomings

Despite being one of the cutting edge technology trends out there, there are some things about Android that are slow and leviathan to respond. One of those things very close to our heart is the Android market. It's not thankfully the final word on app downloads for Android phones, unlike some of it's rivals but it is arguably dated in it's approach, appearance and user interface. Far be it from me to cast blasphemy on the hallowed halls of the market but the Itunes is a much slicker and more satisfying experience. Of particular note is the way the top  Android apps are so slow to change. Whilst this is not endemic of the android market for a prolific gamer such as myself it is a sore sticking point finding the same apps week after week in the top slots. Surely there are new and exciting android apps coming out which should be up there.Does "Editors picks" and "Trending apps" allow enough exposure to the new kids on the block. Debate.

Android Monthly Charts

So what makes today so special for Android users. Is it the anniversary of something significant perhaps a special milestone or something revolutionary? Well none of those but it is the end of the month! So, you say? Well if you are a prolific app follower like us at Gametrender, then you will love the fact that some of the websites that are kinder to us mobile gamers publish their best of the month lists around about this time. Stay tuned for the best and most informative info on these and others later in the day.

Onwards,upwards ,massive!

Welcome to all that have begun to the blog at Wordpress-you know who you are. The blog has migrated here as it's easier to implement adsense and money is what'll make us big! So where are we now: The provisional website increases in popularity and more importantly our links throughout the development world continue. Currently developers in Brazil; Finland and Russia are making use of our app translation fixes service-all as part of the marketing drive. If you're new to the blog you'll be lost as to what we actually do . Well in this case I'm going to make you work for your fun. Check out our older posts at wordpress and the website. If after all that you've got some interest in joining us in this exciting project then make that contact. Otherwise continue to enjoy our bleeding edge app based articles. If you're a developer looking for app translation fixes then please get hold of us. Otherwise enjoy the blog and a happy Sunday's gaming and developing to you!



Almost seven hundred million connected devices I read recently.That’s a lot! And of those how many smart phones and more importantly what to put on them? Me? I’m a gamer through and through, do I care what others are playing? Maybe, depends if they’ve got similar tastes or if I think that what they say is actually worth the e-ink its printed in.So back to that title at the top “Gamechanger”.Believe it, its happening and here it starts-stay tuned. And something for your troubles heres some trends: Try Zenonia 2 and Drag Racing for Android. Come follow…