Saturday 31 March 2012

Beautiful and Challenging Puzzle App for Android

Well crafted wooden
Puzzle App-Woodebox
A puzzle should be a challenge, rewarding to complete, have diverse means of completing it and be completely engaging. Add in as an extra bonus immense aesthetic appeal and you'll get a slight inkling of what Woodebox Puzzle is bringing to the Google Play. 

As far as brain and puzzle games go on Android Woodebox is one of the most striking and attractive puzzle apps that we've seen. It really puts us in mind of master craftsman of yesteryear toiling for months, sometimes even years, to bring a well crafted work of art to life. And yes, Woodebox is a very unique puzzle work of Art, with the wooden textures of the graphics in the box making you really realise how much love has been loved on this brainy app.

Of course an Android Puzzle App without playability would be worthless, and we're glad to say that Woodebox delivers in this regard to. With 63 levels and more planned for the future the puzzle app certainly has longevity. It also plays out as a puzzler's dream to. The Box is an enclosed area in which you need to slide the well crafted wooden pieces of varying shapes to fill the gaps. The shape puzzler has been compared to other classic games on Android such as Tangram and Unblock Me, it's a fair comparison. 
The Android Puzzle
App is well presented
and has varying challenges

But Woodebox Puzzle App stands out a lot more from these for so many little touches aside from those we've already mentioned. The developers really know their gaming and the app has a progressive difficulty level , with initial levels introducing you to the mechanics and skills needed to play the Android game and later levels upping the difficulty by introducing moving and dynamic elements into the app.
The Developer's hail from Deep in the Heart of Europe, and it's abundantly clear that the reputation of that corner of the world for making well crafted and lovingly made works of art has nobly made it into this generation in the form of this superb, fun and challenging Android Puzzle App.
Woodebox Puzzle Available from Google Play-free version of the puzzle game and a paid version that is ad-free are available

Unity free for beginner Android and iOS Developers

Now is the cheapest and easiest time to become an App developer. The renowned and easy programming SDK Unity is now free with the Unity Android and iOS Plugins also being free for a limited time (April 8th).

This is a truly amazing offer and one of the quickest ways that you could have of becoming an App Developer. Gametrender has predominantly concentrated on writing about others apps and games as we are completely clueless when it comes to programming. However the Free download of such an easy to use Software SDK might change this! We've gone through the process of downloading Unity now, and it has taken no more than five minutes from going to the game programming website to filling in the most basic of details to downloading Unity with the Android and iOS plugin.
Definitely amazing stuff, we've gone to a little effort to find some industry quotes about how easy Unity makes it to be an app developer: 
Quotes courtesy of the Unity Devs Forum:

  • Well Unity is not a piece of cake to learn but is a lot simpler that other game engines.

Unity Is a game engine, with Unity you can not create complex 3d models, just cubes, cylinders etc..
You will need a 3d software for your assets.(You can start with blender, it is open source)
Unity allows you 3 types of code Javascript,Boo and C#, I personally recommend you Javascript (it is a littlebit different from the web javascript so be careful)
  • In a lot of ways, Unity is very 'drag and drop' in the way it handles making a game, and it vastly simplifies many complex problems. You can drag models into a scene. You can drag behaviors onto those models. You can drag particle effects onto the screen. You can use a simple properties panel to modify aspects of the particles. You can paint scenery onto models
And what sort of Apps and games can you expect to make with Unity?
iOS Unity Games: Battle Bears; Bag It; Blood and Glory; Battle Heart;Castle Warriors
Android Unity games: Shadowgun; Samurai II :Vengeance; Muffin Knight; Jelly Defense
So let's get this right Unity SDK software which is renowned for ease of use and has already been used for making top Android and Iphone games is free for a limited time. Now is the best time to become an Android an iOS Dev.(Software is downloading as I speak-504Mb download-it really is that easy!)
Oh and when you create the next top iOS or Android game don't forget that Gametrender would love to hear about it. Get developing gamers!

Android App for Stock Market Trading

Android based
Correlation Trading
Stock Market trading apps can be of benefit to both "casual" traders and seasoned Wall Street Veterans. We've come across an Android stock market app that stands out from the pack of trading apps because of its very niche appeal. Correlation Trading is the backbone of the Android financials app simply entitled: Correlation Trading. Coming from the very appealingly named "Trade While You Golf" software studio.
Indeed the need for a Correlation Trading app on your Android Phone is something that we can imagine part time traders and those needing the extra leisure time away from the office using, who wouldn't want to make money from the Stock Market while enjoying a round of Golf!
Does the Correlation Trading app make trading away from Wall Street or The City possible?
Not being a trader I'm not going to be able to give a clarified opinion on that but will at least introduce those interested in a free Android stock market trading app on Google Play to the features of this very unique financials app:

Android App Resources for Traders

  1. The Android Financial App is based on the main indices of the US, Europe and Asian market indices
  2. The mathematics behind the trading app seem very comprehensive and well researched with financial variables such as the long/short position being influenced by a variable Open Close Range of a selected Trading Index
  3. Different parameters can be adjusted by the trader accordingly with a stop loss and profit take level open to adjustment
  4. The ability to close trades according to values the trader pre defines
As I've previously stated my Stock Market experience is limited , but from a virtual layman's perspective the Correlation Trading App does appear both comprehensive and well thought out. If you're in the business then a few minutes downloading Correlation Trading App from Google Play would be well worthwhile.

Best Apps for Payday

At Payday time it's a natural urge to go shopping, well guess what combine your Mobile Phone with The Coupons App and you might still have some money left by the end of the month.

Money Saving Apps are ubiquitous but there's none more powerful than The Coupons App . If you haven't yet heard of this app for getting discounts then I'm afraid your ignorance has probably cost you hundreds of dollars. We've actually featured the app on Gametrender a few times already and will keep on featuring it as it just grows and grows , with more and more shops, restaurants, gas stations and popular stores jumping on the voucher app bandwagon.

With some nostalgia I remember my childhood when my gran would fastidiously cut out coupons from the back of promo leaflets to make some crucial savings, now with Smartphone Technology having dozens of dog eared and folded coupons in your wallet is as archaic as using cold hard cash. With a powerful voucher app like this one just simply sidle up to the cashier and flash the voucher on your 'phones screen to get some big discounts.

Features of the Coupon App

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Find the Cheapest gas Prices
  • Share coupons on Facebook etc.
  • Real time geographically delivered coupons and savings direct to your iPhone or Android when you're out shopping
Download this powerful Payday and month long savings app, with possibly the best vouchers and coupons available for your phone from:

Friday 30 March 2012

Clashes between PSP Vita , its rumoured Android OS and Xperia Play

SCE Insider PSP Vita Exclusive

Does the PSP Vita have an Android OS? It was originally touted too, but that function seems to have disappeared . And where does the Xperia Play and other Sony "Play Certified" Handsets fit into this story. Gametrender research has found an insider source from SCE who, in this article, is going to blow the lid open on intra company Sony Gaming Politics, the future of the PSP Vita and why the Xperia Play is holding the Vita back.

  • In a recent expose of the Vita our insider gave us many valuable facts about the future games for PSP Vita. Apparently the Vita will be able to support apps in the future (whether those will be Android Apps is still unconfirmed.
  • A special app store for the Vita, Xperia Play and other Sony products is planned for the future (perhaps early 2013), however the fairly poor performance of the Xperia Play and Sony Tab have held this back somewhat. Also gaming and technology politics are rearing their ugly heads with Sony Corporate and Sony Mobile seeing the Vita as being stiff competition for the "Play" branded Sony mobiles and tablets, this has resulted in the Vita being held back from it's full potential for these devices to accrue greater market share.
  • With reference to certain Sony CES announcements and full device id integration for the Xperia Play and other products-a special App store will be created giving more games and apps for these Sony gaming products. Only the lack of app and game developers is holding this back at the moment.
  • Once the new Android system and store is up and running for the Xperia Play and other devices the PSP Vita will then be brought on board.
  • A new (Android) developers competition will soon be held by Sony for their new system
Thanks to our insider source for revealing the possible future of Xperia Play, PSP Vita and Android Powered Gaming Tablets. It looks to be a rosy future if the company politics sort themselves out. 

Thursday 29 March 2012

How do you finish Tiny Tower?

Does Tiny Tower ever end?
I was warned before I began to play Tiny Tower that it was very addictive. I didn't realise how addictive until I found myself waking up in the morning and checking my Tower, if I woke up in the night ditto. And for frequent periods throughout the day. Does Tiny Tower ever finish? It seems not and building the tower has become an obsession, that's why the final thing I'm going to do before I delete Tiny Tower from my iPhone forever is share my experiences and how much/little I've achieved.
There I've just restocked my Tiny Tower shops for the last time and now very soon I'm going to send my Bitizens to their digital heaven where they can shop and work to their hearts content. As we speak the tower has 64 floors and 115 Bitizens, I've never paid real money to get Tower Bux and have always relied on making my Bitizens happy by placing them in their favoured jobs and doing the finding chores to get Tower Bux. My favourite Bitizen is Willie Fleming, who for reasons only known to himself,dresses as a ghost. Terry Burton , an old Bitizen with a blue moustache and an orange baseball cap was one of my originals and is also favoured. Overall I think my creative and service floors of my Tiny Tower have earned the most money, Food floors aren't really much of an earner. Probably the biggest earners in my Tiny Tower are the Architect Office and the Dentist. Even though I like Mexican Food in reality I just found the one in my tower a bane as initially the "Chips and Salsa" quickly sold out with I think a 6 minute turn around. I can't remember which Elevator I have , but it's gold and does 16 people a minute and cost me 125 Bux. I thought as a personal challenge I could buy the best Tiny Tower Elevator, but whe I paid 125 Bux for my latest the next one on offer was the Infini-Light Lightspeed Elevator which as it costs 499 Bux , would probably take me another 3 months of my life to get!
My only regret as I'm about to delete my Tower forever is that I never, despite having so many floors, got the right combination to complete any of the Tiny Tower Missions.

It's been fun , but has proved far too addictive and obsessive so here we go: The App icon is wobbling and has the "x" of deletion in  the top left corner and now the message "Delete Tiny Tower" has come up and pressing delete! Five star rating yes, certainly, but now to find a better use for my spare time and off to find a new app obsession!
If you ever dare pit yourself against Tiny Tower, then be sure to check out Gametrender's Tiny Tower Guide , remember it can be very addictive!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Simplifying RPG Tropes

A Love of RPG's
I love RPG type games and have spent thousands of hours of my life playing them. Somehow I managed to miss the Glories of FF VII and jumped on the bandwagon when FF XIII came along. So began my love of RPG's from JRPG's through to a brief stint on Everquest (MMORPG's are just far too time intensive though to keep up with a job and a family and living in the normal world!). Latterly Oblivion has been a favourite, a brief dalliance with Fallout ( I prefer the Fantasy Type of RPG so never really got into Fallout). Finally of course I like millions of others have fallen under the spell of Skyrim.
But I'm not here to write about my love of the RPG genre (although Infinity Blade 2 is really going to rock with the New Ipad's retina display!) Rather I'm here to complain as to how the genre has become stale. The tropes of RPG type games need to be simplified, I like finding and wielding new Skyrim Weapons as much as anyone else and finding in a dungeon chest sterling silver earrings that bestow massive hit points for my Skyrim Nord. But it's just become too much-there's just too many collectibles and I find myself rushing from chest to treasurechest, manically spamming the action key just to see what I can pick up. If I wanted a treasure hunt I'd have bought a Pirate collect 'em up or a scavenger hunter app! I want to fight Dragon's and not worry that I'm missing valuable pickups! It really has become an obsession in RPG's to find what can be picked up, and that I think is detracting from the games as a whole. Inventory management and stat manipulation in Skyrim are all well and fine, but not at the expense of immersivity.

Gaming Fashion

When did gaming become the supercool, chic hobby that it is today? It's been a gradual climb up from the realms of pure geekery up to this point that we are today. Game developers enjoy rock star like wages( at least the more prolific and talented gaming devs), millions are spent on advertising budgets and videogames pull in ten times the amount of cash that Blockbuster movies do. 
For me though the time that I realised that gaming was not solely the preserve of the social disaffected  permanent bedroom dwellers anymore was the day that it actually became chic to wear funny t shirts of the gaming variety. Suddenly as if overnight Mario and Sonic and even the old stalwart of the dawn of Gaming time, the original Space Invader himself was adorning a t shirt. And to top it off when I wandered my local shopping center and saw people of all ages and types sporting this geek chic, they weren't social pariahs, indeed they were from all walks of life and some even had vigour and panache to them. They were proud to be gamers and openly display their allegiance to their hobby/lifestyle with a brazenly worn gaming icon emblazoned across their chest.
Truly it is now proven that Gaming is the new cool.

Apps for Safety

There really is an app for nearly everything, and home and household safety is something that really shouldn't be neglected: So lucky for you we've sourced some of the better apps out there for home safety, emergencies and first aid:
Life360 is a handy Android emergency app that will allow a family to quickly prepare for any disaster (this app was conceived in the wake of Hurrican Katrina -when the need was seen for this type of quick emergency app)
Playsafe Makes driving and listening to music on your Iphone much easier with the app turning icons into super sized versions for easy music scrolling , so you can keep your eyes on the road.
First Aid for Infants is a crucial app for any parent and can deal with and give advice for anything from the smallest cuts and bruises to more serious injuries.

Apps for safety are all well and good but real home safety must always be planned and thought about,  pool fence tampa is particularly one of the companies we must recommend for pool safety-that should negate the need for you ever having to use any of your home emergency apps, at least around the Swimming pool!

Home Smarts App-Great for Homeowners

HomeSmarts House Care App
Yes, Android Apps can even help maintain you home. And for the fact that a home is probably the most expensive item that a person will ever buy you'd definitely expect that you'd want to take advantage of any and every means to keep your house looking great and keep on top of home maintenance schedules and preventative strategies for mould, dry rot and such like. HomeSmarts is now available on GooglePlay and is a great app for all the nitty gritty details of looking after and maintaining a home. Ally this house care and maintenance app with great building suppliers that will supply everything from timber to a t nut and you won't go wrong with your home pride duties.

Fresh Take on Android Word Games with Word Tower

Different and exciting Word Game for Android
Android is filled with crossword apps, word search app and other types of language driven gaming, Word Tower breaks the mold and is a really exciting new type of word game for your Android device. At first glance I thought this Word Tower game for Android was a Defense tower game. I was wrong. This app is a mixture of two classic app genres and a good twist on the classic and modern crosswords game. For those of you who love playing crosswords, this app is definitely worth taking a look at, and if you love a challenge and a fresh new type of game it should certainly be on your list of exciting Android games to download.  It's available for Android OS 2.1+. For a word game this application has some pretty nice and clean graphics that looks like very neat colored pencil writing on graph paper. Not your average doodle presentation. The responsiveness of the screen while playing works great as well. There are three difficulty levels with options to make it a little tougher in each level as well. Your towers comes from a box 3x3 on top of a 4x4 box on top of a 5x5 box all aligned to the left.A cool looking keyboard will pop up on the bottom of the screen for you to input your letters. Of course, a convenient delete button is also available for use. I've only played the Lite version and that's on easy mode, which is about the most I can probably handle. It even allows up to three levels of hints during the game if you're stuck. The first two taps on "hint" gives you a letter for that row per tap. The third hint gives you the word and you don't get points for that word. There is also a time limit option if you want to add to the challenge factor. A Statistics button in the main menu allows you to see which words you have used and how often you have used those words. I guess 6 letter words are too easy for true wordsmiths.
So if you're looking for a refreshing take on word games, fancy expanding you vocabulary and are just up for a good, fun challenge on your Android then give WORD TOWER a try.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Playstation One Games for your Xperia Play

If you're an Xperia Play owner than it's a good chance that you're a fan of many PSONE games. And it's also a good chance that you're a bit of a game hoarder and might be sat on a pile of Playstation One Discs at home and wondering what to do with them. The genius at XDA Developer Forums have come up with a way for you to play your Playstation Discs on your Xperia Play Phone! No rooting required, no fancy machinery, just a quick and easy software download.

Just so we're clear here: Xperia Play Phone + Playstation One Discs + PSXPeria = Your Playsation One games being played on your Playstation Phone!
Here's the link to the forum thread fro XDA that explains how to get your Playstation games working on the Xperia Play:

And here's a list of the PSONE games that are comapatible with Xperia Play and PSXPeria:

Complete List of Playstation games that work on Xperia Play with PSXPeria and the apk's needed for extraction

Ace Combat 2


Alundra 2 - A New Legend BeginsSLUS-01017Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Arc the LadSLUS-01224Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.
Arc the Lad IISLUS-01252Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.

Breath of Fire IIISLUS-00422Crash Bandicoot USAPlaybleScreen blacks out on random frames during character movement. (Runs perfect with Software Rendering.)
Breath of Fire IVSLUS-01324Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering
Bushido Blade 2SLUS-00663Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Bust-A-GrooveSCUS-94263Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Bust-A-Groove 2SLUS-01159Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Buster Bros. CollectionSLUS-00208Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse Software Rendering. No Music. Slight graphical glitches.

Chrono TriggerSLUS-01363Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectAlso known as Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger
Clock TowerSLUS-00539Clock Tower USAPerfectPerfect enough to play worry free. Sound little lacks in some parts
Crash Bandicoot 2SCUS-94154Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash Bandicoot 3SCUS-94244Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash BashSCUS-94570Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash BashSCES-02834Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectI haven't tried SW rendering.
Crash Team RacingSCUS-94426Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableSome minor glitches in intro and menu. (Aku Aku's mouth doesn't move when talking. SAVE OFTEN! There is a bug that causes the memory card to go missing. Quit the game completely and reload last save to fix(adventure)).
Crash Team RacingSCES-02105Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableSome minor glitches in Adventure Mode (Aku Aku's mouth doesn't move when talking), same with SW rendering. I Haven't tested the game too much, maybe some issues could come out while playing it.
The Crow: City of AngelsSLES-00279Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
DiabloSLUS-00619Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Die Hard Trilogy 2SLES-02746Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Digimon World 3SLUS-01436Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectFMV's have some drops in fps.
Dino CrisisSLES-02210Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableWith HW rendering there are some errors during initial Developers FMVs, everything else seems OK. SW rendering solves FMV problems, but FMVs are slower than those in HW rendering and dialogues are cut. I suggest to use HW.

Disney's HerculesSCES-00891Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
DriverSLES-01816Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
DriverSLES-01977Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableLags just a bit in harsh situations with HW rendering, but it could be an original game flaw. Crashes @ "verifying Memory Cards" message on SW Rendering.
Echo NightSLUS-00820Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
EhrgeizSLES-02111Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableMusic is absent in FMVs and during the game, sound effects works. Working with HW rendering.
EinhänderSCUS-94243Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Fighting ForceSLUS-00433Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Fighting Force 2SLES-02237Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableAudio is completely messed up, video is fine. Crashes after 5 seconds of gameplay with SW rendering.

Final Fantasy VISLUS-00900Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering
Final Fantasy VIISCUS-94163Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering
Final Fantasy VIII (NTSC-U)SLUS-00892Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableArtifacts during transitions and battles, but flawless with SW hack and frameskip; No sound during cutscenes either way
Final Fantasy TacticsSCUS-94221Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Fire Pro Wrestling GSLPS-02065Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering to avoid minor graphical glitches.
G-Police - Weapons Of JusticeSCES-01920Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse HW renderer, crashes with SW. Major graphical glitches during gameplay, it's still playable with some will.
GexSLUS-00042Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.
Gran TurismoSLES-02380Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectSo Addictive!
Gran TurismoSLES-02380Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectAnalog Works!
Gran TurismoSCES-00984Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableWith HW rendering analog Works, but music isn't played in options, during races, in arcade mode and language menu & cars lights doesn't work. With SW rendering cars lights work, but there aren't imporovements for the music.
Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode)SLUS-94488Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering. Broken if not used.

Grand Theft Auto 2SLES-01404Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Grand Theft Auto 2SLES-01404Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse HW rendering, crashes with SW. There's no music in the main menu, logos on the main menu are somewhat ruined and cars' radios are mute. Maybe the emulator doesn't support CDXA tracks? Everything else works good.
Gundam Battle AssaultSLUS-01226Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectVery slight graphical glitches.
Gundam Battle Assault 2SLUS-01418Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectVery slight graphical glitches.

Harvest Moon Back to NatureSLUS-01115Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Hogs of WarSLES-01041Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Hot Wheels: Extreme RacingSLUS-01293Crash Bandicoot EUPlayable

Hydro ThunderSLES-02337Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
In The HuntSLUS00172Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Intelligent QubeSLUS94181Crash Bandicoot USPerfect

Jade Cocoon: The Legend of TamamayuSLES-02201Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome corruption on videos. Use software rendering
Jumping Flash!SCUS-94103Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Jumping Flash! 2SCUS-94108Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering. Some slight graphical errors.
Kula WorldSCES-01000Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectI haven't tried SW rendering, the game runs flawlessly with HW rendering.
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteSLUS-00628Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Macross VF-X2 [NTSC-J]SLPS-02237Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectIntro and FMV's display glitches.
Mortal Kombat 4SLUS-00605Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
MegaMan 8SLUS-00453Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
Megaman LegendsSLES-01485Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableGraphical glitches causing a flickering screen, works perfect with SW Rendering
MegaMan Legends 2SLUS-01140Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X4SLUS-00561Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X5SLUS-01334Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X6SLUS-01395Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.

Metal Slug XSLUS-01212Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectTested with crash bandicoot 1.0.3 US, Android 2.3.4 UK Room, use software rendering, also takes time during loading screens.
Micro ManiacsSLES-01921Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Mr DrillerSLES-02771Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
NBA Extreme JamSLUS-00388Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome of the intro screens are messed up. Actual game play is flawless.

Need For Speed: Porche UnleashedSLUS-01104Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableMinor Glitches when going screen to screen
PaRappa The RapperSLPS-00743Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Persona 2 - Tsumi(Sin)SLPS-02100Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Pocket FighterSLES-00653Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableflickering screens during battles
Pong: The Next LevelSLUS-00889Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
PoyPoySLUS-00486Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
R-Type DeltaSLUS-00877Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
RaymanSLES-00049Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableExtremely slow in introduction. Once the game has started it runs fine.
RaystormSLUS-00482Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Resident Evil Director's Cut [Dual Shock Edition]SLUS-00747Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering. Can use hardware rendering with some graphic glitches
Resident Evil Director's CutSLES-00969Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectPerfect with HW rendering. Never tried SW rendering.
Resident Evil 2 (Disc 1)SLES-00972Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Ridge Racer 4SCES-01706Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Rival Schools United by Fate[Evolution Disc]SLUS-00771Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Samurai Deeper Kyo [NTSC-J]SLPS-03506Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableIntro and FMV's display glitches. Game works almost perfectly with some drops in fps during fights. Slow loadings.

Sheep Dog 'N' WolfSLES-02895Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Silent HillSLUS-00707Crash Bandicoot USPerfectTested with Crash Bandicoot 1.0.3 US, Android 2.3.4 UK Room, use software rendering.
Speedball 2100SLES-02782Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Spider - The Video GameSLUS-00230Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
Spyro 2: Ripto's RageSCUS-94425Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectNo more portal freeze/locks
Star Wars: Dark ForcesSLUS-00297Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Suikoden IISLUS-00958Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden(eng)SLPS-03147Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome minor glitches during attack animations
Syphon Filter (ITA)SCES-01913Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectPerfect with HW rendering. Never tried SW rendering.
Tales of Destiny IISLUS-01355 (disc 1)
SLUS-01367 (disc 2)
SLUS-01368 (disc 3)
Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectAlso know as Tales of Eternia. SW-render value must be "true" to play it perfectly. If the value is "false", still playable but there are some glitches.
Tested in Android 2.3.3

Tekken 3SLUS-00402Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse hardware rendering for hi-res models and graphics. Minor graphic glitches in character selection screen. Press start to skip ending credits or else game will hang up.
Thrasher : Skate and DestroySLUS-00935Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectThe music of the first menu stops suddenly and starts again, but the game runs perfectly.

Tombi!SCES-01330Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Tomba!SCUS-94236Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine ReturnsSCUS-94454Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Twisted Metal 2SCUS-94306Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Twisted Metal 4SCUS-94560Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering, unplayable using hardware rendering. Few graphic glitches. Loading bar loads backwards. Runs at normal speeds.
Twisted Metal: Small BrawlSCUS-94642Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Um Jammer LammySLES-01753Crash Bandicoot EUPlayablefew glitched screens but playable
Vagrant StorySLES-02754Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Warcraft II: The Dark SagaSLUS-00480Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Warpath Jurassic ParkSLUS-00976Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Wipeout 3