Wednesday 29 February 2012

Rampage Jackson Punch Out on iPhone

Be Rampage Jackson on iPhone. Watch as the fearsome fists punch out hordes of thugs on the touchscreen. Do the endless hordes deserve the Rage of Rampage? Who cares 'cos in this app you is Rampage, and he has one bad mother of a punch that is going to send those videogame goons back to their maker.
Coming very soon to iPhone is an app endorsed by the notorious Rampage Jackson of the no holds barred world of Mixed Martial Arts, if you watch the video you'll be terrified at what a punch Quintin can deliver! 
Rampage Jackson coming soon to iPhone

Pre-School Learning with Trucks on Ipad and iPhone

iPad and iphone once again prove to be a winner when it comes to kids' educational apps.  Using the brillaint concept of "kids love push trucks " and " big,bold colours are fun" . iOS app developer Scott Adelman has taken these kid friendly learning ideas and applied them, masterfully to the fun educational app :Kids Trucks: Pre-School Learning. Educators with degrees in early childhood education would agree that these concepts create a perfect learning environment for young people.

Available as a free Ipad (and iPhone app) initially with the full version being unl;ocked from an in app purchase Kids Trucks has got a lot to offer. With four iOS optimised learning modes including letters; numbers; shapes and colours, the fun educatioanl app also includes the ability to recored encouraging messages for your children.
As your child starts to get the right numbers and letters so they are rewarded with your message and celebratory fireworks.

The apps free play mode can be used to just let your child loose to learn and explore by themselves, with an app that is a perfect fit for for it's age-group and very well made.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Wine Lover's App brings style and fun to iPhone and iPad

Best App for drinkers
of Fine Wine?
If you love wine and love unusual, but useful, apps you're going to love the new wine lover's app that we've stumbled across. Apps everyday use has now expanded to the world of the sommelier.
With maturity and age comes the need to experience and enjoy the finer things in life, and as Global trade has increased so has our ability to obtain, and our desire to find new and better wine vintages, increased.
Even the most common Supermarket these days is filled with many fine and frivolous wines in all styles and flavours. Chilean reds, Sparkling French whites, Columbard, Cabernet Sauvignon, the list goes on and on. If you're a lover of wines you're certainly not spoiled for choice.
Wineaux has an easy to use
and attractive interface
However the sheer plethora of drinkable and brilliant wines freely available has led to another problem altogether.
 Can you actually remember what that superb wine you had to drink last week was? Chances are you can't and simply head off to your local vintner with a vague idea in mind of what your best ever tipple was and come back with something totally different. But there's light at the end of your fine wine loving tunnel in the form of a very classy iPhone/iPad app that Gametrender has come across:Wineaux . 
Pair this app with cooking courses from , and you have yourself a recipe for savory success.
   A quick glance at the premier smartphone app for wine lovers features show that it could be just the app for your wine drinking needs. A number of times I've bought a wine that was neither to my wife's taste nor mine, a while later I then found myself in the local wine merchant seeing the same bottle and thinking to myself, " Is that the wine we loathed or liked?" As you'd expect I remembered incorrectly and ended up with the same bottle of plonk all over again!
Well this wine lovers' app solves that as Wineaux allows you to take a picture of your favourite (or worst!) wine, save it to your iDevice , rate the bottle and save the price.
So next time you're out looking for that mysterious deep red, hint of cherries tipple , you no longer need to rely on a memory made hazy by alcohol but can simply turn to Wineaux to get the wine you want.

A virual wine tasting app! Wineaux
Of course being a very clever little app indeed Wineaux doesn't just let you keep a record of your favourite drinks but adds a bit of fun to your drinking too. The app allows you to share your best wine with a rating to Facebook and also look at other Wineaux users favourite drinks too. Comparing and contrasting your loved wines with this app really adds a dimension of social interaction and fun to your evening's drinking.
Gametrender would even go so far as saying that using this app (aside from the obvious plus of keeping track of your best wines) makes all everyday wine drinking into a kind of virtual wine tasting event!
Download WINEAUX from the Appstore and add a whole new dimension to your personal wine tasting.

Monday 27 February 2012

Top new games coming to Xperia Play

Still space battling your way through Galaxy on Fire 2 on the Xperia Play? Fear not, Sony Mobile hasn't forgotten about us Playstation Phone fans and is answering the call for new Xperia Play games by fuelling some very decent gaming rumours. Daxter the PSP hit is going to be coming soon to the Playstation suite, a good fit sice Crash Bandicoot worked so well as an Xperia release title.
Gabe Logan is also going to be making a triumphant return in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.
flOw the tranquil indy marvel that initially wowed the Playstation network and then the PSP is also due to be ported over (will the gameplay of flOw match up to the sublime Android niche game Osmos is another question)

Fans of Pinball games on Android and especially the Xperia Play won't be left out in the cold either as PSP Pinball hit Pinball Heroes will be bursting onto our Xperia Play phones soon too.

I'm busy chasing up rumours that Final Fantasy IX and FF X are also available on the Playstation Suite and will confirm or deny in the future-after a thorough Android RPG game test of course!

Perhaps time to update the list of best Xperia Play Games Ever then?

New Ice-Cream Sandwich News for Xperia Play Phones

The Ice-cream sandwich update for the Xperia Range of phones is almost upon us. Due to begin late march for other Xperia Range phones , the update will likely hit the Playstation Phone "Sometime in April".
Sony Mobile has released a Beta Version of Ice-Cream Sandwich that shows off some of the features of the new Android OS for some Xperia Phones (unfortunately not the Play).

The Final OS Update will , it is rumoured, include an improved UI, a media and camera swift access from the lock screen and wait for it.... Face Recognition unlock for the Xperia Play!

A recent update to the Xperia Play gave it the ability to take screenshots staright from the phone's screen, Android 4.0 will give us even more features. Combined with rumours of even more Playstation era games making their way to the Android based Play. and it is still an exciting time to own one.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Social Planner and Event Organiser App

Social Calendar App integrated
with Facebook
Summers coming and one thing's for sure is that your social calendar is going to be filled with festivals, events and social activities.(Apologies if you live in the U.K , because it will probably  rain all summer, so you won't need to worry about updating your event calendar with the hectic social schedule that the rest of the world will have!)
Well another thing for definite is  that wherever you might find yourself on Planet Earth come the Summer you're almost guaranteed to have to hand the two staples of a modern connected person: A Facebook account and an iPhone.
Luckily for you that Facebook and iPhones have become more integrated in recent years with some very clever and useful apps connecting up the two. The particular one we have in mind for a Summer of barbecues and music events is the F.Y.I Fly app. And for your information what this app does is alert you to all local activities, summer or winter all year round.
 Now you can find out where the cool kids are at, use the apps simple Facebook integration and sign yourself in for attending any or all the events listed on the Free event calendar app(good luck with that!)
Music festivals are of course only one tiny bite of the iceberg that this app will make you aware of. Multiple event categories include:
Find who's going to events
and mark your attendance with
Arts/Crafts, Educational, Volunteer, Festivals/Community, Drinks/Happy Hours, Markets/Shopping, Religion, Live Music, Sports/Outdoor, Business/Conference and Kids/Family

So events and activities on your iPhone for all ages and walks of life. The social app is raising a storm due to it's simplicity to operate. It's straightforward to log on to the app, choose your type of event and see who else is attending, all with that clever aforementioned Facebook hook up.
Of course savvy event organisers need to be made aware of this app too as it could make their event promotions so much easier. After all Summer and Festivals are as cosy bedfellows as iPhone and Facebook.

Find what's happening in your local town and who to expect there with social calendar app F.Y.I FLY

Saturday 25 February 2012

Android Phone now Essential Hunting Gear: Deer Call App

Deer Calling App
on Android
Hunters just a few decades ago swore by their deer callers. They never could have imagined how dramatically mobile app technology would change hunting. Then again when Steve Jobs and his ilk furthered the cause of mobile phone apps I bet they never thought to see such creative use of phone technology as people using their phone to make themselves better hunters!
I've got friends in the military , and every time some new bit of military weapon or kit comes out that makes their battlefield burden easier to bear they are quick to snap it up. For a hunter it must be quite similar, why be burdened down with different animal calls, all of which will add to the noise you make and make your prey more wary as you clunk up to a hide, if you can downsize and minimalise your hunting gear, and make hunting kills more quickly and efficiently. Best of all if someone invented a free hunter's aid it would be even better. And that's just what we're able to get hold of on the Android Market thanks to Laroche Ent. Claiming to make 'perfect deer calls every time' , the Free Field Caller -Deer Calls App, is now available for your Android phones.

Deer calls included in the deer caller app include : Doe bleat; Doe Estrus bleat; Buck Grunt; Buck Dominant Grunt; Tending Buck Grunt; Buck Snort;Bucks Fighting and Fawn Distress. The hunting call app comes programmed with large buttons to make it friendlier to use with your hunting gloves on and is claimed to be quick and easy to use. The only potential downside of the app is your phones limitations as some phones built-in  speakers might not have the necessary grunt to attract hunting prey from a distance.

As Free Field Caller-Deer Calls is at the bargain price of zero on the Android Market it should at least be considered for trial in the serious hunter's armoury, if not permanent inclusion. Technology really can make your hunting that much easier.

Blitz Android Malware with VIRUSfighter

Combat Android
Android Malware is here to stay. It's a sad fact that the open nature of the Android OS, which makes the platform so easy to develop for, also unfortunately is a gateway for shovellers of malware, viruses, spam, bloatware and myriad other programs that you just do not want on your phone. Android developers have begun to sit up and take notice so gradually the Android Market is getting its fair share of apps to combat this problem.

VIRUSfighter is one of the Android anti-virus apps that we have come across in the search to make our mobiles safer. Backed by the well known SPAMfighter name ,the app's parent company is very established and also has anti-virus software for PC's. What we especially like about this app is that due to the obvious significant professionalism of the developers you are really getting a quality app that stays ahead of the hackers of the Android World by updating several times a day, as and when new threats present themselves. Staying ahead of the anti-viral pack is a must in this dark art of keeping our phones malware free, and the fact that the app now also supports the Kindle Fire shows that the developer is not sitting back, but constantly improving their product.
VIRUSfighter for Android

Business users and IT departments will see the obvious advantage of having this powerful anti-malware app running on their comapny phones. Personal mobile users more concerned with everyday use will be pleased to  note that VIRUSfighter has been optimised for phones so that it presents no credible drain on battery life and is quick and easy to use. Some reports do say that the app slows down on MP4 and MP3 scans, but with constant updates this will probably not present a problem for long.

This is a free Android Anti-Virus app, and with the significant backing of what appears to be a very established parent company VIRUSfighter is at the moment my top choice for  Anti Virus, Malware protection of my Android running Xperia Play.

Bite Sized iOS Indy Fun

You can either play long and epic games on your iPhone or concentrate on bite sized gaming that just hits the spot. Wonder Witches is one of those quick and easy to play bite sized apps that are great for a swift , no thought involved, fun gaming session.
Let's face it even though being gamers we all love an epic quest, multiple characters yadaa, yadaa, yadaa etc. when it comes down to it we play for plays sake. Especially if we're limited to playing on our iOS devices , in queues on train journeys etc. we simply want some pick up and play fun that we can complete in a micro gaming session.
And this is where Johan Digital Works latest app " Wonder Witches" excells. Simple gameplay along the lines of one/two touchscreen button controls that make the witch's broomstick climb or fall to avoid obstacles and the other button to use magic.
Wonder Witches: Corona SDK INDY DEV does Good!
Compete for a high score thanks to Wonder Witches Game Centre integration and you have nifty broom stick riding ,obstacle avoidance game that is just perfect for a little bit of fun. Motivation of course comes with the need to see just how far your witch can go before wiping out and also to see what the next magic potion pick up will make happen.
Being as this is an indy iOS game we are really impressed with the developer's efforts. A simple altitude control game could have been developed , but the fact that unlockables and pickups have been included along with GameCentre integration make this a very polished and professional indy game. 
I also really like the backdrops that the witch flys against, a realistic background creating a very pleasing juxtaposition in the app , reminding me of the cartoon movies that were popularised in the '90s which melded cartoon characters and realism.

Wonder Witches is available for free at the Appstore.

Friday 24 February 2012

iPad Kids Interactive book brings the Magic back into Reading

A Brave and Bold art style
perfectly suited to the Storybooks
target age group
An iPad is made to amaze and astound, kids love the tactile nature and the play contained in the iPad, but kids also love stories and other types of old fashioned fun. So naturally by combining stories and games our kids should get the most out of their touchscreen interactions. Many developers have taken this on with interactive books which are dull and lifeless, or worse,just cheap imitations of classic stories. Urki ,beyond the Forest. Is not one of these.
Rather Urki is what every story strives to be , original, inventive and fun. The characters really come alive on Ipad with pop up characters making the kids laugh in delight. Every good story has a twist in the tale and Urki, Beyond the Forest has its own clever twist with the child being able to choose their own storyline halfway through.

Kids fascinated with Magic andAdventure
will love Urki
A maze game that is just perfect for the iPad's large screen adds to the fun of the game. Developers Pixel Moon have really excelled in bringing some beautiful illustrations to iPad. The art style is very unique and really adds to the ambience of the story book app. Interactivity is carried out very well and not overdone, bringing an altogether classy touch to the app.
A story-book app for kids 7 and above, with a large chunk of fun and delightful reading to get through.With all it's clever touches Urki will delight kids for hours.
A great way to get a child who is interested in magic and adventure to enjoy reading.
Find Urki, Beyond the Forest Here

Thursday 23 February 2012

Tiny Tower Hints,Tips and Secrets Guide

Tallest Tiny Tower ever? We doubt it, but can
you do better?
A Tiny Tower guide is indespensable for making the most of your gaming time. Since I've downloaded Tiny Tower on my iPod (TT is also available for iPhone, iPad and now Android) it is taking up far too much of my app reviewing time so I went scouring the net to find the best Tiny Tower advice to share with you in this guide and also so I can get some of my own precious time back and maximise my bux purchases and add to my game tower in the cheapest possible way!

Tiny Tower is a freemium game, it's completely possible to play without paying a cent so really you could say it is the niche of being one of the most addictive free apps. You can speed up gameplay with the premium feature to buy  currency (Tower Bux). Tower Bux can purchase residents for your tower, speed up virtual shop restocking and even be used to exchange for in game cash. If you don't want to be part of the Freemium game money cycle then Read the following guide for some useful tips to make your Tiny Tower Building easier.

Tiny Tower – Basic Guide

Basic TT gameplay:
Tower Bux
The local game currency . Players can construct new floors instantly, upgrade elevators (essential when your tower gets too big) or spend it on a Bitizen. Normal pay awards Bux for achievements and minor tasks. Help to find a Bitizen when a guest comes calling gets you a bux, expand your tower , fully stock a Tiny Tower shop. All of these get you Tower Bux.
If you want it fast bux, you can buy bux and spend them to speed things up. But if you choose the regular way, you will always have something to do in the game.
Bitizens are your tower workers who literally do every task for you . They stock shops, pay you rent once a day, ten cash per Bitizen paid at midnight, give you special tasks to earn buxand add some personality to your tower. You
can adjust each Bitizen to any floor you want. But they have certain specialties and preferences and a Bitizen who wants to work in a florist might not be happy having a Tiny Tower dream Job of a Cake Shop Assistant.In general, the more Bitizens you have, the faster your tower will expand. Bitizens working at their preferred places will work more efficiently and you in return will get a small bonus clever management as shops will stock quicker at a discounted rate. You can also the Bitbook which is a sort of Tiny Tower Facebook for the workers which can provide you some useful hints.
You start the game with a single floor and then build it according to the instructions. It’s a tower of course so your task is not only to add more floors above but also organize them so you know where your retail and residential floors are.
Each floor can stock up to 3 items and each stock has a different timer but once it sells out, it’s your task to let the Bitizens know so that they can order more. The first item is the cheapest and the third Tower shop item is the premium app item but will take the longest to stock.
When they are restocked, you can again place them for sale. It’s easy to supervise a  few floors but once your tower has more than 25 or so floors, you need to be good at organizing your tower to keep it growing.
A bit of real life advice about being a good Bitizen landlord is to turn off the notifications, as with a larger tower you'll find yourself constantly beset by bleeping notifications for restocks and sell outs etc. almost constantly! 
The first elevator upgrade cost 25 bux if I remember right and on the first few game hours I saw no need to expand. However once your app has been played for more than a few hours you'll find an upgrade necesarry as the initial TT elevator is far too slow. Also by giving random Bitizens elevator rides you can earn some in app cash (multiply the destination floor by two to see how much you will get).
Tiny Tower VIP's
Make sure that you use the  VIPs properly which can make a big difference in your production. The ones I've encountered are
  1. Construction Bitizen VIP-takes 3 hours off floor construction time
  2. Delivery Bitizen-3 hours off Shop Restock
  3. Estate Agent Bitizen- Rents out all Tiny Tower residences on the floor of your choosing
  4. Big Spender Bitizen-Buys out all of one shops stock of a chosen item
  5. Celebrity Bitizen-Increase Custom to a shop of your choosing

Tiny Tower General Advice and Tips

Following are some tips that can help you to expand your tower more quickly.
  • In general, the more Bitizens you have, the more products you will make and  sell at once.
  • Bitizens don’t move on their own so you need to make the moves.
  •  The experience level of the Bitizen will tell you how much discount you will get or restocking products.
  • Fully stock a floor before quitting a TT session-things still sell while you're away.
  • Don’t be hasty and spend any cash you get early in the game rather stock upto 50 bux and then trade it for 100,00 gold.
  • Choose the right Bitizen for the right Tiny Tower Job.

Good luck and remember it's just an app not an obsession!

Mobile Payment App revolutionises Small Business Payments via iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads have come a long way in changing the way we do business. For small businesses cash and checks have been the primary ways of customer payment in the past. Many dedicated iOS financial app developers have seen this as an opportunity and have begun to program some very clever apps to help out the small businessman.

SalesVu is one of the more popular retail apps. Amongst a slew of competition it has swiftly made a name for itself. Alternative sales apps such as Square, while still popular , have been overtaken by this simple and convenient app. For the services it provides SalesVu is possibly the cheapest point of sales app when it comes down to credit card transaction rates it is far ahead of any rival apps.

Many small business users swear by the SalesVu mobile payment app asused on their iPads and iPhones, most notably for its slew of features, its cheap transaction rate and the free credit card reader that comes bundled with the sales package. It's a real game changer for those who in the past were tied to hard currency transactions. Now at the point of contact a small businessman can use SalesVu to take credit card transactions via iPhone or iPad , have a sales invoice automatically sent to a client and keep total control over any transaction by seeing whether discounts or vouchers have been applied.

It's these standout app financial features that set SalesVu even further ahead of the money app field:
  • Complete cloud integration allowing transaction data to be shared across multiple devices which are fully synced
  • Highly secure with app encryption of all credit cards used
  • Automatic emailing of receipt and voucher/discount info
  • Free credit card reader
  • Highly attractive low transaction fee
Throw in the sales apps viral marketing capability via Facebook,  which can really change your sales figures, and unlike rivals SalesVu becomes a very cost effective solution for all types of business. So if you have a small or large business and want the premier Mobile Payment App for iPad and iPhone then SalesVu might be just what you're looking for.
Customer FAQ's for SalesVu
Download SalesVu App

Wednesday 22 February 2012

5 Fun Zombie Games for iPhone

5 Fun Zombie Games for iPhone

1. Zombieville USA – This is one of the most popular zombie games to date. The game seems relatively simple to play, but involves some strategy and technique to level up. As a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, you must battle zombies while looking for cash and ammo. Choose from 15 different weapons like chainsaws and flamethrowers, with a fun choice of characters as well. As you level up, you’ll fight tougher zombies, gain vehicles, and even find some survivor friends to help. ($0.99)
 2. Zombie Wonderland – In this game you’ll play an ordinary guy protecting your town and cleaning up zombie mess. Sound easy? Think again – this game is fast-paced and challenging. Between shooting zombies, cleaning up guts, and trying to last all night until the rooster crows, this game will have you addicted to killing zombies. This game also features a 3-D view from above that gives you perspectives from all angles. ($0.99)
3. Zombie Smash – This app adds a little comedy to the art of surviving a zombie apocalypse. As you defend your home from zombies, progress from flicking them until they fall apart to dropping heavy objects on their heads. This game comes with lots of “extras” such as weapons and modes that can be discovered throughout gameplay. This app is incredibly popular around the world for a good reason. ($0.99)
 4. Zombie Highway – Instead of hiding in your house from zombies, take to the open road and shoot any zombies that try to get in your way. They’ll try to climb on your car and tip it over, so you’ll have to shoot out the window or knock them off by steering around obstacles. As you get better, you’ll get more powerful weapons. For a real challenge, you can even play without weapons and put your life in the hands of your driving technique. ($0.99)
5. Zombie Farm – After you’ve spent hours killing zombies in various ways, why not try farming them? This game builds on the popularity of other farm games (notably Farmville) and turns you into an evil zombie farmer. There are lots of customizable features, from designing your farms, choosing your crops, and breeding new species from different plants and zombies. When your zombies are grown, you can attack the town or go visit your friends’ zombie farms. (Free)
Marcus Morris is a tech enthusiast who owns the site Computer Game Design for students interested in game design. He is also prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse – are you?

Viking Themed Endless Running Type App

We've seen a glut of endless running type games on the Appstore, well Thundersword Across the Sky is not one of those. It is however a similar concept. An app that uses precision and timing to keep on going to accumulate a high score. Where Thundersword when out is in a very artistic throwback to a more beautiful gaming era art style and a very Viking type of theme. 
The hero of this app is not Ragnar, the fierce warrior at the apps opening scene, but rather his sword which he hurls callously into the air.
This is no ordinary sword, it is a Thundersword after all, so this sword will keep on flying through the air, either using your iDevices accelerometer to control it's direction or the onscreen buttons.
Collect gems to increase your speed and keep aloft, the higher the speed the higher you will go, collide with the ground ; birds; rainbows or other hazards on the way and you'll slow down and eventually plummet to a stop. Ragnar would be glad to get his abused sword back, but your game would be over.

As mentioned the art style and the endless type of gaming to get a high score make this an attractive time waster. There's a particularly nice touch if your sword goes too high and too fast and breaks through the time space continuum. The only downside to the game is the relative ease that you can keep on going to get a high score and the fact that you can't choose between different iDevice control schemes. Otherwise a very decent app to test your abilities and a nice spin off of the endless running type of genre.
Another Hit from App incubators Medl Mobile

Tuesday 21 February 2012

MicroHeroes : Let Micro Churchill entertain and educate you (Just don't tell Micro Shakespeare-he could get jealous!)

Learn and have fun with
great leaders on Android:
Meet Micro Churchill
Great leaders of history on your Android Phone? Been done. Talking Tom Cat and other funny apps: Been Done. Quote a day apps and words of wisdom apps. So cliched. And what about using your Android Phone to explore History? Yawn, no thanks, that's been overdone too. But what about if you had an actual historical figure on your phone. There to give you words of wisdom, dance for you, entertain you, educate you in the ways of the world, be an inspiration and an advisor. What if you could choose which historical figure to have on your phone?

Shakespeare on Android:
Micro Shakespeare
What if MicroMadHouse app developers had done the unthinkable, and actually created a new genre of app, an app genre that has actually made me start out of my reviewers chair and say: "I like that app, I want that!" This is perhaps one of the most creative and interesting app ideas that I've seen this year. The only similar app that I can think of is " Talking Tomcat", you know the rising star of iTunes and Android, a cat that will yawn, smile , dance etc. at your prompting (and of course the many spin-off apps). But MicroHeroes are so much more: Here's the concept-Take a handful of famous and entertaining historical figures, Winston Churchill; Abraham Lincoln; Shakespeare and a few more.
 Now transform them into a cartoon version, a cartoon Churchill , well animated and with his ever so iconic voice. There on your phone ready with epic quotes, day to day advice, a magic 8 ball app feature, except with the very rare personality of Churchill flavouring it. But the Android App has so much more. Churchill not your idea of an amusing, full of advice, app avatar. Well why not have Abraham Lincoln, you can even get some fun trivia about the historical figures on the app.
Or why not even have a Confucious App: Don't know who Confucious is, well his Microbiography , like the other Microheroes biographies will educate you. And of course aside from the sage advice of MicroHeroes historical figures colouring your day to day life they even expand across your phone with Micro Churchill themed wallpapers; Micro Shakespeare phone backgrounds, and all the rest of the quirky, historical figures brought to life in this app: I haven't mentioned Micro Gandhi have I?
And that's why this app has got me so excited, who wouldn't want a famous historical figure on their phone, to amuse , entertain and give out pearls of wisdom. All of course in the characters 'original voices' ( not sure about that claim, but the Micro Churchill at least sounds like what you'd expect him to sound like!) I think the other MicroHeroes voices might be a best guess somehow, but still very apt and highly amusing!
 So choose your favourite Micro Hero, your own personal historical figure ,brought to amusing cartoon life, (Micro Gandhi is very amusing, both for the cartoon and his voice) Of course choose your Micro Hero wisely, Lincoln might not be great with love poetry (you'd want Micro Shakespeare for that), but Micro Lincoln would be your man for savvy rights of man political advice wouldn't he. Of course you could just download all the MicroHeroes on Android , because they all just happen to be so amusing and charming!
 All for Download on the Android Market and with a cut down MicroLite Hero version too.

Google and Android Malware increases: How should we combat Android Malware

Call Now: 888-444-2059 A few months ago my Google account was hacked and until I sorted out the problem I lived in fear that the hackers would take my details and either charge huge amounts on money on Premium Apps on the Android market or get access to my credit card details that I use to buy all my apps for my Xperia Play. Thankfully I headed the hackers off at the past and my bank balance stayed healthy. This got me to thinking of some of the best ways to combat Phone Hackers andpurveyors of Android malware. Recent months have seen a massive increase in Android Malware , in part due to Google's easy entry requirements for developers to get their apps and game on to the market. Unfortunately for every legitimate Android Developer there are always the crooks looking to fill your phone with premium rate texts, bloatware and worse. The Smartphone industry is well aware of this and the big names in computer security are now turning to the realm of Mobile Security with the likes of McAfee putting feelers out to the Android Market. Unfortunately Mobile Security is becoming another big niche industry, which is why we've scoured the net to find education programmes that will give students aheads up for an industry that, like it or not , will continue to grow in the next few years. Brookline College, who I have mentioned above in this artcile offer a fantastic residential programme in Criminal Justice and Cyber Security. A good place to start for those wanting to get in on the mobile phone security business while the industry is still young.

Simple but more-ish Android Puzzle Game :Connector

Connector puzzlegame on Android
When I first came across " Connector" I was quite daunted, not really knowing precisely how the puzzle app actually worked. After a few minutes of toying with the game it all became clear and the simple premise proved to be a nice little time waster on my Android phone. Connector is a simple puzzle game in which your goal is to connect all the blocks of the same colour. Controls are limited to rotate, select and swap. All nice simple one button controls that don't detract from the gameplay allowing you to keep your brain in gear and get on with the business of solving the puzzle level.

Puzzle game with multiple difficulty levels

Connector is a collaboration between Horama Apps and an unnamed musician and artist. The music is quite catchy and adds to the game, but even though the app icons are well drawn and colourful I feel that a bit more could have been done witht he game graphics as the black backgrounds are quite a minimalistic look. However I have only played Connector Lite and the paid version does promise a 'New connector look' . Swamped as I am by so many app reviews if I did have the time to play apps more I might be tempted to buy the full version as it has a host of new features including hard and insane difficulty levels, is ad-free and also has 320 puzzle levels. That's a lot of puzzling. Of course I'm also tempted to see the full version to see if the artists skill make the 'New Connector Look' a more gaudy style. However , that's a personal preference as the graphical style as it is serves its purpose of not distracting you from a simple but addictive puzzle game with a lot of longevity. We look forward to what Horama Apps can come up with yet after their Android Market Debut.

Safety Tips for Setting up BunkBeds for Kids

Safety Tips for Setting up Bunk Beds for Kids . For most parents, the time comes where new bedroom arrangements need to be made. Whether it's moving bedrooms, getting new beds or simply rearranging the ways the beds are set out in the bedroom, there's always that time where changes are made. When parents decide that bunk beds are the way to go, flat-packed bunk beds are arguably the most popular.
However, when assembling these bunk beds, make sure that you consider a few safety tips. Ensure that all other pieces of furniture are well out of the way before you start assembling the beds together. Make sure that you have lots of space – trying to fix beds together in a confined space is very risky and will potentially lead to danger.
 Try and do everything you need to do in the bedroom that the bunk beds will be in, as this will save you the hassle of trying to move the beds from one room to another.
 As you go along assembling the bunk beds, clear away the boxes and other packaging so that you don't end up tripping up or being hindered. Although they are bunk beds for kids, expect them to be fairly heavy. Because of this, you may want to ask a friend or relative to help you with the beds, as you'll get the job done much quicker and it'll be easier for you.
 Once you've actually assembled the bunk beds, do a thorough check of them before letting your kids anywhere near them. Make sure that the ladder is not loose or wobbly and the other pieces and areas of the bunk beds are stable. Staying safe when assembling bunk beds for kids is mainly all about common sense and the well-known rules of safety. As long as you are aware of possible dangers and do what you can to avoid them, you'll stay safe.
Many Thanks to R.Lobitz for this guest article

Monday 20 February 2012

Apps for Charity

Apps for Charity
A while ago we wrote a review on an upcoming " endless jumping game" on iPhone. The app in question roll.ball.jump is still slowly making its way up the appstore charts. That doesn't stop  serial iphone philanthropist and App developer Dorn David from wanting to use his iPhone to make a difference in the world. This is one of the nicest ways we've seen of using iOS to help charity and strongly recommend giving the app a look on February 24th and using your voice in the Appstore to spread the word via an appstore review. Here is the press release which explains more about the app and charity that is being supported:

DoronD Apps contributes half of their charming iPhone game, "roll.ball.jump" proceeds to charity.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities event will be held at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL on the 24th of February.  This event will attract an enormous amount of well wishers for the well known charity that provides a place to stay for families who are unfortunate enough to have a sick child in hospital. It is Doron's wish that his popular iPhone app: roll. ball.jump will be able to make someone's life that little bit better on this special day.

If the eponymous "Ball" of the popular and fun game was a person than "he" would certainly be there at this momentous event. We like to imagine him: a Giant, Red Ball of fun and mischief actually turning up and spreading laughter and happiness amongst the charity beneficiaries and attendees of the event.
Of course "Ball" only exists on an iPhone app so it is hoped that on the day good and fun people around the world will play roll.ball.jump and have a little titter to themselves as they imagine "Ball" and how he would brighten up everyone's day.

 Everyone who downloads the iPhone/iPad app on 24 February will have a warm feeling that not only are they going to enjoy themselves immensely, but also that their game playing is helping others as, thanks to the vision and compassion of Doron, the developer behind the game, half of all the app sales will go to charity on this day.

As for "roll.ball.jump" itself, it has started to make quite an impact on the App Store as the unique and fun jumping game continues to delight more and more users every day. So on 24 February this is the game that you will be buying for ninety-nine cents:
Released in early 2012 roll.ball.jump is a game with a difference. Created from the fertile imagination of Doron, it is a fun and clever test of your skills to keep the ball moving upwards and attempt to beat your previous high scores. A lot of fun can be had with this app and more is in store in the future with planned updates. Where other jumping games seem lackluster, Doron's app has been likened to the same fun that we all had as children bouncing a bouncy ball all over "just for the sheer fun of it". Luckily in this app there's no danger of smashing windows or inadvertently bouncing your ball into someone's favorite vase! It's just good, clean fun bouncing "Ball" ever higher to beat your previous best score and using jetpacks and springs to get that little extra bounce.

While iPhone and iPad users eagerly wait for the Ronald McDonald House Charities event to download this great app and do their bit for a good cause, it must be pointed out how DoronD apps are not just content to release a fantastic game and help out in the world. Doron is not just a philanthropist and a visionary, he is also a perfectionist and will always strive for more. That is why his game is continually being improved and even now there are planned updates in the pipeline with talk of the game allowing its fans to boast of their scores on Facebook and Twitter and even Game Center integration

It must also be pointed out that it is a special wish of Doron that not just the charity event attendees but all and everyone who downloads roll.ball.jump on this day will be helping out with this good cause. Every download of the popular iPhone game on 24 February will see fifty percent of the profit going toward charity. Previous buyers of the app have been prolific with their praise on App Store reviews and the 24th February could see a flood of new reviews all attesting to the game's charm, and more importantly allowing others the chance to hear about "roll,ball.jump" and give as many people as possible a chance to contribute to this worthy cause.

As our iPhones and other technology become more and more embedded in everyone's daily lives it is the wish and vision of DoronD Apps that we not only use our gadgets for fun, but also to make a little difference in the world. It is with great pride and hope that DoronD Apps announces its collaboration with the Ronald McDonald trust for this special day and hopes that you will see it in your hearts to support a very good cause and enjoy roll.ball.jump while doing your part for the unfortunate families who have to deal with the reality of having a poorly child in hospital.

Read more about "roll.ball.jump" at DoronD App's website : and remember to bookmark February 24 as your day to download this app, with half of the proceeds going to charity,
iTunes link:

Doron loves to hear from his fans and can be contacted at

Best 2012 Physics Based game? With .... Rabbits!

2012 Best Physics Game? Warren
from Bold Bishop
Bird based physics games on iPhone? So last year, the new and funnest hapless creature to fling around with our apps is a rabbit. " Warren" comes storming onto our Apple devices as the must have physics based app of 2012 so far.

He's not an Angry Rabbit, just quite bemused as to why people keep dropping all sorts of litter around his beloved carrot patch. So how exactly do you combat fly tippers with an iPhone or iPad? Well; quite simply you get Warren to clear away the tyres; microwaves and other game obstacles through some frantic speed play and very slick physics based gameplay.

Warren app has many loikeable features
Warren is a fairly new addition to the Appstore and is underwhelmingly priced at the 0.69 pence mark. Yup, it's an app for less than a pound that has all the hallmarks of being one of this years most downloaded apps. Cute and well drawn ,likeable main character: check. Addictive gameplay: check. Explosions rendered in Retina Display Graphics: Check. Fun to play: Doubly check!

With 75 levels and numerous in game hazards to overcome this iOS game will not only keep you playing for ages. But you'll want to keep on playing as it has that "one more go" addictiveness in spades.

Expect a lot more craziness and fun from app developer
BOLD BISHOP whose quirky style will definitely inject some fun into this years crop of iOS games

Download this mad physics based Rabbit starring App "WARREN" from the appstore.

Which Apps are good for the whole Family?

Useful App study: What is the most popular Kids' App?
What apps are good for family fun? That's a question that Famigo Sandbox asked themselves when they set up their Sandbox App that allows our children to play safely on our Android phones and iPhones. Aside from the brilliant and inspired idea of safe play for children Famigo have collected an astonishing amount of data on app usage.
Amongst the app questions answered are : What apps do kids enjoy the most? And What is the most downloaded app by families?

With their permission this handy app usage infographic has been reprinted and based as it is on a comprehensive and randomly scientific study of how 1000 families use their apps it could prove highly influential. Influential for app developers wanting to find out how to pitch their apps to a particular audience, or tailor their app marketing to a certain age group.And also influential in determining what apps our own kids might enjoy safely. 
I've personally found the app infographic useful as, being a long time supporter of Famigo, I've found it a good headstart on what my children might like to play on my Android phone next (the  puzzle games section of the Android Market will be getting a visit soon because of this.)

As for my friends and clients into app development it's only fair to point out that the app research strongly trends to free apps being by far the most highly played. So thoughts about iOS and Android monetisation might need to be reconsidered.

I'll leave you to digest the rest of the infographic, which is both a highly entertaining and educational read for both app developers and families who believe that app gaming is far and away not only good entertainment but also a nice way to bond with their kids.

The original app study can be viewed at the Famigo Website where we hope you'll take the opportunity to see how the Famigo Sandbox can make your children's and families' smartphone play safe and entertaining.