Thursday 28 February 2013

Zooma Poker (Hold 'em)

         Online poker applications have been growing in popularity in recent years. The most popular one that I've noticed is also known as Texas Hold 'em, a variation of community card poker(aka flop poker) due to Myspace and Facebook. It's the one where each player gets two cards in their hand, and try to use the 5 cards in play on the table to make the best hand combination for themselves. Presenting one of those apps, Zooma Poker, developed by Zooma apps. It's a free smartphone application for Android smartphones. Download it Here from Google Play.

Quick and non thorough summary of how to play. 
    Players may use up to 5 cards, including the five cards on the table and the two faced down in their hands to poker hand. Players may look at the two cards in their hands. After a round of bets, the three cards on the table, "the flop", are revealed and a round or bets are made. Two more cards, each with a round of bets, are revealed next. The fourth card is referred to as "the turn". And the last card is called "the river". A card is "burned" before the turn, and again during the river. This means the top card is placed on the bottom of the deck. This is done to prevent cheating in the possibility that the burnt card has a distinguishable mark on it so players will not know during the betting. The winner after the river bets receives "the pot" or sum of bets made during that hand.

Placing a Bet
   You may Call, meaning you match the current bet with an equal amount. Raise means you match the current highest bet and add some more of your chips to increase the bet. Once a bet has been made, you cannot withdraw it or get it back (besides winning the pot). To Fold means to forfeit your current hand and give up that round and your chance to win the pot.

 You can't really pause an online poker game once you have made a bet. The game will automatically lift you off your seat once the time has elapsed and you've missed your turn. This means the game has determined that you are no longer playing. The artwork in this smartphone app isn't plain, however the details don't look very fluid. My older Xperia Play's screen sensitivity is not very compatible with poker games so I cannot accurately judge the smoothness of the game. If you just want to try things out you may Play as a Guest. By doing so, every time you log in, you have 1500 chips to spend or use. In fact, you get 4000 free chips when you start. Other things you can do are chat and message. Too many passwords and user names to remember? Zooma Poker lets you use log in with your Facebook.
After losing almost all of my chips as a quest, I logged in for the first time using my FB. I got the 4k on startup and 1k as my daily reward. However, when I pressed on "Play now" it tells me I do not have sufficient chips to play. As far as I can tell, this is a Free game with no advertisements. Uncommon in apps nowadays.

 Card games/apps are still games, but might seem to get a higher maturity rating as in less childish. It's not exactly a video game and playing poker is usually more of an adult thing in my opinion. What do you think? How does this app hold up against some of the most popular poker apps? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Where to find the best Children's Educational Apps

With the advent of many low priced tablets these multi use devices have become a staple of many modern day homes. There are a multitude of niches that these fit into. From the top end premium iPad a-likes to the lower ended Chinese rip offs tablets, especially those of the Android variety are accessible to many.

With children of all ages being exposed to this technology it's good to see that the younger generation is being catered for. Not just from a price point of view, but also from a tablet ergonomic perspective,   colour form factor and ease of access. Of course we're talking about the seminal children's "pad", the LeapPad2.  This pad is specifically tailored with children in mind and not only has an AppStore of its own but also works on a cartridge based system. The pedigree is excellent with a version of the tablet being around since 1999.

A lot of thought has gone into the LeapPad range of tablets making for a very educational introduction to modern portable computing for 3-9 year olds. The intrinsic educational benefits lie not just in the specific features, of which there are many, but in the nature of the child friendly tablet. Essentially tablet and touch screen computing is the defacto norm and also the future of all types of computing. Whether a LeapPad is in your child's hands or not some sort of tablet will be eventually. As this product is especially geared toward the young it will not only encourage their inquisitiveness but also make them gain a lot of fondness for this computing trend.

Factor in a new way to read, interact and explore and you do virtually have a home teacher for your child. The ergonomics and form have been especially factored in to make this advantageous to children, what hasn't been mentioned is something that very much sets this tablet up on a higher pedestal than other youth targeted tablets. While many other tablets, especially those running the prevalent Android OS, can always be used, after much searching, for educational app usage, the software you get can be very hit and miss. Not so with the LeapPad, highly paid educational experts have been drafted in to create educational apps focused on factors such as creativity, maths and friendship. These aren't your ordinary run of the mill children's edu apps but are designed with a lot of love, care and with the specific details of the LeapPad in mind-which is why leappad explorer it comes as highly recommended for children's educational and entertainment uses.

Monday 25 February 2013

Get a Loan App

      I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nowadays there are apps for just about anything you can think of. If you find yourself in need of some quick cash, Get Payday Loans may be the app you need to help you out. It may help you out of a jam with emergency money that you can use to pay some bills until your next pay day. Get up to $1000 dollars in advanced cash. Avoid some of the normal bank fees. There are no collection calls, no overdraft fees, and within minutes you can be on your way with some weight lifted off your shoulders. Pay utilities before they are shut off and hygiene situations get complicated.

    Quick, simple, and easy. Co-signers are not needed in most cases. Since you're here now, download the app from Google Play here and avoid the headache and search later. As with all financial agreements, make sure you check interest rates and understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything. If you're here now because of an emergency, good luck and I hope things improve for you in the future. Have a nice day.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Farm Up for Android

Review: Farm Up! Farm Up is a beautiful new farming game developed and published by Realore, and now hit Android. Unlike most farm games, Farm up shows us a real daily life with dialogue and characters in it. You are beautiful Jennifer, a young farmer, in the 1930s in the South who is taking charge of an old, worn down farm, and bringing it back to life, which may be the oldest time setting for a farming game imaginable. Pros: Comprehensive description and beautiful game graphics design. There are a great deal of quests and crops. Push notifications remind you about harvests. Nice story line. Cons: No social interaction. Not too different from other free farming games. The game can fulfill you all your thoughts about farming, your daily quests are to buy seeds from the shop, plough ground and grow them, harvest them and sell them for money, then you can plant more other corps. And, you can also try to develop the farm, building more houses and raising lovely animals. The graphics are extremely good in Farm Up, especially in details. If you phone screen is larger, you can enjoy the beautiful butterflies flying over your farm, so many fantastic flowers, and the vivid characters walking around, lovely animals stay on their pens happily. I have to admit playing Farm Up is enjoying a visual feast. However, there isn’t much special from what we've been playing in Farmville of Zynga or other farm games for many years, the similar quest, the similar setting and the similar fun. Also, you need to complete quest to move on in the game and wait to level up so that you can do more quests. All of these are mostly the same to many farms and ranches games. About this point, I have to say, the eras for games like FarmVille or CityVille has gone, even in your mobiles. Review by our new reviewer Yilin

Gaming on your Smartphone

The ability of our Smartphones to quickly connect to the internet and get programs(apps) running in a few seconds has really shaken up the world of gaming. We're not just talking the ability to play pick up and play games, but also fully fledged RPG's,FPS's and more. Embedded graphics chips like the Mali GPU and Adreno put many of these smartphones almost on a par with PC's that are a only a few years old.

The smart money that was heavily invested into internet connected gambling in recent decades is slowly starting to make the transition to Smartphones. Traditional appstore guidelines need to be rethought though as many punters of mobile casino apps find it very laborious jumping through the multiple hoops that some appstores have in place (notably Apple with its very stringent guidelines). Finding a good casino app is no mean feat and many purveyors of internet/smartphone gambling circumvent the problem of making their own own app by just having a mobile adapted website. We're looking today into some of the up and comer online casinos that work best on your mobile phone.

Like so many interesting technological developments in the online gaming/gambling industry in recent years the Far-East is once again on the raise providing some very interesting sites that work particularly well in the mobile format. We've looked into using 21 winner on both an iPad and an Android phone. Resolutions and screen size issues are very much taken into account by this handy website. It's not a gambling website that works well on mobile per se, but actually an informative portal that provides many details on almost everything a person dicing with fortune could want.

Thailand is becoming one of the more progressive societies when it comes to the gentleman's pursuit of gambling. Now the problem is that no matter what device you're using to indulge in your gaming pleasure there is certainly a lot of confusion out there, particularly if you're coming from a western country and might be slightly mistrustful of the rising Eastern gambling markets. With a very slick and professional approach, 21 gaming attempts to not only alleviate your concerns but really guides you by the hand through the many complicated facets of choosing the right online casino to use on your net connected device.

Now what we're exactly looking at here is a very slick conduit to online gaming. A website or gambling service if you prefer that tries and succeeds in giving a lot of guidance for online gamblers and can even clear up some confusion as regarding which are the best casinos supported by mobile apps and information about particular websites that will let you know if it is worth your while to take a flutter using your smartphone or other device. They've certainly done a lot of research in establishing a very comprehensive database that gives you exclusive information on many of the best places to "invest" your gambling bucks. 21 winner provides gamblers with exclusive information on the most exciting and safe online casino, sportsbooks and poker sites in Asia. As a gambler you know that inside tips and information can really make a big difference, so we wish 21 winner all the best in their expansion on the web, mobile and beyond.

Saturday 9 February 2013

How good are Idealcases?

Sat writing this blog post have you noticed how many modern day smartphones just look so similar? A work's Galaxy S2 is sat across from me on a black laminate table, and good looking phone or not, it's just so bland with little form appeal between it and the table! Not that I'm critiquing Samsung, my Galaxy S3 is far and away the best gadget I own (until Durango and Orbis surface of course). But... they all look the same!

Apple's patent wars continue to the detriment of the industry, but with most Smartphones these days. aside from some Windows and Nokia innovations generally going down the "everybody wants one in a dark , unobtrusive colour" route-I say generally because naturally there are exceptions. Still the fact is that a case is going to be the one shining light of your phone's drab, grey existence. Enter...IdealCases.

When first considering writing a review for the gadget case customization site I wasn't particularly excited. However coming through on the other side of the experience and my partner in swift possession of a high quality iPhone 4S case that has been completely customized I'm very impressed.

Your imagination is absolutely set free on Idealcases website, with many major products such as iPhones, Galaxy S3's, Kindles and iPads being supported. You're guided through the process of ordering and customizing your case, which I'm sure took me no more than ten minutes.

I'll let this picture from their website speak for itself! That's a lot of options to create your own case, which by the way is very sturdy and well made. What I particularly liked about the case I created is that it was a very simple procedure. I was even able to let the IdealCases site access my Facebook and pull pictures from there to use on the case. In my case some lovely family pictures were able to be used from my wife's Facebook page and she found herself with a beautiful case about two days later. As I said imagination can be greatly harnessed here with multiple layers added to base templates or a blank canvas to set forth and create.

So do our phone's all need to be bland and boring or at the best enjoy some soulless mass produced case? No, not with great providers like IdealCases around. Thanks for a great little family memento case.
My lovely family case as presented to my wife courtesy of IdealCases

Review of Everland:Unleash the Magic

I have never played an RPG or 3rd person adventure game on my Android smartphone. So don't know what would constitute the best Android RPG. This will be my very first coverage of such a thing. Enter the app Everland: Unleash the Magic. Just to clarify, this isn't a Japanese RPG game, it's more of an action adventure fantasy game like Devil May Cry but with a more chivalrous taste. You play the female protagonist who is a Witch and have up to 16 different spells to learn. Unlike most RPG's you already start out with 5 spells at your disposal

     The designers/developers definitely have the detailed castle, contraptions, 3D configurations down pat. Enemies are also lifelike. Their reactions when hit and killed ARE like what you would expect from Japanese role playing game's. Cutscenes aren't CGI. But it's an app! However, Everlands cut scenes aren't just still images with flowing text. It zooms in on the character talking and moving which makes it more personal. Players get to see the character designs up close and all the effort put into the 3D models doesn't go to waste. Text is displayed in an old English/Gothic typeface that scrolls across a parchment background. That way it is easier to read, focus on the mood and conversation at hand. Doorways still have their doors visible while opened, and this doesn't just clear the path but allows users to see where they've been.

    The music is well composed. I'm not sure how many songs it has, but the main menu actually has a soundtrack with singing. It isn't a simple track with a few melodies. It contains variations and instruments and what not that matches a world of magic, mythical creatures, and knights. Give the main menu a few seconds and let it get pass the pop intro.  When I listen to it I feel more adventurous and am reminded of elves. (I enjoy listening to it)
     Even the doors sound like doors when they open. Spells sound natural or believable if there is such a thing.

How to play:
     Everland is unofficially Xperia Play Optimized (probably because the developer plans to make the Android app work with the OUYA gamepad when it becomes available). The physical D-Pad controls movement up and down while panning the camera left and right. The four playstation buttons controls the four buttons on the bottom right of the touch screen. These buttons are used for (Square) regular melee attack, (Triangle )cycle through equipped spells, (Circle) to use the selected spell, and (X) for block and/or parry. The touchscreen controls are still available to use while the phone is opened and will light up when a corresponding button is pressed (on or off screen). A request specifically for the Xperia Play would be to have the right analog touchpad control the camera both horizontally and vertically. Maybe the left analog can be used for movement. This is device specific and may not be worth the effort if not easily accomplished because the Xperia Play community may be small. Oh and even the shoulder buttons are used. R and L are used for dodging, although I'm not sure how helpful dodging is. It may increase in usefulness at harder difficulties. TIP: You must beat the game on normal to unlock hard mode and so forth. Even with the controls, you must press "Use" on the screen to activate it. This is fine and maybe even a good thing as it gives the game more variety and is similar to a reaction/action/timing button from other games like God of War.

     A spell menu is available and contains spell descriptions. However the spell menu button looks like part of the minimap(it's located at the bottom left of the minimap). Although not necessary, maybe include a note and arrow displaying that the top right buttons access the in game menu (like it did for the stats page). A minor problem with the spell descriptions is that they run off the page of the background. The parts that run off are also a little harder to read, but you can guess from the context and see enough of the word to guess what they are. There are three offensive types of magic. Each enemy is immune to one type of element magic, resistant (receives low damage) from one other type, and receives more damage from another. So far I don't think there was an enemy that I encountered that was immune or resistant to all attributes of magic. (it could be in future difficulties or developments though). Enemy AI isn't bad and is actually a lot better than I assumed it would be. They know how to chase you and don't really get stuck behind obstacles.

Guide to Magic in Everland Divine Strength: doubles your attack power while temporarily in effect(chances of occurring increase with dexterity, although this isn't made clear in the game as it uses the phrase "critical hits" in the dexterity information)
Ancient Power:: Probably doubles the damage output of your spells while in effect. It also decreases casting time of your spells. Chances of this occurring are increased by increasing your "faith" stat, although this also isn't clearly stated in the game as it uses the term "blessed" to describe faith.

 Hints and tips: This may be noob on my part but I didn't notice that the higher level of healing (High Cure) and shield (Improved Shield) did not automatically replace my weaker versions of those spells(Heal and Minor Shield) until the final boss fight.This makes sense on the games part as those are different spells with different mana cost and damage, not upgrades.
-Always make sure you have a shield active while engaged in battle. (might be a common strategy)
-The maximum player level is 20. Not every players stats will be equal at level 20 except maxed out spell stats. Your final stats will depend on where you have assigned your stat points. I don't believe I reached a limit in any non spell category.
-Some spells only cast in the direction in front of you where an elevation is reached. That elevation may be a feet from you and cause the spell to not go further and miss your target.
-Other spells (including a villian's) only go straight forward, so if that bad guy casts it while a little above you, that attack will miss.

Typo's in Videogames (possibly fixed already)
     There are a few typos in the game. 
- One is when she says "How do I know isn't a trap". 
- Another is when a character says "Will see" but probably meant "We'll see".
- A third typo is when a character says "Returns to Darkness" unless that is the name of a spell. 

A few suggestions for the Developer.
      I tested and defeated the game on normal with a Samsung Galaxy S II because my Sony Ericsson crashed a lot towards the first boss and cutscene. System Requirements include 512 MB of RAM. My Play barely had that but it's also a little outdated and wasn't as top notch/polished as even the first Galaxy S phone. The developer gave me a tip that if your phone has near the minimum requirements, then rebooting your phone (turning on and off) and not using any other apps may help with clearing up RAM enough to play.
    Controlling the camera with the screen seems to be a bit tricky. Although it has a sensitivity setting, swipes or quick slides will do a 90 degree camera turn. You're character will still be running in the direction of the up, down, left or right that your left thumb is going. Camera issues are still minor and only tend to be bothersome during the earlier stages with tighter pathways and hallways.  Maybe the camera controls could also control the camera up and down, not just left or right(seems it would be more natural). Although the camera does a good job of getting behind the player once the player gets moving left or right, it doesn't do so when the player moves back(towards the screen) until the player stops moving. Retreating in this fashion is a big tricky in earlier stages in small rooms and hallways. Also using the camera to look down at the platform below for treasure chests doesn't really work because the camera can't go down enough to see the avatar's feet. This would be a useful feature in future expansions of the game.
      Although playable, Controls seem to be another problem with the game. It doesn't allow diagonal movements. Fixing this would probably improve it's rating score and playability among users.
Also possible use better screenshots. 
      The captures currently on display on Google Play do not show enough of the colors and variety that the hack and slash game offers. These taken by me for example do the app more justice. However if I had more time I would also take a few shots in later or more open environments.
The story could be longer, maybe twice as long. Although that would be a lot of work, it would allow for more character development (at least a side character and/or evil general).

There is an official website with a guide. The website is also well designed and detailed.

Trivia in Everlands:Unleash the Magic:
-Monsters will still hurt you if you are in the games "settings" menu and map screen. You are safe in the other menu's.
- My favorite enemy to fight was an helmetless armored soldier. Soldiers with armor have a higher defense towards melee damage and take more damage from spells. However, this guy seem to take in more damage than usual from the quick fire spell, Holy Strike.
-If you currently have a magical shield activated on you while you go through a gate to another stage, the shield will still be active on you when you enter that next stage/map/level.
-The Gates of Hell map seems to be a little bit off from the actual stage. This is more noticeable in the smaller pathways.
-In closed tight spaces, if a wall is right behind you, the camera may try to get in the same spot. This prohibits the player from seeing the enemy's health. This isn't really a problem though as you should generally be aware of their health points already.

 The smartphone app was almost all developed by 1 PERSON! This is quite impressive and amazing with all those textures, realistic lifelike movements, visual effects, and sound effects. I'm surprised how talented this person can be. The official Developer on Google Play is known as Codestalkers.

Everland shows a lot of potential and is more than just a mediocre game.

Download the app and get on with your journey. Enjoy.

Friday 8 February 2013

How powerful is the Wii U?

How powerful is the Wii U? With the mtion control of the original Wii no longer such a novelty we can only feel that Nintendo's stable of unigue and revered videogames won't be sufficient to increase the Wii U's popularity

The introduction of the tablet controller is all well and good but with Playstation 4 ( Orbis) and Xbox 720 just on the horizon,is Wii U again going to be an underpoweted machone compared to contemporary consoles?
 The IBM made three core processor is no slouch,but certainly not a beast,the real strength  of the Wii U internals was always rumoured to be its graphics processing. Sources of Wii U internal chip photography have enabled better understanding of jow powerful the Radeon graphics chip is. If the Gpu was to influnce Nintendo's best fixed index annuity stocks their fortunes would be on the wane. Orbis and Durango are more powerful on all levels. Here are the facts derived from analysis of Wii U polysilicon die GPU photos :the gpu is a close match to.the Radeon Hd 4650/4670.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

App to Help you learn another Language (French)

     Have you ever wanted to learn another language and  just didn't know how to get started or just couldn't afford it? With the help of SpeakOasis or officially SpeakOasis Learn French, those problems are almost solved (provided you have an Android Smartphone). It may sound too good to be true, and it almost is. Although the FREE version doesn't come with everything the full version does, it definitely has enough get you more than a little started. For example, you get at least 300 phrases. All phrases have and English and a French text and voice to read them in both languages to you. They are categorized quite neatly like general greetings, restaurant, and numbers.

           And of course all of these phrases wouldn't be worth much if the app wasn't executed well. The graphics are clean. This includes the buttons. Instead of randomly having to find that one phrase you forgot or are unsure of, you can use the search feature. There is even an in-app quiz feature for you to use. The FREE edition does not limit you very much at all in terms of features and usability. Although the English may be your default phone's voice, the French speaking is a crystal clear French ladie's voice(not a robot). It's like having your own personal teacher/tutor that doesn't put grades on your transcript, embarrass you in front of your class, uses a grade to put you down, constantly harass you, or punishes you. Learn what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

         I am not trying to say that after you get this, learning French will be easy. Although this smartphone app may make that much easier for you to learn it, you still have to meet it halfway and put the effort into learning it (unless you're one of those gifted who only have to hear/see something once in order to memorize it). In that case, I envy you.

    The smartphone application remembers which questions you get right in the quizzes. At the results screen of taking a quiz, you are also shown how often you choose the correct answer for each question from all your quizzes next to your recent performance. To make the quizzing effective, besides studying hard, you have to be honest with yourself and the app. The user inputs whether or not he or she got the answer correct. Don't worry, there is a show me, and read to me feature for the quizzes too. Oh and another great thing about the app, once it's downloaded it doesn't need or use the internet/data to run. Check out the official website at

         One small suggestion I would have for the developers at RaphaelW is to make it an option of showing the overall performance or history results without having to take the quiz again. 


        Although all that is included in the free version, if you are serious about learning and find that it works on you, then you can purchase the full version with over 800 more phrases. You can Download the app HERE from Google Play for Android devices. It's a BRAND NEW APP released in 2013. And to thank you for reading, here's an interesting snippet from the app description


 ★Introductory Price! Save 75%! Offer limited to the first 250 orders.★



Saturday 2 February 2013

Stakemate - Bet without money.

Have you ever wanted to make bets but didn't want to involve money? Are you pretty good (or not) at betting and want to have a way to keep track of your betting record? There is an app that could be the solution to these questions. Introducing Stakemate. The developer(s) at New Dawn Entertainment have made another creative use of facebook networking with this application. Use a point system which represents respect and your betting capabilities. The bets aren't the only thing that doesn't require molah, the app is FREE as well.

    Challenge your facbook friends directly. If you have been challenged, you can make a counter bet or accept the current terms. 3rd parties(other friends who see your bet) can also get involved by betting on the outcome. This in no way affects the original bet.

    Notification settings are plentiful and useful. 

     Get to gambling (responsibly) by downloading the FREE smartphone app here from Google Play. For iOS you can get the app here. Check out another of their apps, Chilinut.

 For those whom this may apply, have a nice and safe Superbowl weekend.

Chilinut - Feeling a little Nutty?

Facebook has been strongly dominant for some years in the field of social networking. Many of us have facebook accounts and most of our friends are on there. With all these different types of app, there will be on that will find a new way to use of the power of Facebook. The developers at New Dawn Entertainment have done just that.

   Have you ever feel a little nutty or want to tell someone on your Facebook that you think they're hot? Chilinut comes up with a creative and safer method for you to do so. Hot-tag someone you admire. A flame will appear to the right of their name on the list. Then if you really think they're hot, Chili-tag them(by tagging them again) and a chile will pop up next to their name. A third tag will untag the person. An individual or user can only know they have been tagged by tagging you the same level. The tags are only known to each other so your tagging of and from other people will remain anonymous until that condition is met.

Pretty daring right?  Download yours today FREE from Google Play here for Android smartphones, and HERE from iTunes for Apple products.                                 

       The only suggestion I have for the developers of the app are to make the type of tag an option. I don't know if the system immediately reports when two matches are made or not. If so, this can cause confusion if you are on your way tagging a person as Chili hot and you get notices right after you are done with the first level of tagging. This is just a precaution if there isn't a delay in the notification process.

Add some excitement into your life. Also, check out another of New Dawn Entertainments works StakeMate. Read our coverage of it here.

Winkage - Social App Review

     Ever wonder how many people are around you? Have you ever scanned for wifi and wondered who the surrounding networks belonged to? The same can be said for bluetooth. My answer to these questions would be yes. With the creative app Winkage you can find out who else is using Winkage in your area. It uses your phones maps to display nearby areas such as shops, stores, public areas etc and how many people are there. Sign in with an email or a facebook. You aren't limited to official locations on the map, you can create your own location/occasion and invite others(although the app does a surprisingly good job at listing nearby places, filters included).

Once you find a place with users, you can shout out (like with posts and pictures) or you can send somebody and individual wink. This can be useful if you are at a crowded area and can't find them or are just too shy to approach them face to face. Start a conversation with the person of interest and see where it takes you. Not to promote rudeness, but if the meeting goes bad, you won't have to worry as much because all winks and chats are automatically deleted at the end of the day. This may be one of those times that you don't have to live with your mistakes. Start fresh the next day. 

This can be an ideal app for singles. Another situation where this app can be applied is at parties. Usually there are people at a party that don't have you on facebook or twitter. Usually you won't see a person's tweet or status update. With this, if that person is posting on Winkage from a location you are at, you can already know the person a little bit. Let them know you agree and take things from there.

The only minor suggestions I would make are to remove the email and username already on the app while signing up. This is probably a default email. In those mentioned textboxes, once you delete the provided (nonfunctioning) email, you'll see the label tell you that that is where the user puts his or her email and username that the person desires to use with the app. 

The maps moves smooth and the application's navigation is easy to do. The smartphone application can be found free of charge here on Google Play for Android devices. And it can be downloaded for free here @ iTunes for iOS. It's new and if it grows, that will only increase the usefulness of the application. This can be so cool in the future for people looking to get in the dating scene.

Good Luck