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  1. Hi!

    We're the indie game developer Game Craftsmen. We just launched the private beta of our Mech-themed social game. Have a read about us below! Thanks for your time.

    San Francisco-based startup, Game Craftsmen, is producing the first real Mech-themed social game. Players build a strong squad of collectable mecha, train their best pilots, join factions, hunt pirates, and face each other on the galaxy's wide battlefields.

    Rich characters and storylines create a world for players to explore and become part of. One unique aspect of the game combines the story with the player's rankings in the Galactic Senate. This body of top players, separated into rival factions, directly controls the unfolding of the game by voting on new features, special events, or declaring wars and truces among the factions.  Active Senate leaders will even be written into the story as galactic history progresses.

    The game is in private Beta via Kickstarter now at this

    Rewards include beta access, limited-edition mecha, senate seats, and the opportunity to be part of the first and most fun Mech-themed social game.

    The Beta is already live on Facebook, coming very soon to Kongregate, the open web, and other platforms.

    The game has a strong concept and the core execution provides a fun and addicting experience. As a beta, it has its kinks, and parts of the game have players crying out for expansion and polish, (for example, the quest, mission and PvE mechanics are not yet released) but that's all part of the fun. New feature suggestions are pouring in, and the developers are actively working and playing with the community. Meanwhile, the gameplay is relentlessly engaging and there are some seriously cool mechs. What more could we ask for?

    1. Gametrender likes your passion for games and is impressed by Mecha Galaxy, I've moved your comment to an actual blog post so will delete this comment inthe next few days. All the best.

  2. We are mobile application developer and publisher.
    Recently we made account on gametrender. Just want to know how we can upload our android, blackberry and java application on gametrender.
    We were trying to upload android application but we could not see where to put/upload apk file for android.
    registered id :

    Please do the needful and let us know if any query/concern.

  3. While playing wind-up knight now several times, it still has in book 2 level 5- blocked by branches. That I can't pick up the card.

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  5. Hi,

    I am the director of Indie Animation Studios and we have been working on our first commercial game, Pyroclysm.
    You can check out some of the artwork here

    Pyroclysm is basically a meteor defense game where meteors come down and you destroy them with a variety of weapons, firing from your city.

    We will have a dev/press build finished soon with a taste of the first level and an example of gameplay. Would you be interested in playing and previewing the game on your site? Please get in touch with me and let me know.

    Dan Long
    Indie Animation Studios

  6. By any chance do you guys need another person to do game videos for your reviews? I can do it, haven't really tried reviewing but I can record audio/video for you to edit down into your own review videos. The audio might be a bit..loud though. Just email me

    seaking at thebieb dot com

    1. I guess I should add, I only have an nvidia shield, so only android stuff I can do.

  7. Hello Duwain Marnitz and the rest of GameTrender team :) We meet at AppsWorld in London one month ago or so.. just to let you know we have a lite version of Piggy Roll Puzzle running on Google Play. The Iphone version is on its way trough the apple review process.
    We also have a video you can share :))

    Link to the game -

    YouTube video -

    I challenge you to beat level 10 and if anybody from the GameTrender beats the game let me know :)

    1. p.s. i dont know why google sign me as firstTemlar :S

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