Wednesday 26 February 2014

Advantages of Dual Lens Smartphone Cameras

Dual Lens cameras in smartphones could be the next big imaging tech to make it to our Smartphones. The HTC M8 is probably going to be the first phone with a dual camera lens. So what does HTC hope to achieve by having a dual lens?

Why dual lens Smartphone Cameras are a great idea
  • If you have two parallel lenses with their own sensors low-light performance is dramatically improved. One way this allows better low light performance on phones such as the HTC m8 is by clever software that matches the views of each lens and uses scene analysis to perform a reality check. Noise reduction in low light is dramatically improved by this feature.
  •  Two lens smartphone cameras allow for better depth analysis. 3D to you and me. Ignore what you know though as depth of field affects also allow for features such as increased image control, better control of image backgrounds-up to the point of blurring them out, enhanced AR and autofocus with a bigger boost of speed. 
  • Digital zoom could soon become an also ran technology if dual lens cameras take off. As each lens has a different focal lengths ( for example One  wide-angle lens and the other at 3x zoom). This will allow a new form of optical zom that does away with resolution degradation that traditional smartphone digital zoom experiences.

Friday 21 February 2014

Exploring next gen entertainment

So next gen gaming is upon us,or at least those who can afford some very expensive luxury boy toys. To be honest we're still sitting on the fence when it comes to XBox One vs PS4 and not to mention SteamBox and what about saving up for an Oculus Rift? Still one area that remains very unexplored and really needs to be explored through next gen spectacles is entertainment, particularly music. New ways of consumption are upon us and to be honest, despite the wet dream of better graphics and 4k capability the music hub capabilities of the XBox One are slightly swaying us towards this device when coupled with its bundled next gen Kinect. It's really the enhanced voice actions of the next gen Kinect which are being used or should be used for next gen music. All it will take is some creative thought to use voice commands to access next gen music functions,for example Spotify could be permanently turned on. Just imagine the cross functional capabilities, for certain if you can tell the latest Lara Croft to draw her pistol or bow via voice you can certainly say music based terms and get an intelligently delivered music orientated device.

HTC's new way to listen to music

It's not just the CES that changes the way we look at technology,but Mobile World Congress is also a vast area for new tech to arise. Poor HTC is going to apparently looking to turn around its ailing fortunes by possibly conducting some interesting experiments.
One of those is going to be a new way to consume music, a bold experiment that is slowly starting to be leaked to the world. We're consulting as many sources as possible,in the tech,music and mobile world to find out all we can. 
This won't be like lugging around a zoom q3hd or even an iPod to create or listen to your favourite tunes. No, everyone in the tech world,HTC included,believes that wearable are the way forward. What they're going to offer is an HTC music bracelet that apparently doubles as a fitness tracker. Since Fitbit and Jawbone, current leaders in the fitness bracelet market have yet to produce a device that works for more than a week on a single battery charge and since the most commonly available devices only track fitness and don't touch on the music area, one wonders if the HTC music bracelet is actually real or just hype.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Has WhatsApp charged me?

With many media sources being abuzz with Facebook's massive acquisition the man on the street is asking some prying questions. And really at the grassroots level a quick poll of work colleagues shows one simple fact: Nobody actually seems to have been charged by WhatsApp! Now that's an interesting take on WhatsApp's revenue model. Quite simply by avoiding the almost obligatory ad support and charging for the app in a roundabout way seems to have certainly contributed to WhatsApp's multi billion price tag .
Do you know WhatsApp charges?
Why many don't realise they're being charged is because of the age old adage: Read the small print! Your subscription to the app is charged just under a dollar after a year of using the service. So if you haven't yet reached your anniversary for registering, please don't be shocked when you see your 99 cents being credited to Facebook in the near future!

What's the best MusicId service?

I'm actually a little bit biased on the question as to which is the best music identification service. As the Sony backed Xperia Z is the current review phone (and personal phone) of choice ,I've been quite happy to use a lot of the bundled Sony apps with the phone. Their particular brand of Android has a lot of good music vibe going for it, as you'd expect from a company like Sony with a good music pedigree.
One of the bundled apps is the Gracenote powered MusicID which I've found to!be brilliant in locating most of the songs that I've flung it's way. On average using my home network I can get a return on a song Id in about ten seconds. UI wise the app fits the bill perfectly and has a lot of Google Play integration. Using more obscure devices such as a novation launchpad s makes for an interesting test which I can't quite say that MusicID matches up to. For non bundled music Id apps the stock favourites of Shazam and SoundHound also come in with strong music recognition pedigrees.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Games and comedy crossover

Fancy combining your gaming hobby with a bit of light philanthropy and some great comedy? London in mid April should be your destination and Imran Yusuf the man to thank for this. The first host of StandUp for GamesAid is bringing the fundraiser to London's comedy store on April 14.
Tickets are due to go on sale on the Comedy Store’s website from midday on Monday 17th February, they will cost £12.50 per person*.

All money raised will go direct to GamesAid which supports charities for disabled and disadvantaged young people and children in the UK, so it’s comedy with a great cause.

Graphene and next gen tablets

Moore's law is getting exponentially harder as predicted,but perhaps a new wonder material is going to change all that in the next few years. The properties of graphene make this carbon like molecular the new saviour for mobile and indeed all computing and definitely spells the death knell for silicon as we know it.
Let's look at some of the supposed benefits of graphene through the eyes of a simple tablet gamer(ie me). My current device of choice when away from console is the iPad.i find it incredible that I've been gaming on this same iPad for nearly two years( and not to mention Apple's swift intro of the 4 almost a month after I bought this one!) Performance wise there's still no problems, perhaps only a little bit of overheating. Still now with the new,new Apple tablet imminent whether it has a new A 8 chip or not, it's again going to be an evolution, not a revolution. Enter graphene... This is not the stuff
  • of foam mattresses but debatedly a "next gen" material with just its heat dissipating properties alone going to make overheating a thing of the past. This same super conductive ness of graphene means way faster chips and also less heat resistance and hence less power consumption in chips. Now that's the computing revolution we want!

The birth of HTML5 games

Is this the next big programming language for developers and will it upset the AppleCare that is modern app gaming. If Year 0 delivers when it comes out of beta than this could definitely be the case:
Indie Games Developer Legendary Games will release their much anticipated massively multiplayer online strategy game Year 0 into Open Beta on March 3rd. Year 0 not only resets the clock thematically inside the game as a result of a massive global war, but it also marks the start of the birth of HTML5 as a serious platform for creating games good enough to take on native language applications.

Ewan Lamont, CEO of Legendary Games, said "HTML5 is seen by many as the language of the future for games and applications but the question has been when will that future come.  The answer is now. HTML5 games have previously been dogged by browsers and devices failing to implement the latest standards, so most game studios have steered clear of developing on this platform leaving it to the brave pioneers of the future. But now that browsers and devices have caught up sufficiently and there are some serious supporting tools, it is finally possible to create good looking animated 3D games that can be run on any device and discovered in any portal or app store.

Thief soundtrack to be released

Possibly the darkest stealth 'em up/larceny game of them all is having a revival with THIEF to be released for this -and next gen- consoles later this month. The original needs no introduction and its soundtrack contributed heavily to Garret's shadowy adventures through The City.

Composer Luc St. Pierre's dark, ominous and atmospheric original score forTHIEF draws on a variety of dramatic musical influences including classical orchestra recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, as well as electroacoustic compositions and electronic soundscapes.Possibly using such music tech as radial-engineering effects at musicians friend to compose the score of Thief. The soundtrack will be available to buy on February 25 and will be available at many physical outlets  as well as digital including iTunes and Amazon. There's no word if buying the new game will give a discount on the soundtrack of the original, but that would be very sweet!

Gaming's Joe Hisaishi

Who is the gaming equivalent of Joe Hisaishi is a question that has started to crop up for us ever since encountering Joe's work from Spirited Away and other notable Nipponese Anime titles. If you're in Boston this April and similar questions are disturbing you then this press release should start to answer some of your questions:


PAX Condor Theatre

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Saturday, April 12th

Look forward to seeing and hearing (amongst others): 

Tom Salta

Mark Morgan
WASTELAND 2, TORMENT: TIDES OF NUMENERA, FALLOUT 1&2, FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS , Peter McConnel(Broken Age,Grim Fandango) and more

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Who is Apogee?

Our recent posts on iPad Deejays generated a lot of interest so we went digging to find out what's trending in the world of iPad tech gadgets. Apogee is a name that is coming up a lot. They're known for making a lot of specialist equipment that is very Apple product friendly. We're not just talking any equipment ,this is some very specialised audiophile gear. Top end of their web page takes you to their flagship of the moment: the Symphony 64 Thunderbridge, which to be fair is for consumption of music not creation,but for sheer volume(and price!), is worth mentioning.

Creativity can also be unleashed with many of the Apogee products,which must again be said to be very iPad friendly and expected to be in a trending muso's arsenal. These include the Jam guitar interface, and the very useful One iPad/Mac USB audio interface/mic that promises to be very versatile. If you're a user of any of these please tell us if they're worth a recommendation.

Pinfao Clash of Clans Styling

If you're looking for advice on how to make the best Clash of Clans base you should look no further than the SuperCell forums. Following on from our ancient,but venerable, post on how to make the best defense for Clash we've been not only Clashing hard but also researching on how to make a sturdy fortress that will withstand the most rigorous attacks.
Clash of Clans Layouts to use
First some background,my clan Guerilla Warrior consists of level 90 plus players and have been known to push into the top 200 when it's push time. So when clan members give advice it's perhaps time to listen. While the majority of Clannites are TH 9 or TH 10 layouts it's acknowledged that some of the best layouts from low to high levels are made by one forumite called PINGFAO (also check out Hannibal's layouts. So if you want inspiration head on over to search for PINGFAO's layouts. Here's an example of his creations and advice below:


Are app studio employers jobs safe?

Recent years have seen a lot of game studio closures as models have rotated toward free to play and the rise of apps have made  AAA pubs a bit squeamish as their latest IP is crushed by dire Flappy Bird clones.
If you're an app studio employee until very recently you'd have thought your job is safe. Unfortunately the name of the game is always going to be money and so when budget cuts, r and d or IP investment needs cash are you really certain that your job is safe. Take Zynga for example. Employment law also doesn't really seem to feature as layoffs are legit and even if solicitation were to occur you can rely on the fact that Supercell's and other lawyers can afford a damned site more than you can. So ultimately should app studio workers gear unemployment?
That all depends on where you sit if you're a programmer, especially good ones, most studios regard you as a serious asset. But if you're a more creative line, such a s level designer or graphic artist than maybe worry a bit if your studio loves churning out dross and isn't a jot creative:to quote a a alleyway user:"there is really little original graphic design going into the games other than the initial push to get it out there. At that point, you really only need a fraction of those individuals to make palate swaps (think pink cows from farmville vs. "normal" cows - it's a palate swap) and maintain the number of coders to implement "features" ". 

Improving your Sleep with Tech

2014 is ,many sources agree, going to be the year of wearable tech. Of course we've long been saying that and are big fans of the FitBit Flex for example. Closer to home though are our mobile phones and of course every loyal Gametrender reader is expected to have a good smartphone. Now oxymoronically latest research seems to be trying to ban tech totally from the bedroom , or at least limit screen time. Figures we're seeing around recommend that you should cut out mobile and tablet use at least 20 minutes before bed. This is substantiated by research showing that sleep hormone melatonin is actually inhibited by the specific light wavelength from our small screens. Well if that's to be believed than every app on here becomes redundant! Either way check out these recommendations to improve your sleep:
Apps for a better night's rest:

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a sleep-tracking app which collects information about your nightly sleep. 


Sleepbot is another tracking app with a few extra features and has been around for a while.


Sleepio is backed by clinical research.

Jawbone UP app

The UP app is free for iPhones and Android, but like Fitbit requires the armband. As Jawbone has just undergone some serious investing it looks to perhaps become a global hardware manufacturer that could even rival Apple.

Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster is a web and phone app ideal for the frequent traveller or anyone who can't hack jet lag.

Rana Sobhany iPad Dj

Rana Sobhany first came to fame way back in 2010 gaining the title "World's First IPad DJ" before tablets truly became universal and multiply useful. Looking back on what was said then:
"Sobhany’s YouTube videos make iPad DJing look easy because the apps she uses are available to anyone. But it’s really more than just dragging and dropping beats in the Korg iElectribe app, or matching beats per minute. Sobhany also uses hardware to synchronize both iPad devices and record them through her MacBook Pro..." 

While traditional mixing is still very much alive;just consider the popularity of the djm 900 nexus for example, iPad DJing is now massively common with many notables such as Carl Cox himself giving it a shuffle(literally sometimes with an iPod shuffle!)As for Rana herself she's still going strong as her current job title on LinkedIn shows:"Music maker on iPad

Destroy the Silence

I love pushing the boundaries of what's possible with mobile technology and platforms. My current weapon of choice is an iPad."(Update: now known as Rana June,she's still progressive and is now moving into the wearable a sector with performance tracking bracelets for DJs that indicate audience involvement and tailor the dj experience for the listeners.)

Sunday 16 February 2014

Terraria IOS Guide

If you love Terraria on IPad you'll really appreciate our mini guide to the frustrating game. Verging on hard core with an obnoxious and cryptic helper Terraria of beginners can be quite daunting. Follow our initial beginner Terraria tips to at least stand a small chance of surviving your fist few hours!
What to do when beginning Terraria on IOS 

Find wood! To paraphrase '80s era Scharwzenegger:"Get the wood if you want to live!" Wood is undoubtedly the most important beginning item in Terraria.

How to get wood:equip your axe and hold your finger on a tree. After a couple of seconds, the tree will explode and shower wood on your heads.Aim at the base to mine the whole tree.

Building a workbench in Terraria: This will take ten pieces of wood and is crucial to craft larger items.Make the bench, put it in your inventory, and place it at the site of your new home.


Building your home: Use a pickaxe to level some foundations.Items needed for a Terraia home:A home needs a background wall ,wood will do, two walls (wood or dirt will do), and a ceiling.

This is crucial to protect you from monsters.

How to place a door in your house:three tiles on one wall need to be cut out and now you can place a door and come and go as you please.

Best and ideal Terraria house locations:build your first home close to your original spawn point and if you don't have a bed you'll always return to the same spawn spot when you die.


Kill slimes: Now get aggressive and use your sword or pickaxe to kill slimes. This allows you to get gel which you can use with wood to craft torches. Light your home with these.

Another crucial item is a furnace, but you'll need some stone to craft it. Go left or right until you find some stone,stone often rests on the very surface of Terraria's world and should be mined with a pickaxe.
20 stone blocks can be used to make a furnace at the workbench.Uses of a Terraria furnace: smelt ore - like copper and iron - to make stronger materials. Iron is also important to optimise the strength of your copper tools.Iron looks slightly darker than stone, has a vague brown tint, and sparkles in sunlight. Unlike stone you might have to dig a little underground to find good iron ore veins.  iron bars can be smelted in your furnace, and used to build an anvil in your house. Use the anvil to make a new pickaxe and sword. 
Best initial Terraria weapons:A broadsword. Shortswords are hard to use especially on iOS and Android.

Tips for beginner IOS and Android Terraria players

Make beds - You can turn cobwebs, which you can grab from dungeons and caves, into silk with a loom. A workbench enables you to turn silk and wood into a bed. Now, you can place this down to create a new spawn point - even deep underground.

Get a grappling hook - To make your own kill a skeleton to get a hook and craft the chain from three iron blocks.
Find chests - Chests in dungeons contain rare items, like the magic mirror and the breathing reed. Once you've emptied a chest, use a hammer to dislodge the chest and put it in your pocket. You now have a free chest for one of your homes.

Build a chest - this is important because  You lose half the cash in your pockets when you die so keep money locked away!

Build armour - but only after making tools. Armour requires lots  of iron so spend it on swords and pickaxes before personal protection.

Get sand - and turn it into glass to make bottles. These can be used to store various potions.

How to get across gaps - If you come across an incredibly canyons,mountains and such like you can use excess dirt blocks to make bridges and platforms.

Kickstart "The Dash" Smart Headphones

Kickstarter, that modern day Library of Alexandra, hive of buzzing talent and creativity is sure delivering lately. We're very thrilled to see the Final Fantasy spin off just reach its goals in the dying hours and so our trending eyes have turned to the next exciting thing: Smart Headphones.

With the epigram Smart being the trending phase of the last few years we're surprised that it hasn't been attached more willy nilly to headphones. The Dash look very sexy with scifi blue rim lights and the feature set looks even sexier,and the community thinks so too with the smart headphones smashing through their goal in a handful of days.
As for The Dash feature se,obviously expect a de rigeur wireless capability (Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX), touch controls ,on board memory, smartphone connectivity,and the body tracking faculties that make these smart headphones desirable:training feedback,oxygen saturation sensors,ambient sound occlusion-or inclusion if you wish and full app support. Arriving in store hopefully this year if  we can find these excellent headphones we hope to give them and the accompanying app a full spin,maybe we'll even be cool and try out the review underwater to test their waterproof abilities!

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Integrating Mobile Tablets:The Future of Gaming

When one tries to debate what the future of gaming will be like, it is often a discussion that can last a lifetime. With the rapid increase of technology, who knows what the next massive invention will bring to the world of gaming. I, for one, can’t wait for the virtual reality technology to be perfected, just imagine the infinite possibilities that will bring about. But keeping it a little more current, let’s turn our attention to the ever-popular mobile devices, in particular, mobile tablets. Currently when one thinks of computer gaming and mobile gaming, we view it as two different things, although, the border between the two platforms are starting to fade away. How exciting!

Mobile devices have for some time now already been used in order to take pc gaming on the move. Take a look at Blizzard Entertainment’s fantastic World of Warcraft Armoury application. This application allows one to stay forever connected, even when one dares to back away from their computer. With this app you are able to view your characters in their entirety and chat to fellow guild members. With the constant access to the Auction House, you no longer have to gamble with your gold, like on some  sites, the best deals are yours for the taking. Although apps like this have faced us in the rightdirection, they still do not have any real-time influence on the game itself.
This is where we are introduced to the next generation of gaming that perfectly integrates mobile technology with gaming, where decisions made by the tablet users have an immediate effect on the world, and influence the gameplay. Few games have these features already, but a large number of games that are set to be released this year have announced the massive roles tablet users will be playing. Battlefield 4’s new take on the Commander Mode gives us a delectable taste of what future gaming will look like. The Commander, with a large array of assets in their arsenal, has a unique bird’s eye view of the entire battlefield, playing an important role in edging their team to victory.
Ubisoft is jumping on this technology in full force with tablet gameplay being announced for two of this year’s biggest games, The Division and Watch Dogs. In The Division, players take control of a remote drone, allowing them to view the battlefield from above. With the easy to manage 3D engine, they can then spot enemies and supply allies with a number of buffs. Not all has been revealed in connection with tablet-play for Watch Dogs, although you will definitely gain access to a map with detailed information for just about every building of Chicago.
By Jason Swindon

Monday 10 February 2014

WatchBot Home Security

Apps and the Internet are a great equalizer when it comes to putting high tech-and often very valuable-resources into the hands of just about everyone. Luckily we live in a secure area, if we didn't the WatchBot camera network that we're reviewing would be more than handy it would be simply indispensable.

Possibly the easiest home security camera to set up?
We've had the WatchBot for a little over two weeks now and have put it through its testing paces to see what it is capable of. Plug and Play is the first word that springs to mind with set up taking no more than five minutes from unboxing to downloading the app, to seeing its view into our home. That five minutes would also have been greatly reduced if we'd read the instructions(a one sided minimal text intro card covers the basics of setting up) properly in the first place and hadn't inputted the wrong password!
WatchBot App on Android
App supported Home Security
Why we're reviewing the WatchBot in the first place is not just because of our love of tech and gadgets but also the fact that you, our readers, are primarily here to read about apps. Like any modern product of any credence WatchBot is supported by both IOS and Android apps. We've had a little difficulty trying to find the IOS app, but haven't really made a concerted effort as it quite happily speeds along on the supported Android app, which we use to access the app away from the home network(more about that later.) The app is very comprehensive allowing access to a host of features that the camera hardware is capable of. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but some of the features that we've found quite useful:
Remote viewing of your camera's coverage.
Two way audio communication
Taking of still pictures
360 degree remote panning of the camera
Access to all the cameras on your network(you're able to link up a lot more WatchBots into a comprehensive home or business network that covers all areas of interest and vulnerable areas).
Ways to access WatchBot
Aside from the accompanying apps the WatchBot is also supported by a PC/Mac program that also allows access to all of these features. Whilst I'm only reviewing this home security solution from the comfort of a private home the connectivity options should look really favourable for small business solutions. The remote viewing capability that we previously referenced is a fantastic feature. In our trial we were able to access the camera from any remote location view the app and password. Put this and a few companion WatchBots in a large warehouse for example and easy network access makes any distance needed to be traversed by a security guard immaterial. However as we are looking at a product with a sub two hundred pound pricing it's an easy recommendation for business owners with low budgets who can easily , for example, access their store or other business after hours. IR Capability makes WatchBot an even more versatile app supported home camera and functionality in low/no light conditions is just fantastic.

Issues encountered 
To have a balanced review it's of course necessary to mention any negative points about the product. Realistically though these points that are mentioned are nitpicking over an excellent product that more than justifies its price. Problems with set up have already been mentioned, but a little fault finding soon showed the flaw was ours with a wrong inputting of the code. 
The IOS app still remains elusive(although it must be pointed out that our satisfaction with the Android app hasn't made finding the app necessary), the initial link from the instructions didn't work and the link from WatchBots website accessed an app without the same functionality of the Android WatchBot app. Admittedly we haven't looked very far but it's a pity that we could instantly access the Android App via QR.
IR/Daycam confusion:we've only seen this issue once and it hasn't really affected the functionality of the device. The camera is placed beneath the television in the living room and whilst watching with the lights off the TV glare would sometimes cause some confusion between camera modes.
(Yesterday while remote viewing the house we wanted to check up on the new babysitter with the children and we couldn't access the camera. This caused some consternation and a little loss of faith in the remote camera. The issue was soon rectified when we returned home and found that a Spiderman outfit and been accidentally placed on the camera! My distress at not been able to access the camera really shows how important this little bit of home safety is becoming.)

Saturday 8 February 2014

How to download Minecraft Xbox User Maps

As expected Minecraft is creating quite a stir on Xboxrjust like its native version. While fully playable Minecraft on Xbox is still a slightly older version and the console itself also brings some limitations. One big limitation is the lack of ability to download other users excellent creations and go  on Adventures. Well guess what there's a way around that:
Downloading other users maps for Minecraft on Xbox 360

  1. Find a downloadable map off . Multiple sources can be found on the net
  2. Download a program called Horizon or Modio. 
  3. Start up Xbox Console go to (System Settings > Storage > HardDrive > Profile's > Your Profile > Move > Your USB 2.0 Device
  4. Open Horizon or Modio, Find your saved map that you downloaded and drag it onto horizon or modio and a window will pop up with all the profile's on the USB 2.0 device an you want to choose whatever profile is yours and then the screen will disappear wait a second and you should see a window pop up and say *MAPS NAME* has successfully been transferred to *USB 2.0 Device's name*
  5. Unplug USB 2.0 Device and return to the Xbox after you plug the device back in then go to (System Settings > Storage > *USB 2.0 Devices name* > Profile's > Your Profile > Move > *Your HDD Name*
  6. While you are still in system settings go to > Storage > *USB 2.0 Devices name* > Games and Apps > Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) > *MAPS NAME* > Move > *Xbox HDD name*
  7. Go back to Minecrat (Xbox 360 Edition) > Play Game > *Your HDD name* > *YOUR MAPS NAME*

Wednesday 5 February 2014

How to beat Flappy Bird

How do you Beat Flappy Bird?
Are you wondering what you actually need to do to win at Flappy Bird or how to get the highest score ever in this hard as nails flapathon? We proudly present our
Guide to how to get a Flappy Bird High Score

1.Use the large screen of a tablet(the bigger the better)

Better situational awareness without your thumb in the way is step one to beating this game.

2. How to flap that bird!

Quick taps rather than slow ones are the key to get you into the high score zone, it's all about rhythm !

3.How many times should I tap to clear the pipes?

After a lot of research and sore thumbs we found that the ideal way of tapping would be to tap once to twice clear a pipe.

4.Don't forget your timing 

Tapping too soon will cause Flappy Bird to just barely,but fatally, hit a pipes edge. Make sure your taps give you enough space to clear a pipe completely.

5. Well lit rooms and plenty of breaks!

Now that you're firmly in the zone you want to be at your best. This is twitch gaming to the extreme so even an eye link can cause a high score loss. If you have to blink do it between pipes! Playing in a well lit room and having breaks keeps eye strain and the dreaded blink to a minimum.

6.Be viciously competitive!

You're never going to be a winner unless you have something to compete against. Look for friends Flappy Birds high scores and try to beat them.No matter the cost!

The official list of ways to die in Flappy Bird!

And wondering what is the highest score in Flappy Bird?

The highest realistic score(ie. not clever photo shopping) is ...305

Saturday 1 February 2014

Offline Voice Recognition without data

Intel is aiming for big things in the voice recognition market that could not only make Siri and the like redundant but really make Google rethink their Glass product. We'd particularly like to see how music recognition apps and the like adopt this new technology. Intels Jarvis headset's voice recognition claims to be very special. That's because of its offline support. Unlike many wearables, Jarvis can process complex voice requests without talking to a server. Combine this with something like a cool floyd rose pro   and you can clearly see how not just voice assistance but even mobile music making could be in a totally different league. Jarvis will help when there's no internet access, and will leads to faster, more natural interaction than rival apps. Intel hopes to licence it's voice recognition technology to phone manufacturers, so your handset may be the only smart device you need. 

Will Tales of Phantasia come to the UK App Store?

Tales of Phantasia,  Namco Bandai's original game for their Tales role-playing game series, is available for free on iOS devices., but only in the States. New Zealand might not see Tales due to regional restrictions, ones we hope don't stop Tales of Phantasia coming to the Uk App Store.

The granddaddy RPG was released in 1995 for Super Famicomand even then regional differences caused some to be behind the times as an official English launch on Game Boy Advance came a full 11 years later in 2006. It has also seen Japan-only releases on Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation Portable platforms.

Although the iOS version is free, it is supported by in-app purchases (IAPs), and early reviews both on the iTunes Store and from critics have questioned their implementation, suggesting that the difficulty has been increased to encourage spending. Some Polish has been injected into this modern day remake with the mobile version including voice overs, achievements, leaderboards, and improved animations.

PBX Services using your Smartphone

If your hosted PBX service can't handle the latest technology, then your virtual office capabilities are going to be severely curtailed.
With BYOD the norm and everyone toting a smartphone a Private Branch Exchange must have the capacity to integrate smart phones. Numerous problems arise because of this which we'll cover below.
Standard PBX/Smartphone integration issues


Call forwarding services that are often found together that are routinely used by PBX services. The Find Me service lets you receive calls no matter where you are. Follow Me enables you to be reached at any of a group of phone numbers.

VoiceMail to Email

Without a dedicated business voicemail suite for your smartphone most UI's are at the very least cumbersome and slow. A definite issue if you often have many to wade through. A WAV player app download makes this service accessible to most smartphones.

VoIP Apps

A bewildering amount of choices comes about for VOIP integration. There are countless apps out there for Android, iPhones, and  Blackberries.
Free and premium VOIP apps are available including Skype, Bria, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Hangouts.
Depending on the individual app, you can have access to conference calls, video chat, call redirection, file transfer, and PC to phone/phone to PC. Most of these apps are designed to run cross-platform.

A company branded Smartphone 

Before getting started, it’s important to figure out which smart phones your company is using. Many companies are device-agnostic. But if one option is one the cards then consider that if your company chooses one smart phone device (like in the old Blackberry business days) many problems are averted. When choosing the best OS to go with your PBX service look for  the apps and OS that work best across multiple platforms and run with it. Bria is a name seeing some kudos at the moment for an app that works well with both Android and iPhones.

The pitfalls of selling top end musical instruments on Ebay

eBay despite being the foremost and easiest marketplace for reselling is to be approached with some caution, particularly if selling a premium product with particular details such as a musical instrument. 
Take this case study for example:
A buyer further sends CASH to pay for the instrument. The instrument is boxed up and posted to an international destinationGreat Britain. Now problems can start to arise such as Different people having different opinions on what terms mean, and even more so when buyer and seller are on opposite sides of the world. In this case the buyer claimed fraud because the instrument in his opinion was in worse cosmetic condition than he had expected. Even though photographs showed the besmirchment he stated that repair costs would be far in excess of those quoted. The transaction didn't contravene any rules but reputations were harmed when bad feedback was left. A better option would be having sold his  used alto sax at wwbw. A more musical friendly way of doing business. Whichever market place you choose these are some of the considerations that should be taken into account.
  • Don't be shy with taking photos especially close up, of the entire instrument. Both sides should be represented.
  • If something does not work, be brutally honest and go into detail, even mundane factors as being out of tune: be honest about it.
  • Consider not accepting bids from buyers outside of your own country. Aside from the issues associated with currency exchange, you will also have to fill out export papers and possibly pay fees if the instrument gets returned to you.
  • Consider accepting escrow. 

Wikipedia adds voices for posterity project

Virtually everyone in the UK and debatedly a select few worldwide, know what Stephen Fry's iunique voice sounds like voice, but what about celebrities and others who we well know now but will in time be forgotten?  Wikipedia has recorded Stephen's voice for future generations and tagged  it to his bio page. Other icons will soon hopefully follow: "what (those folks) sound like and how they pronounce their names." Is Wiki's contribution to us remembering what the famous sound like. Only a few have jumped on the bandwagon so far :including US astronaut Charlie Duke and British peer Baron Knight of Weymouth). It's promised that soon "500 to 1,000" celebrity clips thanks to the BBC will be added. BBC hopes to gain by using the Wikipedia archive to power a real-time, open-source voice-recognition app and bolster their own voice collection. At least future generations won't be left wondering if today's celebrities sound like broken sax mouthpieces or have the voices of angels.