Saturday 31 December 2011

Leap : Insane iPhone Challenges for All. Coming soon.

Army Rations :Are you up for the biscuit brown Challenge?
Gametrender has a lot of friends in the military and of course soldiers are always up for a challenge. That's why the upcoming LEAP app is going to be huge. Because social challenges are not just for soldiers, they're for students (Yes, American Pie with your scenes of Beer Chugging contests, that's your legacy to the world). Challenges are for Golf Buddies (Hole in One? Yeah prove it with a photo), they're for the old (Your Granny won a Marathon!Show me the proof), they're for the young (eaten five bags of skittles in a minute, don't believe ya!).

Granny Won a Marathon? Oh Yeah?
Well you get the idea: people thrive on challenging and being challenged. That's why the connected world needs a social challenge app like Leap. This App for challenging friends is coming soon on iPod and later Android and we're very excited about it. It got us to thinking about some of the crazy challenges that we've heard our Army buddies do. Of course I can't share them all with you (sorry Osama, would have liked to mention that particular challenge, but Barrack said No!) So I'll just give you a taste, no pun intended. The Squaddie (Brit. Slang for soldier if you didn't know) challenges normally always involve large amounts of alcohol and sometimes grievous bodily harm, but many of the challenges seem to involve food for some reason. Hence the Picture of 'Biscuits Brown' up top-the legendary British Soldier ration biscuit, unpalatable to man or beast, think compressed sawdust with a hint of cardboard and you get the idea. Here's your first challenge then: The quickest I've seen a pack of five biscuit browns eaten is 1 minute forty seconds, the rules are that they are to be consumed by themselves , no sauce and certainly no water. Up for that challenge: Then prove it with a pic and submit to Leap otherwise it don't count.
Now what the upcoming beat your friends app , initially on iPhone and later in the year Android, has got going for it is a really dedicated and charismatic design team who are all up for some crazy challenges. Have a look at the Leap Blog to find what these guys have been up to in the name of research and inspiration.
Paleolithic Diet Challenge App
Paleo Challenges: Well the legendary Caveman Diet is not just to make Neanderthal Paleo Athletes out of all of us, it's also a way to lose weight , get healthy and more importantly something you can challenge your friends to see through to the end, LEAP PALEO CHALLENGE : Thirty Days of Caveman Dieting, a leaner figure and App Bragging Rights?
What about the Hipster Hunt Challenge or the Breakfast Champion?
Well what about any challenge, crazy, normal , quirky, creative, mundane or downright insane that you can think of? Make your own challenges and challenge your friends via your iPhone, on Facebook and Twitter or choose a Challenge from the Leap Community and now you can prove it, or at least you can when this awesome Challenge App, Leap , vaults onto iPhone and iPod early 2012, makes a huge storm; creates enemies; friends and then fingers crossed generates the same storm on Android later in the year.

Until then track the progress of Leap on Twitter
and follow Leap on Facebook.
Now I'm off to down a pint of Milk followed by 100 Star Jumps. Can you? PROVE IT WITH A PIC

New Leap Challenge: I've a feeling we'll
be dreading those words when the app
is unleashed!
Fancy The CaveMan Menu (Paleo Diet to its friends)? This diet book comes recommended:

Compared to Moto-Sike-O ,Car Games on iPad can take a Back Seat!

You never know with iPad Car games what you're going to get it's a constant lottery whether you'll have the next Need For Speed or a videogame equivalent of a child's tricycle. But thanks to our friends at Spinisland we're bringing you news of not a car game , 'cos lets face it there's few unexploited thrills left in that game genre, but of a full throttle no holds barred Bike Racing game for iPad and iPhone, coming soon:
There's no motorcycle helmets needed here and no bearded old Hells-Angels lounging around in bars who want to let it snow as an excuse not to get on their two-wheeled monsters,because they're too scared too actually do some real racing . No!
What Spinisland promise is superb 3D motorcycle graphics, frantic gameplay as slow moving cars and off -road cacti and rocks and more all blur past as you wheelie up to 180 MPH on your bike.
Slick Bike controls promised
What's more is that it is promised that Moto-Sike-O will have slick controls just like a real bike, control your bike's speed by tilting up and down on the iPhone and dodge the cars by tilting left and right.
Join the race next week when this fast paced and psycho bike game is released on to iTunes, get hyped up in the meantime and become a fan of the app on Facebook

Moto-Sike-O coming soon
Realistic 3D graphics that will look even better when you connect your iPad to an HDtv. Oh and did we mention the challenge gets harder the better you are thanks to some cutting edge iOS Ai.
Be very excited for some 2012 Bike Racing Craziness!

Don't forget to check out our Water Wars article also by the legends that are Spinisland.

Friday 30 December 2011

iPad Battleships :WaterWars

It's good to be at the cusp of a New Year, when the traditional boardgames like Battleship can be brought out for family gatherings and we can look forward to the future while playing with our Christmas Toys, especially our iPads if you're lucky to have received one this Christmas. Here's something else to look forward to then:
Water Wars for iPad


We're very excited about this iPad combat game that will play like a real time version of Battleships. Single Player and Multi Player are all promised with Helicopter; Speedboats; BattleShips and Fighter Jets dominating the iPad screen as you and an opponent or the AI go against one other to become the dominant force on screen 

Graphics at this stage are looking very suitable for this type of tablet combat game. With the islands on all the levels looking particularly lush and vibrant. Gameplay wise expect frantic finger swiping to eliminate your opponent  and also make sure to play strategically using the landscape to your advantage to avoid the numerous obstacles abounding.

Check out the Youtube video for this iPad combat game and be very ,very excited. WaterWars is coming soon and if the initial excitement is anything to go by should be very good indeed. 2012 Gaming is looking even sweeter.

Many Thanks to Developer Spinisland for getting us all excited about their new app game.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Where's My Water? Disney Physics Puzzle with Alligators!

Europe: Epicentre of the Renaissance and birthplace to many Empires, and it's still a fount of burgeoning newness and creativity , with some of the craziest and quirkiest Android Apps still emerging from the birthplace of the Western World.
Swampy: African Creation Myths Meet Disney!
AndroidGAming Nl-Thanks for the Tip Off!
And none more crazy than the Dutch! Bringing one of Disney's best apps yet to our attention our consummate thanks go out to AndroidGaming NL .Thanks to these crazy Dutch Guys (so it's not just Football and Dykes the Dutch are known for!) we've sourced one of the most awesomely named Apps we've seen this year: Where's My Water? don't know what it is about the name but it just super appeals bringing to mind African Creationist tales and a cool sense of fun. And to add a big videogame developer name into the mix it's also from DISNEY.
Alligator in my Toilet! Is that you Swampy?
Brilliant Physics based fun with the cutely animated and designed Alligator: Swampy. All this guy wants to do is take a bath, isn't that the goal of all Alligators?But unlike your ordinary toilet flushed sewer dwelling Alligator, poor Swampy is foiled at every turn by algae, traps and more. That's why it's up to you to help out this poor creature with your gaming skills and puzzle solving ability. The Physics and cute style of this app is phenomenal , which is why it's the Christmas number one app in over 30 countries!
Free App Levels filled with traps and pitfalls.
And best of all you can now try Where's my Water Free- the free app features ten levels that will unlock each day until December 30th. Beat all ten game levels and get 5 free game levels from the full version on 1 January 2012.
Thanks Disney for a super Physics app puzzler with an Awesome Alligator that's brought us loads of fun.
Where's My Water is available for Android and Iphone.
This Alligator is no Urban Legend he's for real!

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Beautiful iPad educational Tale : Sarah Little Fairy

Educational Story Apps from Sanoen

Stories have always been used to teach our children morals and values, now with the advent of technology like the iPad these stories can be brought together with technology to make entertaining learning through apps even more worthwhile for our kids.

Of course it still takes a master story teller to reach into our hearts and inspire us . SANOEN is one of these crafters of stories. With their series about 'Sarah the Little Fairy' they have managed to write a story app for iPad that is both beautiful and meaningful.
In the first of what will hopefully be many interactive kids stories for iPad , Sarah teaches, through a wonderfully woven tale, all about Alzheimers.
Pitched at 5 to 9 year old children the stories of Sarah the Little Fairy and her magic doll, Mina, will enthrall and beguile your child while teaching about lifes adult mysteries. Such as Alzheimers and economic crisis.

Sarah little Fairy and Grandma not only enchants with it's delightful story but the iPad brings the tale to life with numerous interactive elements, including the ability to make your child a star of the story. The soundtrack and effects are unique and particularly fitting and the whole educational aspect of the app is rounded off with games and questions.
This wonderful  and educational app is written in  Catalan,English,Spanish,French and German and highly recommended. Download it from iTunes and help your children to learn about the world and be marvellously entertained at the same time.
Sarah the Little Fairy

Sunday 25 December 2011


To all our readers: Merry Christmas , if you've wanted a new phone I hope you've got it. If an iPad or an Android Tablet has been on your wish list I hope you've been naughty and not nice this year and are reading this site on your new tablet or Smartphone right now.
If you've wanted a game or app for a while I hope that someone has indulged you or you've indulged yourself and gone out and bought it. The Android Market and iTunes has been filled with bargains this Christmas season, and if yoo haven't yet, than treat yourselves and buy that special app or game for Christmas.
If you're one of the many Android and iPhone developers that we've worked with this year I hope that your apps are selling up a storm this year and that Gametrender has helped you to market your apps to the world.
If you're a passing stranger who's just happened to wander across this app site then welcome.
But mostly to one, to all , to everyone :
Have a Merry Android and iPhone Christmas!

Friday 23 December 2011

TWEENS HD -Frantic iOS Speed Puzzle Piggy Fun

Crazy Fast Pig Action with Tweens!

Get ready for TWEENS. If the pigs in that well known game about birds with attitude were as fast and furious then they would never have had their particular porcine problems. On an iPad or iPhone or even an iPod Touch near you , just listen out for the grunting , squealing farmyard sounds and follow them down to get stuck into a crazily addictive app.

We recommend having about 5 Red Bulls and a couple of Monster Energy Drinks chased down by a couple of coffees as you get into the spirit of pig matching on iOS.

Gameplay is simple as players just have to get the happy porkers together, by drawing paths between them. Later levels aren't as pig -friendly though with rocks, dogs and more stopping your pigs hooking up. What's just so crazy about this frantic touch based gameplay is the sheer speed at which you match the pigs, with the frantic soundtrack the equivalent of Old MacDonald's if it had taken a course of Thrash Metal/Jive Funk and then pumped the BPM up to 180 playing crazily in the background you've just gotta go with your rush and match those PIGS! Rocket Pigs flash across the screen as you connect distant piggy relatives, bomb them pigs away with Porker Bombs and take the gaming to the next level with multiple bonuses. 
So frantic is TWEENS gameplay that I had gameplay advice from the developer to use two fingers to speed up my mad piggy matching.

75 Levels and SuperCute Pig Graphics await, frantically bash through whichever version you buy ,Gametrender recommends the iPad version for the sheer pleasure of playing on a large screen, and be rewarded with Endless Mode for Infinite Pig Action. Come down from your adrenalin rush and play the game in slowtime with the music swapped to ambient to enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature. Because you'll have certainly deserved your break after all this frantic fun!

Download TWEENS from iTunes Today

Thursday 22 December 2011

Christmas App Updates for DJ Pauly D on iPhone

One of the best things about iPhone apps is the swift ability to launch updates. Thus while the rest of the videgame industry struggles to get out an update in a matter of months app games can reach all the Christmas deadlines that they need in a couple of hours.
We covered DJ Pauly D Beat That Boardwalk a few weeks ago and we are ecstatic to present the Christmas update for this app.
App Christmas Update
It's all about the Christmas app fun as you spread the love and collect presents and Candy Canes. Hurry though as this festive update is only available until 31 December.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Scribble Press :New Kids Story Creation App for iPad

ScribblePress for iPad , makes Kids creating easy!

When I was a boy the iPad of course was not even imagined, so one of my favourite creative activities was making comics. I was a great fan of British Comics such as Beano,the Eagle Comic and Buster.
As any creative child would I spent hours redrawing the comic strips and adding my own storylines. Later this love of literature led to me becoming a prolific reader, then a teacher and finally an App journalist. Which brings me to the wonderful iPad story creation app for kids: Scribble Press

Kids have always loved to create and with this wonderful story creation app for iPad they have all the tools they could possible need.
  • 50 Unique Story Templates
  • More than 500 easy to use multi-coloured drawing tools
  • Stickers
  • Personalised Photo Library
  • And tools to share your unique creations

Kids can let their imagination run wild on iPad and create any ebook they want. They can also share those stories around the world by uploading to the ScribblePress Server and sharing via Twitter,email and more.

Let your childs creativity go wild with this eBook creation  app which can be downloaded from iTunes.

Gametrender would love to feature your childs iPad creations so if you love the stories they create with ScribblePress please tell us about them in our comments section and we'll feature them in a follow up article. 

Boy Loves Girl : iPhone Platform Game Love

Boy loves Girl iPhone App

This time of year is all about love and that's what Boy Loves Girl brings us: A whole lotta love. Just released on the iPhone Boy Loves Girl is released by the mad-cap Grubby Hands Studio  responsible for the hit David Haye's Knockout.

This beautiful family platform game of love and collecting cute animals and dashing and jumping and following the girl of your dreams. All in the Name of Love. Is sure to make Christmas even more peachy.

It's rather special and really gives a warm fuzzy feeling, as what could be more rewarding then fighting off the elements over fifty levels whilst catching the elusive stars in the sky, just barely getting your breath back as you're whisked from savannah to desert and other exotic places. All in the name of Love.
A kiss has never been as fun to catch nor an App so charming!
Love all year round, not just for Christmas , by downloading 
Boy Loves Girl for iPhone and iPad
Chase cute animals in BOY LOVES GIRL

Save the Stars Too! What would you do for Love?BOY LOVES GIRL
100 Challenges and many LOVE Bonuses

Monday 19 December 2011

Google Fail: Account Suspended

Google Account Suspension

Earlier today the Asteroids fell from the sky, the seas boiled  and volcanoes in the thousands erupted as the World ended. Or so it felt when all my Google accounts were suspended!
Was there any hope of my blog being restored?
Slapped with fish. This is how account suspension feels.
My first instincts were that it was a Google account login problem. So I went to my email to find a solution. Gmail wouldn't log me in ! A connection problem then? Computer turned off , then on and back on the internet. 'Your account has been suspended for possible violations of terms of service'. At this stage Google had me very , very worried. Gametrender had been lovingly nurtured for over six months, numerous games contacts had been made and this of all days was a very special day as we'd just hit our highest amount of game hungry readers and it was only mid-day! 
Miyamoto Gagged : Google Freedom of speech!
Trying to calm myself down I searched for my game site on the net, all the results came up as per normal, which eased my worry a little but when I went to access my blog a message came up saying that no such site existed! Google had wiped me out, erased me from the internet, I was gagged and voiceless-this is what it was like to live in  a tyranny where freedom of speech didn't exist. The Middle East has risen this year through the power of Twitter and the internet and many been slapped straight down. Google was like these tyrannical governments , my account was gone like it never existed. Google analytics : Not there. Ad-Sense earnings: Wiped. Blog Followers: Gone and bewildered as to where Gametrender, their portal to gaming goodness, had disappeared to. All my devs, friends, contacts and sites that I spoke to through Gmail:Erased!
6 Days before Christmas, Google had destroyed all my work
Christmas Ruined!
I emailed Google support and there was no answer. To complicate matters further I was abroad with no access to telephones so couldn't even find nor phone a Google helpline (I don't think there are any). So outraged and full of the creative fire normally poured into my blog I wasn't prepared to sit and wait and wait and hope that the Google Admin would eventually sort the problem I had to take action. I finally understood the biblical phrase of being cast into the darkness with wailing and gnashing of teeth, with all my accounts suspended that's just what I felt like.
Furious at account suspension

So I began a four hour campaign of pulling Google down and enlisting the world to join with my voice and roar like lions until my account was restored! For an hour I poured my blogless venom into twitter directing post after post at Google (@Gametrender -look up today's postings they're kind of crazy!)
I emailed them repeatedly and turned to my Worpress Gaming Blog to spread my fury! I found everything I could on the net about Google policy and account suspension and must have left about 20 crazy comments on different sites that covered Google Account banning.
And finally I was able to get through to a webpage that gave me access to a code that would reinstate my account, so turning fury to cunning I had them text the code to a friend in the UK who relayed the code back to me via Facebook. I put the code in almost weeping and shaking with nervousness, and my Google Account was restored like nothing had ever happened!
Lessons to be learned: The suspension never even came with a warning or even a follow up email to explain what had happened, my blog truly did disappear off of the internet with links to it redirecting to nothingness(that's over 300 gaming posts gone!), YOU SHOULD BACK UP YOUR BLOGGER BLOG!, Gmail and Google+ have still not got back to me via my second recovery email(crucial), without a contact with a phone I'd now be still locked out the site, I did source this site though which claims to be able to access text messages for phones on the internet , never did try them so can't vouch for them. 
But now blog restored, GAMETRENDER is back . Have a Merry Android and iPhone Christmas

Fun toy cars app for iPad : Kids Construction Yard wonderland!

iPad kids construction yard
(App has been updated with new slicker graphics for the Ipad Retina Display)One of the best things about being a man with a son is I get to play with all the toys of my childhood again! And construction toys are always going to be popular, I was a boy some thirty or so years ago and now with my young son I'm revisiting all my past fun with cars and trucks and both him and me are having a great time.
But what a mess! And try as much as you want it's always going to be impossible to stop the cars going missing.

Realistic toy cars on iPad
But my son is lucky enough to be growing up in 2011 and has access to a toy that I would have given anything for in my youth, had it existed then, the iPad. Possibly the greatest innovation ever for kids play and education.

I would have to be pretty wealthy to be able to own all the toy cars and construction vehicles that a new app I came across : Cars in Sandbox allows you to play with. And I'm sure if me and the boy had all these cool construction vehicles to play with they'd soon all be lost.
Cars in Sandbox: Awesome Construction Vehicles

Tractors ; cranes; dumpers  they're all there. 8 Construction vehicles in total. And all with moving parts and proper construction yard sounds. The dump truck dumps, the crane hoists ... You get the idea. And such a simple interface allows you to , for example, move the crane up , deploy the supporting legs and then pick up balls , marbles ,teddys etc. with the claw. All with finger swipes and accompanied by realistic engine sounds. Superb! A brilliant app for playing with you child, teaching them the mechanics of vehicles and without the hassle of tidying up afterwards or toy cars disappearing under the sofa.
Download Cars in Sandbox from iTunes

This kids construction app is now even more fun and good to look at with the graphics on the new Ipad really bringing the kids app to life.

Sunday 18 December 2011

Android Shopping made easy : Your Coupon App

Save Money and have a better Christmas with Androids Your Coupon App
No matter how well we plan for Christmas the cost, especially in these cash strapped times often catches us out.
But now thanks to our Android Phones we have more ways than ever to save money, find bargains and access the best deals on the net. 

Great deals straight to Android
This is one of the best ways that we've found of not only easing the burden of finding affordable Christmas presents, but also of taking advantage of the many pre and post Christmas sales , and of course whichever other sales , bargains and deals can be found both in the shops and online all year round.

Many bargain categories on Android
Your Coupon App for Android is a free app that makes the most of your Smartphone to find the best and latest deals and offers. It's real time updates are fantastic and will literally keep you glued to your phone waiting for the next great money saving deal to come through.

IPhone App to find best Car Price: Check Car Value

What's your car worth?

I bought a car last year, under duress I must admit from the wife. I'm not going to name the type of car so as not to embarrass the French Vehicle manufacturer that starts with a C and ends in N. But that particular second-hand car lasted two weeks, having one oil leak , noticed within an hour of driving it away. Was returned after the leak was fixed to fit a new CD Player as the old one no longer worked. Failed to start on day 4. Leaked from the driver's side window which was noticed on day 6. And then when it failed to start on the morning of day 8 it was the final straw! To add insult to injury the Auto dealer proved to be dodgy and we couldn't get our money back and ended up reselling to another dealer losing a thousand pounds on what we paid.
Which brings me to
Check Car Value for iPhone.

If I'd known about this car valuation app before I'd have spent some pocket change which would have saved me a huge amount of hassle and quite a lot of money. When my particularly sly car salesman got out his little valuation book and started to pull the wool over my eyes I could simply have deployed this app. Searched by the cars numberplate , or make and model and come up with the right price for its particular year of manufacture ; mileage and condition.

Superb! And why should you get this when you can search on the internet. Well for one thing 69 pence could save you a lot of money and the fact that the app is on your phone ready to search a definitive list of over 200 thousand cars and their particular resale values in a constantly updated database of car prices , is a handy and prudent app to have whether you're selling or buying a car.
Thinking a bit further back, was I also ripped off once before when my 'T Reg' Ford Escort in poor condition was sold for two hundred pounds? This app could have told me! 

So that's probably in total, just off the top of my head about 1500 pound of poor decisions on my part that could have been averted with Check Car Value.
I know what I'm spending my next 69 pence on! Car dealers watch out! This app finally gives us the info we need to really know what we should be paying for a car.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Android Smartphone Thesis

Technology and education often go hand in hand, thus with Android Smartphones becoming not just a gadget to use but also a social interface and crucial communication and research device for millions, it is no surprise that academics are studying Android and its associated traits.

It gives Gametrender immense pleasure to present a link to Jeroen Veldmeijer's Android Smartphone Thesis . For his Master Thesis at the University of Groningen this masters student is conducting an Android Questionnaire and as a strong supporter of Android research, education and Android users we are happy to provide a link to this Android Survey.
It will only take 15 minutes of your time and you will be helping a fellow Android user. It is research like this that will bring us better, smoother and more enjoyable Smartphones in future.

Aydox : iPad Maths games become cool and competitive

Aydox : iPad Maths Game

Some things just work. A maths game by itself , perhaps not the most exciting thing in the world. A maths game in which you ferociously compete against an opponent , a lot more exciting. An iPad maths game in which a perfect interface is paired with ferocious and heated matches against Human or A.I opponents? AWESOME.
Sum up that previous sentence in one word:

iPad app with slick user interface
Like Chess this app will stimulate you with some old-time brain training and grip you with its enthralling concept of battling with sums to get the lowest score. A true test of not only your maths skill, but also your ability to stay focused. As under the guise of a maths game Aydox throws strategy, lateral thinking, planning and the need for quick reactions at you. Gain your poise while competing against the iPad and then take your new found skill to the next level by thrashing your friends , family and others with your superior Mathematics ability.

This iPad maths game can be played at all levels. Even as a kids math game Aydox excells as younger players can still use their developing maths skills to play, either against the machine itself ( with a choice of three difficulty levels) or against opponents of their same level. Of course as an adult you'll appreciate the slick interface, beguiling music and edge of your seat tension even more, with a brilliant app that improves math learning and speed and as a clash of wills is a whole lot of fun too!

Aydox unique maths app available for iPad . See developers website for more details : Aydox Game
Brought to you by KoolFing