Sunday 31 July 2011

Onwards,upwards ,massive!

Welcome to all that have begun to the blog at Wordpress-you know who you are. The blog has migrated here as it's easier to implement adsense and money is what'll make us big! So where are we now: The provisional website increases in popularity and more importantly our links throughout the development world continue. Currently developers in Brazil; Finland and Russia are making use of our app translation fixes service-all as part of the marketing drive. If you're new to the blog you'll be lost as to what we actually do . Well in this case I'm going to make you work for your fun. Check out our older posts at wordpress and the website. If after all that you've got some interest in joining us in this exciting project then make that contact. Otherwise continue to enjoy our bleeding edge app based articles. If you're a developer looking for app translation fixes then please get hold of us. Otherwise enjoy the blog and a happy Sunday's gaming and developing to you!

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