Sunday 31 July 2011

Android Market Shortcomings

Despite being one of the cutting edge technology trends out there, there are some things about Android that are slow and leviathan to respond. One of those things very close to our heart is the Android market. It's not thankfully the final word on app downloads for Android phones, unlike some of it's rivals but it is arguably dated in it's approach, appearance and user interface. Far be it from me to cast blasphemy on the hallowed halls of the market but the Itunes is a much slicker and more satisfying experience. Of particular note is the way the top  Android apps are so slow to change. Whilst this is not endemic of the android market for a prolific gamer such as myself it is a sore sticking point finding the same apps week after week in the top slots. Surely there are new and exciting android apps coming out which should be up there.Does "Editors picks" and "Trending apps" allow enough exposure to the new kids on the block. Debate.

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