Tuesday 18 October 2011

Android Market Alternatives

There are lots of ways to get your app noticed and more importantly purchased. As the Android revolution continues the greatest strength also appears to be its greatest weakness. Whilst the Apple I Store is tightly regulated and controlled, Android gamers have a more open and free way to get their app gaming fix not just from the Android market. Because of this many industry players both small and large are rearing their heads and becoming involved. Of course the main access to apps is via the Android market. The next biggest player is Amazon who have a dedicated app, the Amazon App  store which unfortunately at the moment is USA only. Dig some more and one of the next names that come up is Getjar, famous for having many web exclusives such as Burn the Rope.Getjar now has a new type of Appstore called Getjar Gold, this appstore allows you to download quality pay for apps for free in because of linked up marketing deals. Any videogame industry needs their monoliths and EA games after making billions off of traditional games now also has a website to download Android games. Special mention also goes to Gameloft making substantial waves both on the market and their own website.Gameloft's app store can be accessed from the internet or from your device, the link from your phone is quite good as Gameloft's appstore will only display games optimised for your phone, indeed many of my best Xperia Play games have come from Gameloft. Dig deeper of course and many more app sources can be found. That is what makes Android gaming that little bit more difficult to access but also infinitely more rewarding.