Tuesday 18 October 2011

App Gaming the Future?

Recent comments by the SCEA president are quite thought provoking. In a speech app gaming was likened to home made camcorder created home movies and not seen as a real threat to blockbuster games of the moment. He goes on to say that smartphone gaming could even help the blockbusters by getting non gamers involved in games. While on one level I agree with him-in an ideal world if we were all single and loved in bachelor/bachelorette pads with massive screen hd tvs and trust funds to ensure us a life of leisure then possibly app gaming might be slightly less relevant. However, this is not the case, we live in the real world of families; mortgages and jobs. As the average age of gamers increases so do our responsibilities, and that is why the quick fix of app based gaming is slowly taking over from traditional gaming. Shared Tv -not a problem-I’ll play  games on my phone, late at night not wanting to disturb the rest of the house:on my phone, no time to set up Tv and console: play games on phone.Travelling the world on prolonged business trips: phone. As for the fact that smartphone apps aren’t  AAA titles nor blockbusters-that’s true-but for sheer volume there are going to be some mega successes -possibly pound for pound more than traditional gaming. So do you prefer gaming on your smartphone, are Xperia Play games better than consoles, is playing games on your IPhone more rewarding than traditional videogames?Is it the future? Debate.
Jack Tretton-Scea President shares unfounded Smartphone opinion.