Tuesday 18 October 2011

Android market facing competition?

One of the marvels of using an Android phone is its ability to be customized and used in anyway we see fit. What this means for a gamer is the ability to get games from virtually any source. As opposed to itunes being the only source for Iphone apps
There is access to multiple game sources for Android Phones and that is expanding all the time. The traditional route for getting apps is of course the Android market, another biggy is the Amazon apps store which is currently Usa only but supposedly the Amazon Appstore will be in Europe in the near future. The game developer “Gameloft” lets us download smartphone games straight from their store, “Getjar” is another source of apps and expect EA’s Origin to be a big alternate market for app downloads in the future too. With a little bit of know how though any apk file which is in the Android format can be installed on your phone. So lots of choice out there, remember Gametrender will help you with those difficult choices you just need to ask