Saturday 5 November 2011

Who is Gametrender?

Back to our original values in case you've forgotten, this is the reason that this blog actually exists and where we eventually want to get to. So if you're interested then please contact us.:
Gametrender is an exciting new concept created by myself. At this stage of development we are an increasingly popular website. In addition we have started a new marketing drive and are working to optimise app dialogue and descriptions for a handful of Android developers.

The eventual endstate we hope to get to is to become a popular donation and ad supported website with strong links to app publishers.

How we hope to get there is by Trending apps for consumers.

A trender will be any Android savvy individual with a strong interest in predominantly gaming apps. The Trender will provide a personalised service to customers by recommending apps based on a customers individual likes.

So: If you want to become a Trender or a reviewer for Gametrender OR are a developer looking to be trended then email me:

@gametrender :Twitter
Gametrender is on Facebook too!

Please follow and like us on all our sites including our blog!


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