Monday 1 August 2011

Xperiences with Gameloft customer support

Back in the day you’d go into a shop and physically choose your item. Hold it in your hand, weigh it consider the pros and cons and then buy it.The retail model applied to physical video games too and shops were if not happy about it, still obliged to accept your returns. Now that we’ve moved away from physically handling apps and games for our phones surely a more robust system should be in place for returns, especially if the games are defective. In subsequent posts we’ll look into the various methods currently employed, but this post will mainly concentrate on experiences with Gameloft customer services. Now regular readers will have noticed Gameloft coming up fairly frequently in posts. They do churn out a lot of entertaining games on a frequent basis. However it seems that sometimes quality control is lacking and buggy versions get released. Of particular note on my Xperia play is Modern Combat 2 , delving into the forums it appears that nobody can get the game to work on their Xperia Play! So despite having a version optimised for the so called premier gaming phone, it doesn’t even work. Of course from my tone you can tell that I was one of the ones caught out. Firstly it must be pointed our that I’ve discovered two ways to pay for their games. Paypal transactions, which I’ve used and phone billing, I personally prefer the Paypal transactions as they give you a receipt number as proof of purchases if something goes wrong. It seems that to seek help it’s necessary to email Gameloft who, eventually, get back to you with a solution Which invariably seems to be a link to an alternative game.Although I suppose a refund would have been forthcoming if I had asked. All in all the process is straightforward but I have to point out some caveats: firstly the average resolution time takes about a week.Also disappointingly their website doesn’t seem to keep track of purchases very well, with none of my numerous purchases showing up resulting in Gameloft having to track down the purchases. Also even though all problems have been eventually resolved I would prefer if the problems didn’t exist in the first place and bugs were eliminated in the first place.

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