Sunday 11 September 2011

App of the week: 'Stardust' -inspired by Nasa

If you're going to do something then do it well. Or in the case of Damian Gto's  " Stardust": Superbly!

Here's your checklist: Do you love games? Do you love games that challenge and yet relax you at the same time? Do you love brilliant graphics and great sound? and some optional checks: Do you like Mars? Does Space interest you? And what about the great work NASA does?

Well check one , more or all of the above and Stardust might just be on your game wish list. Inspired by NASA's Mar's exploration Stardust takes the simple premise of an image matching game and does it with such panache; style and love that the game shines out from its peers.

Does it actually have any peers? Well, yes if you're looking for a card matching game. A very resounding no if you're looking for a card matching game with great playability that uses actual images taken from Mars as its card set.

Space is out there-Stardust is a lot closer and just a download away on the Android Market.