Friday 16 September 2011

Nintendo versus Android

About five months ago I finally took the mobile phone contact plunge and took a phone on contract. It was not just any phone though, but the much applauded Xperia Play. The first official Playstation Phone has lived up to its hype, the exclusive, at least for a time, games have come thick and fast including Backstab and Minecraft  optimised for the Xperia Play. Developers have lived up to their promises with major players like Gameloft and EA sending quality titles the Xperia Play way.
The Play is also more importantly not just the first Official Playstation phone but also an Android phone so benefits from the fantastic customisable operating system and the superb Android market. That is why the Nintendo 3Ds that I bought just a week prior to the phone arriving has subsequently been sold. Good and unique as the 3DS is I just don't have time in my life for two gaming platforms and the Xperia Play with its Android market access and continuous presence in my pocket (it is a phone after all!) makes it a winner all round.

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