Friday, 28 October 2011

Apple app: Ghost Train

Who doesn't remember the Flight Control apps with equal amounts of fondness and wariness. Fondness naturally but wariness because of the sheer manic, time-sapping situations that you would find yourself in trying to land those planes.
What if, just if, somebody took that awesome frantic route and time management type app and made it land based instead. What if a developer was clever enough to use say.... TRAINS instead. Awesome. Everybody loves trains , everybody loves Flight Control. So here's an introuduction to a brilliant ipod/ipad app that is a combination of the two. Ghost-Train

You can imagine how this game would work really well , especially on the iPad.
I'll give you some of the developer's patter and then another screenshot and you'll easily be able to imagine how much fun this app would be.

Trains will move around the track, change the junctions on the track to alter each trains path, the aim is to stop the trains from crashing into each other, it’s annoyingly addictive....There are two game modes and three different types of trains-slow and steady to speed demon.

Looks fun doesn't it? And it's free with extra levels being available as in app purchases. So move over Flight Control because Ghost Train is gonna take over all your free time.

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