Thursday 27 October 2011

Best Halloween Apps for Iphone

Darkness returns to the world for a short but paranoid time next Monday let it into your home and onto your iPhone with these scary iPhone Halloween Apps.

Halloween - 13 Spooky apps

This free app will wail out scary sounds at a shake of the handset but even more ominously is a bubdle of 13(unlucky for some) OF THE SCARIEST APPS OUT THERE.

Pumpkin Pops

A Halloween-themed take on Tetris. You'll never look at the simple block game the same again.

Scary Scream Soundboard

How many ways can you scream well get practicing as this iphone Halloween app has a collection of 100 frightful screams.

Ghost Radar classic

I aint afraid of no ghost! Or at least I won't be when this app can tell me where they are: Ghost Radar