Friday 14 October 2011

Stardoll : Facebook game Sensation- a nine year old's perspective

Something different from Gametrender: I've recruited a nine year old to write a blog post as she was so enthusiastic about the Facebook game Stardoll. As to this posts relevance: Some interesting information for games aimed at the sub-teen market. It's all in her own words so will hopefully give developers some useful marketing and monetisation information if they are aimed at this market. So over to our nine year old guest writer:

When you first sign up you will get a suit, you get to decorate it however you like!You get star coins and star dollars,you only use star dollars when you are a superstar.A superstar is just like being a member it maybe costs you but it is totally worth it .You can get a lot more because you can use the star dollars .If you are not a super star do not worry, one day for 24 hours only you can be a Superstar and do what ever you want and buy with star dollars !When you press shop at the Top Bar you will suddenly with a blink of an eye you see some categories with fashion, decorate and beauty but while you are  looking at the categories  you will see the latest clothing right next to them and you could get some ideas.When you are in your suit at the top bar you will see a line  saying beauty parlour and you can do make up,body,hair ,hands,face and feet.You can do all sorts in there.Plus you can change the clothes you bought and you can change your clothes everyday if you want to!And it is totally free unless you want to be a member of course.But it does not make a difference since you have to do that on every game if you want to be a member or as they call it on Stardoll a Superstar!On the top bar if you press catwalk you will get to rate other peoples outfits, also you can rate other peoples suit!