Saturday 26 November 2011

Use Medical apps to find out if you have Listeria

I'm writing this article as recent appreciation of a medical apps review article has gone through the roof and in light of how the mysterious Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak has been hitting the news lately.

For those of you who don't know recent USA news had a mysterious outbreak of listeria hitting headlines. The multistate outbreak , apparently linked to a farm in Colorado had a large portion of the USA in a panic. Unfortunately the large majority of us have never been to medical school so wouldn't know Listeria from lisping ( FACT: Listeria is named after Joseph Lister, father of modern sterile surgery). If you are interested, though, check out Guide to Healthcare Schools' list of top medical schools.   Personally I don't think I've ever been able to read a doctor's handwritten note and don't even get me started on the obscurity of most medical abbreviations!
Something Fishy about this Cantaloupe!
So with the idea firmly in mind that we probably wouldn't be able to identify listeria  symptoms we'll have to turn to that modern stalwart the mobile phone. Now you could just start googling medical symptoms on your phone but you'd more than likely quickly make yourself into a hypochondriac doing that , as the net pulls no punches and the amount of insane diseases that the human body is susceptible to ( FACT: The Aztecs of South America were mostly wiped out by diseases that the Spanish Conquistadors exposed them to, having no natural resistance to European ailments) . No don't blindly self-diagnose just check out my article about WebMD and download it now!

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