Sunday 11 December 2011

Accessing the Modern Army : It's not all about Guns

The Army has become a very modernised institute with the job not just being about guns any more. This article will show you the Smartphone apps you can use to get Army related information, useful whether you want to be recruited into the forces, whether you're a serving soldier or even just an Army wife.
The Army and technology first started to become entwined many years ago but this link started to become widely known with army games like America's Army and the Forces inspired Full Spectrum Warriors becoming very popular.
A highly acclaimed developer has started to bring soldier related apps to the iPhone market. Useful apps to access Army Pay , Military Retirement Pay and other apps useful for the modern soldier, who still has to worry about the bills even when he/shes at War! 

MIlPAY for iOS devices and also now on Android with this handy Military Ranks App  and MilPay 2011

Army Weapons
Being a soldier while a little different from the past still gives you access to big weapons so to celebrate the fact that it's not all about army wives, army mortgages and housing and soldiers can still have fun with damned big guns here are some apps to find out about those weapons:
Soldiers Best Friend

Simply called GUN GALLERY this app features many different types of guns, from Ak47 's to Glock G17 's

MW3 Guns : this app features all the elite weapons of Modern Warfare 3 and COD info on equipment , perks and killstreaks.
M4A1 as featured in MW3
If you're a serving soldier I hope you find these apps useful and enjoy the Gun Gallery and MW3 app. Keep the Peace (by any means)!

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