Monday 12 December 2011

Car Rental with Your Android Phone these Holidays

Hire Cars to suit all
 We recently covered some prime holiday destinations accessible through iPhone , but you gotta get there first! Car rental is also easily accessible through your mobile phone. So whether you're wanting to rent a car for a cheap holiday that you can drive to, or if you want a vehicle for a Pan -European Trip or just a national US Holiday , your Android Phone can help.

2012 Holidays are just around the corner too, so start hunting for your rental car deals now with this easy to use Android app.
IZZIRENT car rental app for Android and iPhone. Browse an Izzi Rental from anywhere in the world for cheap and pleasant holidays on the road. Over 550 Car Hires Worldwide; last minute deals and discounted auto deals.

Budget and Enterprise are also represented on the Android Market as some of the more popular hire car dealerships.
Budget Rent a Car
Enterprise         Enterprise is especially using Android in a very clever way. The company has hire locations within 15 miles of most of the US population and has started to cleverly use Googles hyperlocal adds feature to attract customers. If you enable the find location on your Android Phone companies like Enterprise will be able, through the normal pop-up adverts found on your free apps, show you their outlets location. Useful if you need a car for your hols,  a bit invasion of privacy if you don't!
Drive safe and have some very Pleasant 2011/2012 Holidays

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