Monday 19 December 2011

Fun toy cars app for iPad : Kids Construction Yard wonderland!

iPad kids construction yard
(App has been updated with new slicker graphics for the Ipad Retina Display)One of the best things about being a man with a son is I get to play with all the toys of my childhood again! And construction toys are always going to be popular, I was a boy some thirty or so years ago and now with my young son I'm revisiting all my past fun with cars and trucks and both him and me are having a great time.
But what a mess! And try as much as you want it's always going to be impossible to stop the cars going missing.

Realistic toy cars on iPad
But my son is lucky enough to be growing up in 2011 and has access to a toy that I would have given anything for in my youth, had it existed then, the iPad. Possibly the greatest innovation ever for kids play and education.

I would have to be pretty wealthy to be able to own all the toy cars and construction vehicles that a new app I came across : Cars in Sandbox allows you to play with. And I'm sure if me and the boy had all these cool construction vehicles to play with they'd soon all be lost.
Cars in Sandbox: Awesome Construction Vehicles

Tractors ; cranes; dumpers  they're all there. 8 Construction vehicles in total. And all with moving parts and proper construction yard sounds. The dump truck dumps, the crane hoists ... You get the idea. And such a simple interface allows you to , for example, move the crane up , deploy the supporting legs and then pick up balls , marbles ,teddys etc. with the claw. All with finger swipes and accompanied by realistic engine sounds. Superb! A brilliant app for playing with you child, teaching them the mechanics of vehicles and without the hassle of tidying up afterwards or toy cars disappearing under the sofa.
Download Cars in Sandbox from iTunes

This kids construction app is now even more fun and good to look at with the graphics on the new Ipad really bringing the kids app to life.

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