Sunday 18 December 2011

IPhone App to find best Car Price: Check Car Value

What's your car worth?

I bought a car last year, under duress I must admit from the wife. I'm not going to name the type of car so as not to embarrass the French Vehicle manufacturer that starts with a C and ends in N. But that particular second-hand car lasted two weeks, having one oil leak , noticed within an hour of driving it away. Was returned after the leak was fixed to fit a new CD Player as the old one no longer worked. Failed to start on day 4. Leaked from the driver's side window which was noticed on day 6. And then when it failed to start on the morning of day 8 it was the final straw! To add insult to injury the Auto dealer proved to be dodgy and we couldn't get our money back and ended up reselling to another dealer losing a thousand pounds on what we paid.
Which brings me to
Check Car Value for iPhone.

If I'd known about this car valuation app before I'd have spent some pocket change which would have saved me a huge amount of hassle and quite a lot of money. When my particularly sly car salesman got out his little valuation book and started to pull the wool over my eyes I could simply have deployed this app. Searched by the cars numberplate , or make and model and come up with the right price for its particular year of manufacture ; mileage and condition.

Superb! And why should you get this when you can search on the internet. Well for one thing 69 pence could save you a lot of money and the fact that the app is on your phone ready to search a definitive list of over 200 thousand cars and their particular resale values in a constantly updated database of car prices , is a handy and prudent app to have whether you're selling or buying a car.
Thinking a bit further back, was I also ripped off once before when my 'T Reg' Ford Escort in poor condition was sold for two hundred pounds? This app could have told me! 

So that's probably in total, just off the top of my head about 1500 pound of poor decisions on my part that could have been averted with Check Car Value.
I know what I'm spending my next 69 pence on! Car dealers watch out! This app finally gives us the info we need to really know what we should be paying for a car.


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