Friday 27 January 2012

App advertising-Mutiple successful ways of advertising your app

For a while we have been dipping a toe in the waters of app publicising and app marketing. As both iTunes and the Android Market are burgeoning with Mobile growth in all directions, so has it become harder for an app to become more visible to Smatphone Users. In this article we will look at various ways that Developers can market their apps. Cost of App advertising will be critiqued and a general analysis given as to what can result in multiple app sales.
First things to consider is that the Android Market and iTunes are too very different means for a publisher to release their apps and two very different programming eco-systems. Apple notoriously keeps a very close hold on what is released for the iPhone and iPad, design criteria are strict and an app needs to be highly polished and virtually bug free before being released on to iTunes.
Google takes a very different approach with the Android Market. Google has being both praised and criticised for allowing developers a virtually free rein in publishing their products for Android Phones. This has of course resulted in a lot of fly by night app developers with very low standards, but on the other side of the coin it has also granted much easier access into the world of app programming for potential developers. As a large generalisation it can be thus assumed that Android Developers taken as an average have access to a lower budget than Apple Developers, who due to stricter guidelines and larger developer fees, are on average using larger budgets for their software projects.

As a case study with this in mind let's first consider a marketing project that Gametrender has been running for some time now: Fivver Marketing. We've had multiple clients who have taken on one of our Fivver gigs for Android/iPhone to increase their app sales. Of note though, despite the above mentioned statement that Apple developers have more money for marketing it seems that despite a Fivver Gig costing a paltry Five Dollars I've probably only publicised a handful of Android Apps but dozens of iOS apps. Is this because Android Developers are reluctant to market or not as app marketing savvy as App Store Developers, or is there any other reason?
Comments would be welcome as together we can find better solutions for app marketing.

In forthcoming posts we will be looking at Twitter,Review Sites and Flurry as other app marketing solutions.

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