Sunday 29 January 2012

Best iPhone games on Twitter-Ways to market your App

Twitter being one of the bigger social networks is a great driver of opinion and ideas. If you're an App developer or have an app you want to promote you need to be on Twitter. Often when I'm asked to promote apps one of the first things I will do is see what presence that App, whether it be an Android App or an iPhone App, has on Twitter. A website for an iPhone product  or a link to iTunes is all well and fine ,but word of mouth is still one of the best measures we have of determining if an app is making an impression on Smartphone users or not.
Since Android and iPhone is a globally dispersed network with millions of stakeholders the word of mouth for small localised businesses just won't wash. However with a Twitter account we are able to log on to our social feed and search for apps and games both by keywords , the apps name or the developer's name.
If an app has no presence on Twitter that is a clear indication that it has not risen to prominence or infamy whatsoever.
The correlation of this is that Smartphone apps being a technological commodity are of necessity used by both serious and casual users. If the user base is large enough or the target market is interested enough then they will be using social networks,Twitter in particular, to either recommend or deride their chosen Apple or Android apps.
Some Stats for You:
  • Angry Bird Followers on Twitter: Over 335 thousand Followers
  • Coca-Cola Twitter Followers:  450 Thousand Followers
  • Call of Duty Twitter Followers: 290 Thousand Followers
  • Instagram on Twitter: 973 Thousand Followers
That's a lot of people following Angry Birds and Instagram-however since Instagram is all about sharing isn't it to be expected that they have a massive social network Following. Coca-Cola was my non app choice for comparison since it is one of the largest and most famous companies in the World. And yet followers of Angry Birds outnumber those of a company over a century old! Proof that Mobile Phone users take their Twittering seriously?

On the day of writing this article I typed in both the words 'Android' and 'iPhone' into Twitter.
Top Twitter Result for Android Keyword: An article from GigaOm
Type in iPhone and the top Tweet : GigaOm with the same article!
Now as you might or might not know, GigaOm is a very popular website for technology,smartphones etc. Of not their Tweets are top because they are sponsored Tweets. So if this reputable and very accoladed and popular tech website is actually paying to have their work at the top of the Twitter feed ,then just borrow a leaf out of their marketing research book , and read between the lines and what will be blatantly obvious is : Smartphone users WILL use Twitter to find , discuss or criticise the apps they buy.

So get Twittering, start an account and get the name of your app known. Tweets from friends and family can spread the word and if you want lots of followers fast use a service like Twiends. After all, it's free marketing for your app and it works!

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