Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Explore Android Movies, music, games and more. Pandora just the tip of the entertainment Iceberg

With an Android phone connected to the internet the entertainment world is your oyster. Amongst the many streaming and downloadable entertainment apps for Android there are Pandora internet Radio stands out as one of the slickest and most polished music streamers for Smartphones. In this article we're going to take a little look at Pandora and some of the other services like downloadable movies and games that your Smartphone can offer.

One of the best features for this personalised music player is the ability to create individually personalised song lists. Search for a music artist on your phone by name or track and Pandora does what it does best by creating a radio station that is unique to every user that will only stream your favourite tracks and songs similar to it.Pandora free music is a must       have for any phone.( or try rival PBS which is also starting to make waves with downloadable music)

2012 smartphone gets better and better as Pandora TV has also come to Android!
Now a word on this , apparently this Android television streamer is great for streaming UCC Television. It took me ages and some research to find out that the meaning of UCC Tv is User Created Content! Initially I thought it was a Far-East television channel! UCC Content is thus quite simply any video that a creator has uploaded on to the internet and if that content happens to be some of the best soaps, dramas and new movies out at the moment. And you're luck enough to find it after sifting through Korean Dramas and Chinese Art Tragedies then be sure to enjoy and share with others. It is sometimes difficult to find good television shows on Pandora so other alternate Television Streaming Apps you can use for your HTC , Samsung or any other ice-cream sandwich or Gingerbread powered phone are:
Movie Streaming
Get the latest movie trailers and reviews with IMDb movie in theaters will never be the same again as not only will you be able to use this app to find all movie listings the amount of trivia on the shows and actors that it allows you to access is simply staggering.

Great films on Playon
Playon television and content streaming for Android Handsets is mightily impressive. Able to access content stored on your computer running Playon. Your phone can connect either via wi-fi or 3g to access a huge list of entertainment for your mobile including: Hulu; The Ultimate Fighter; CBS and many more. All shows streamed directly to your phone. Free movies for Android is just the tip of this enormous entertainment ice-berg.

And Games for your smartphone; just to namedrop off the top of my head: FAAD; The Android Market itself; Gameloft Store; Ea online; Getjar and many more, so much content out there that you could quite happily look yourself away in your bedroom for the rest of the year with just your phone for company and still never be able to get through all the great content out there.
Boring train journey? Deploy television powered by Android!


  1. Thanks for the great app suggestions! I use Pandora radio all the time. It works great and I have discovered a lot of new music. The one thing I hate is when Pandora randomly plays music that doesn’t even come close to the genre I was listening too. I haven’t tried the PandoraTV app. It looks interesting but having read the reviews, there is a lot of content on there but little for an American audience. I have the IMDB app and it always has great information. When it comes to streaming live TV and recorded content, I turn to my DISH Remote Access app. It connects to my DISH DVR through my Sling Adapter to stream all of my live TV channels and DVR recordings right to my phone. Any 3g, 4g or WIFI network connection will work just fine. I find it to be a great way to catch up on shows that I miss while working late nights at DISH. I recommend it to everyone.

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