Saturday 14 January 2012

Free Tv on iPhone and Android Mobiles-1000 Mobile TV Channels!

New TV app makes BBC iPlayer redundant
With our Smartphones constantly on and with us theres no need to ever be bored again. Now that clever late 2011 ,early 2012 technology has caught up it's quite easy to get the latest television on your mobile. At a small cost of course and mobile TV does come with some warnings attached. In this article we'll explore how to get Amy from Big Brother on your iPhone, Shameless to your Samsung TV (phone!) ,and BBC's Merlin to your iPad.

Live Big Brother on iPhone?
Mobile TV Free or 'free cell TV' as the Americans like to call it is still in the distant future. I'm afraid that to get the best tv for Mobile you're going to have to pay a bit of money. Admittedly a lot less money than you would pay for an Apple TV or a Nokia Tv, but more than you would pay for the free BBC iPlayer! Thankfully Sky Mobile Tv has not yet raised it's head , indee why I downloaded the 1000 TV Channel Mobile App in the first place was to escape from the extortionate price of Sky television. A bit silly I know as I'm prepared to pay 500 pound for an iPad to watch free TV on but not the 70 pounds for Sky!

On reflection though the Mobile TV App doesn't even cost half of what a monthly Virgin or Sky subscription costs. And of course thanks to iOS magic I can now view my iPhone and iPad content on my television anyway! I'm sure there's a way to put these miniclips and full TV series (a thousand channels they promise, meaning sport on your iPhone, movies on your iPad and news and Kids programmes and adult shows and movies all streaming to your Mobile-that's awesome!)

Advantages to using this instead of BBC iPlayer on iPhone and Android or even Youtube on Mobile are obvious. It's a very well regarded app (it's wants to be with it's higher than normal app price cost) and of course you're free to watch Mobile Series on the Tube, in the car, in the park. Catch Up Tv is yours for keeps anywhere you can take your mobile!

4od Android is another service that I see going the way of Netflix and BBC iPlayer on iPhone when you get this Mobile Television APP . There's just no need for any of these other television apps on your Android or iPhone or whatever mobile device you have when you download the thousand channel app.

1000 Free TV Channels on iPad?
The catch though is that you will have to pay a bit,also I'm not sure how the Mobile TV guide works for the TV app. Also I've researched quite deeply into television for Mobile and the big Tv broadcasters don't like it , as of course it takes eyes away from their TV adverts. So big broadcasting corporations have tried in the past to get the app pulled from the internet. Luckily the developers have fought on and for a little while longer at least you can download the best television app on Mobile Phones right here:


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