Thursday, 5 January 2012

Iphone 4s Experiments and Jailbreaking. App compilation.

The iPhone 4s  is Apple's baby and like its predecessors doesn't encourage iOS tinkering. That's why it's an interesting iPhone experiment to see a unique app coming out on the market from some very innovative programmers.

Universal do everything app
We all know how difficult it is to find an App on Itunes. There are millions out there but if say for example you want to find the best app for business or the most sophisticated people tracking application, then you'll be swamped with far too many shoddily programmed games and badly made Apple products.

That's why Gametrender has been looking into an experimental app that seems to be growing in popularity. A jack of all trades and master of all it comes under the term of what I'd like to call App wrappers. A compilation of apps providing many unique and well executed ideas for your phone, amongst those Ipod/iPhone ideas we have iPhone Spy; better organised iTunes Music collections,sexy photo albums for iPhone and a unique text an app idea. 
Spying with your Smartphone
As standalone pieces of code the like can be found on Itunes and many inferior downloads too. But as an App wrapper or compilation of apps it looks to be something definitely worth exploring.
What makes it even more of a bold statement from a large developer is that the product is hosted outside of iTunes and also offers a money back guarantee of 60 days!
Immediately those with an Iphone wanting to experiment should be interested and then I think the final clincher for this unique idea for Iphone is that not only will you have access to a host of unique apps but UNSEEN APPS positively encourages jailbreaking by providing some awesome jailbreak and unlock tools for Iphone 4s . So experimental download providing 50 unique apps for iPhone , Jailbreaking tools and unlimited access to the SuperGeek network to answer all your tech questions. 
Perhaps a Smartphone experiment worth investing in for once?

DOWNLOAD UNSEEN APPS-brilliant app compilation


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