Monday 23 January 2012

Videogames and Apps for Charity

Gametrender has been around for just over four months now since we 'properly' got started. We've covered a ton of apps: iOS Apps,Android Apps and lots of great information for iPhones and every other kind of Smartphone. So we've made a little bit of money from our Ad-Sense ads , due to an increasing app hungry population we're now getting about 1500 readers a day, all wanting to find out the latest iOS and Android Apps. 
So what's this all about then? Just a random article saying how popular Gametrender has become and thanking all our awesome readers and developers who publicise through us?
Not Quite. You see Gametrender loves apps , but we also love the fact that we can reach out and get thousands of readers who also love apps and make a little bit of money to try to improve our world. Here's the first of these fruits of our labour, not exactly a charity app, but a bit of the money that we made from Adsense has been put into a Fivver Gig (We cover Fivver as a way to market apps in an article in about a weeks time) . The money that we've paid to get our name on this Youtube video has gone to feeding homeless animals.
So truly apps for charity, thanks readers, let's see how much more we can use Apps and Videogames to change the world in the future.

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