Monday 20 February 2012

Apps for Charity

Apps for Charity
A while ago we wrote a review on an upcoming " endless jumping game" on iPhone. The app in question roll.ball.jump is still slowly making its way up the appstore charts. That doesn't stop  serial iphone philanthropist and App developer Dorn David from wanting to use his iPhone to make a difference in the world. This is one of the nicest ways we've seen of using iOS to help charity and strongly recommend giving the app a look on February 24th and using your voice in the Appstore to spread the word via an appstore review. Here is the press release which explains more about the app and charity that is being supported:

DoronD Apps contributes half of their charming iPhone game, "roll.ball.jump" proceeds to charity.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities event will be held at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL on the 24th of February.  This event will attract an enormous amount of well wishers for the well known charity that provides a place to stay for families who are unfortunate enough to have a sick child in hospital. It is Doron's wish that his popular iPhone app: roll. ball.jump will be able to make someone's life that little bit better on this special day.

If the eponymous "Ball" of the popular and fun game was a person than "he" would certainly be there at this momentous event. We like to imagine him: a Giant, Red Ball of fun and mischief actually turning up and spreading laughter and happiness amongst the charity beneficiaries and attendees of the event.
Of course "Ball" only exists on an iPhone app so it is hoped that on the day good and fun people around the world will play roll.ball.jump and have a little titter to themselves as they imagine "Ball" and how he would brighten up everyone's day.

 Everyone who downloads the iPhone/iPad app on 24 February will have a warm feeling that not only are they going to enjoy themselves immensely, but also that their game playing is helping others as, thanks to the vision and compassion of Doron, the developer behind the game, half of all the app sales will go to charity on this day.

As for "roll.ball.jump" itself, it has started to make quite an impact on the App Store as the unique and fun jumping game continues to delight more and more users every day. So on 24 February this is the game that you will be buying for ninety-nine cents:
Released in early 2012 roll.ball.jump is a game with a difference. Created from the fertile imagination of Doron, it is a fun and clever test of your skills to keep the ball moving upwards and attempt to beat your previous high scores. A lot of fun can be had with this app and more is in store in the future with planned updates. Where other jumping games seem lackluster, Doron's app has been likened to the same fun that we all had as children bouncing a bouncy ball all over "just for the sheer fun of it". Luckily in this app there's no danger of smashing windows or inadvertently bouncing your ball into someone's favorite vase! It's just good, clean fun bouncing "Ball" ever higher to beat your previous best score and using jetpacks and springs to get that little extra bounce.

While iPhone and iPad users eagerly wait for the Ronald McDonald House Charities event to download this great app and do their bit for a good cause, it must be pointed out how DoronD apps are not just content to release a fantastic game and help out in the world. Doron is not just a philanthropist and a visionary, he is also a perfectionist and will always strive for more. That is why his game is continually being improved and even now there are planned updates in the pipeline with talk of the game allowing its fans to boast of their scores on Facebook and Twitter and even Game Center integration

It must also be pointed out that it is a special wish of Doron that not just the charity event attendees but all and everyone who downloads roll.ball.jump on this day will be helping out with this good cause. Every download of the popular iPhone game on 24 February will see fifty percent of the profit going toward charity. Previous buyers of the app have been prolific with their praise on App Store reviews and the 24th February could see a flood of new reviews all attesting to the game's charm, and more importantly allowing others the chance to hear about "roll,ball.jump" and give as many people as possible a chance to contribute to this worthy cause.

As our iPhones and other technology become more and more embedded in everyone's daily lives it is the wish and vision of DoronD Apps that we not only use our gadgets for fun, but also to make a little difference in the world. It is with great pride and hope that DoronD Apps announces its collaboration with the Ronald McDonald trust for this special day and hopes that you will see it in your hearts to support a very good cause and enjoy roll.ball.jump while doing your part for the unfortunate families who have to deal with the reality of having a poorly child in hospital.

Read more about "roll.ball.jump" at DoronD App's website : and remember to bookmark February 24 as your day to download this app, with half of the proceeds going to charity,
iTunes link:

Doron loves to hear from his fans and can be contacted at


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