Saturday 11 February 2012

Defense Zone HD : Strategic and Good Looking Tower Defense on iPad

Tower Defense games litter the app store in their thousands so it takes an especially good tower defense style game to stand out from the masses. Is Defense Zone HD worthy of being among the appstore greats?

Brilliant Graphics on iPad Tower Defense HD
First impressions are positive with Defense Zone HD building on from the already popular Defense Zone which has made a name for itself on iPhone. The HD strategy game optimised for iPad really stands out because of some very impressive HD graphics which really make the game quite good looking. Our in house reviewer was quick to note that what made this app slightly different from other TD games was the fact that it had a bit more realism, not being set in a fantasy or alien littered landscape but using weapons and machines, while still fantastical, a little bit more believable than your average game staples.
Deep iPad Strategy : Defense Zone HD

There's been a lot of talk of the original Defense game being quite hard so it is with some relief that we find varied difficulty levels in this current version. The balancing of the game is just right and plenty of strategic thinking is needed to win through.

Our only fault that we can find with this rather good tower defense game is that there is no discernible story. If a story mode was added to this iPad app then it would be really something special, as it is though it is still a very enjoyable and great looking strategy game.

Download Defense Zone HD from the app store.
Defense Zone Lite version also available, as a free ipad app.

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