Wednesday 29 February 2012

Pre-School Learning with Trucks on Ipad and iPhone

iPad and iphone once again prove to be a winner when it comes to kids' educational apps.  Using the brillaint concept of "kids love push trucks " and " big,bold colours are fun" . iOS app developer Scott Adelman has taken these kid friendly learning ideas and applied them, masterfully to the fun educational app :Kids Trucks: Pre-School Learning. Educators with degrees in early childhood education would agree that these concepts create a perfect learning environment for young people.

Available as a free Ipad (and iPhone app) initially with the full version being unl;ocked from an in app purchase Kids Trucks has got a lot to offer. With four iOS optimised learning modes including letters; numbers; shapes and colours, the fun educatioanl app also includes the ability to recored encouraging messages for your children.
As your child starts to get the right numbers and letters so they are rewarded with your message and celebratory fireworks.

The apps free play mode can be used to just let your child loose to learn and explore by themselves, with an app that is a perfect fit for for it's age-group and very well made.

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