Saturday 24 March 2012

Classic Games come to Xperia Play Android Phone

Some games work really well on the Xperia Play thanks to it's unique Android based slide out controller. Now a lot of older games from the Nintendo era , and even original Atari games, if you want to go back that far, weren't reliant on over complicated gaming control schemes. With one or two buttons at a push and a simple joystick many gaming legends were born.
We're pleased to announce that we've got wind of a definite simply controlled game legend that is sure to be another Xperia Play Hit: Boulder Dash has now been optimised for the Xperia Play. Boulder Dash: The Collection has renowned Android Race app developer PolarBit (famed for Reckless Racing) bringing five classic Boulder Dash games to the Playstation Phone. With a nostalgic mix of cave exploring and diamond digging, whilst avoiding lethal creatures this puzzle/action retro hybrid is sure to be a hit with the Xperia Play gaming set who'll be able to use the Play's controls to their full advantage with this type of game.

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