Thursday 22 March 2012

Social Gaming Explodes on Android

Android Social Gaming
comes of age with THUMBPARK
Social gaming has come to Android in a massive way. Thumbpark is the standard bearer for the new and exciting wave of  multiplayer skilled gaming that is set to seriously rock both play for fun and competitive Android gamers' worlds.

Facebook has been spoiled by social games which have ignited and inflamed gamers excitement, now thanks to the free Android Thumpark App it's the turn of Android Smartphone and Tablet gamers. Simple and addictive games like Five -in a -Row ; Checkers and Mancala are a  nice little time waster and good fun, but prior to this huge shift in Android Gaming trends games like these have reached their peak of excitement as people soon tire of playing the same boring A.I's over and over and even local play soon pales as when beat your loved ones for the twentieth time in a row they're unlikely to come back for more. So now that you fancy your chances as a skilled gamer and want to get some real rewards and recognition it's time to branch out and see where your mad gamer skillz take you. Well this gaming journey should really start and finish with Thumbpark - a social gaming app for your Android that is going to transform the way you play.
Thumpark Avatar give personality
to your Android Multiplayer games

Multiplayer gaming on Android has never been as fun nor as slick. Combining the sweet interface used to really personalise a fantastic avatar to represent the virtual gaming you and Im Rooms and Chat Rooms for smack talking and laying down of gaming gauntlets, Thumbpark is sure to bring out the player in you. Keep on practicing on its suite of fun Android games and when your'e ready to take on a real human challenge go head to head with others for rewards, including rising to the top of the coveted Android Thumbpark Leaderboards. A real mindshift as a new Android soicial network is created around the love of gaming.

This area of fun , multiplayer ,skilled gaming is under represented on the Android Market (Google Play) Gametrender can only encourage you to install this superb slicing of future gaming greatness to your Android Device today. The social gaming network on Android is set to grow in a massive fashion , so don't be left behind and let your gaming greatness shine out with THUMBPARK.

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