Friday 6 April 2012

Educational Fishing Game for Kids-Trunky Fishing

Trunky Fishing on iPad
Simple games for kids are really becoming a staple for parents who own an iPhone or iPad. Let's face it if your kids are anything like mine it's almost impossible to keep them off of the iPad, so we might as well have some fun and educational apps on there to at least improve their little minds whilst they're having fun!
We've had pre-release access to a great little educational fishing app for kids. When  we say fishing , we mean of the funfair type small pond variety.The educational app on iPad features Trunky, a cute little elephant who we've seen on other kids apps from developer UpsideDown Games. Trunky is cute but also educational featuring a variety of game modes in which the little elephant must catch fish according to their letters,;colours or numbers. Numerous features abound in the classic funfair type spinning pond  based game including two player mode and five educational and fun game modes. It's very intuitive and easy to play. The version that I've played is in Danish with the English version and some other translations on the way in the near future.
If you're a fan of Trunky for your kids fun and learning then stick around for the game when it becomes available, in the meantime you could even use the Danish educational app to brush up on your foreign languages:
Fiskespil (Trunky Fishing) is available now and watch this space for a link to the English version coming soon.-English version of Trunky Fishing coming 12 April.

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