Friday 11 May 2012

Best Free 3rd Person Shooter 4 Android - Frontline Commando

Over 5 million downloads with an average rating of almost 5 stars. It's hard to believe the 5 star reviews, but there are so many! Most of the reviewers love Frontline Commando for it's gameplay and graphics, but many admit that there should be more levels, not that there wasn't enough. Probably played too much too fast without realizing it. This 3rd person shooter sure has a lot of fans. Try it out and see if you're a fan too if you have an Android Device. Otherwise, you'll likely run into a conversation about it and not know what they are talking about. We wouldn't want that to happen now would we?


The graphics are on a whole different league than all free smartphone shooter games out there. Frontline Commando also delivers the best shooter experience that I've...experienced. Controls are smooth and easy to understand. Clean and clear user interface (menu's) also make the game more enjoyable. No wonder it's an Editors Choice on Google Play. While aiming, the camera behind your back is a little to the side like on the Batman Arkham games.


You don't move around your character like other applications. Click on screen buttons to move between points. Aim by scrolling the screen like a mousepad. Press the shoot button on the bottom right of the screen. Duck to reload, or you can use up all your bullets to reload. Actually, all of this is tutored to you in the first couple of minutes in the Android app. Missions are briefed by good voice actor(s) that have voices that sound like they belong. 


Glu Mobile, not a small developer at all. If you don't believe me, believe their "top developer" icon next to their name on Google Play.




Action Packed Screenshots taken right from Google Play. Loading times on my Xperia Play may take a while but the gameplay is smooth.


The game information says the app is only 1.25 MB but download was for a 28 MB file (Before "downloading additional resources"). Some users report having Glu credit issues. Glu credit is needed to buy high leveled weapons (making in game money a lot less useful in later levels). To get Glu credit, it requires you to download other apps. Sometimes players didn't get Glu credit after purchasing credits, and some didn't get any after downloading said apps. 




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