Tuesday 22 May 2012

Great Action Game for Android (Dungeon Hunters 3)

Gameloft has been great at bringing way above average looking games to Android and especially some of the best looking games on Xperia Play. This time the developer gives us Dungeon Hunter 3, an action arena game with great HD 3D visuals and is also one of the best Dungeon Type games for the  Xperia Play . 

How to beat Dungeon Hunter 3
Upgrade your current weapons and skills and Super attacks. Or purchase higher leveled weapons. Both weapons and skills require your character to be at a certain level before you unlock them.
What are the different classes in Dungeon Hunter 3?
Choose from the classes of Astromancer, Trickster, Shaman, or Warlord.
 Enemies remind me of the evil minions and ogres from the God of War series and an old Lord of the Rings game for XBOX. There are 16 arenas to fight in. Sound effects and voices(grunts and celebrations) sound like the way they should sound.  The Game is FREE on Google Play.
You may choose male or female.
Do you need Money to beat Dungeon Hunter 3?
Some user reviews state that the Android application requires you to use real world money in order to get very far in the game. I strongly disagree as I have played for over 3 hours for free and still haven't reached my limit yet(although I may be getting close with my character at Level 28). There are a few levels I cannot defeat on World 1. But World 2 has some lower levels that I can beat. The higher the levels, the harder they are. Each world is a little more difficult than the same level in the previous world. I believe every world has about 4 arenas. This is where it can get repetitive really fast.

 (Possible spoiler: The same arenas in later levels have other attacking obstacles added. Although that doesn't add much of a new feeling for long.)  

Why Complete the Dungeon Hunter 3 Daily Challenge?
There is a Daily Challenge that gives a bonus once you finish the terms and accept the bonus. That with a key every 20 min or so helps keep the game's free playability up. Keys are needed to accept a chest of gold and experience(based on performance) at the end of each level. I think the free version has a maximum of 5 keys, but you shouldn't really be able to all 5 keys before more keys are given to you anyways. Unless you are playing way too much. I guess that's one way to keep you in check. The class I picked was a Trickster, or archer. This may have allowed me to play in a safer way and progressing further in the game than with other classes.

The well designed in-game menus also have information and explanations on many aspects of the game. Lots of apps don't have explanations this helpful. I'm not sure how but every few days you get a crystal, high value, currency, that is usually bought with real world money. Upgrading an item doesn't happen right away after you pay for it. The stronger the weapon, the longer the waiting period for the upgrade. 

How long until your weapon is upgraded?
For example, some of my upgrades have taken over 4 hours. After you purchase new equipment, make sure to press equip. The game doesn't automatically equip them for you. Items and equipment in the store are described really well to let you know of it's stats and effects and those of your current equipment for comparison.

Dungeon Hunter 3 takes a bit long  to load. You don't get the usual nice Gameloft Logo animation screen. That logo is small on the lower right of the all black screen. Then that nice High Definition picture on top of this article shows up while the game finishes up loading.

Quick Ways to Download Dungeon Hunter 3
TIP: if you press the Home button on your device during the game to quickly do another simple task, when you choose the DH3 icon to play again, it might not need to load. If you close the game through the games menu's it seems to clear it from your temporary memory and you have to reload the app, as with most games and applications on your smartphone.

According to user reviews Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2 were Action RPG games. This game is more Arena based, and is one of the best Xperia Play Arena Combat Games, it doesn't have a RPG element, like a story or world you can walk besides the arenas.You are not Role Playing in Dungeon Hunter 3. You read a little bit of why that place needs to cleared of monsters, and you just go attack waves of monsters. You can skip the little descriptions can jump right into the action. A minor issue or glitch that occurred was that when I was next to the walls, my arrows wouldn't come off my bow when shooting a barrel next to me. Easily avoidable and adjustable when it happens, take a step or two away from the wall.

Is this the best  Xperia Play Optimized Game?
Dungeon Hunter 3 is one of those rare games that really makes use of the SONY Xperia Plays physical game controls. Possibly the most well executed and natural feeling in my opinion. The L shoulder button is for a Super Fairy attack that has a long cooldown. You start each level with a Special, which is the maximum, and recharges when you use it. The R button is for potion, can only carry up to three potions at a time and can only resupply at the shop, outside of battle. Use the D-Pad or left Analog pad to move your character. Use the Right Analog pad to attack in any direction. Get this, press the Area Between the two Analog pads to switch weapons. Using that area is a unique feature that I have not run across before until this game. Press the Triangle, Square, X, O Buttons to use skills. I only have one skill so far so that is my speculation for more skills. Another minor issue I had with the controls was that once in a while my character wouldn't move. This could just be because I'm not really used to using the touchpads, as very few games use it.

The size of the Android App is a little over 2GB. That's a lot I know, but if that isn't a problem for you then this game is worth trying.  Dungeon Hunter 3 is really great for quick bursts of fast action fun that won't limit your progression in an hour or two. Try it out to kill a few minutes and see what I mean. 



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