Thursday 10 May 2012

Punjitam : Traditional Tiger and Goat App

Tiger and Goat (Tigers Vs. Goats) is a traditional game that is still popular today in the country where it originated, Nepal (located between China and India). That's one of the most populated places in the world. Punjitam is a fresh new App based on an old game. It's a board game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. There are spaces(intersections) on a grid for units to be on. The goal of the game for the Tiger team is to capture 5 of the 20 goats. Team Goats objective is to block all the tigers from moving(checkmate). According to the developer, the traditional game is also known as "Pulijudam, Punjitam, Puli Meka, Tiger vs Goat, Huli gatta, Adu-Puli atam and Bagh Cha."

 Each team takes turn making one move. The game starts with 4 tigers and no goats on the board. Each turn the tiger team makes a move and a goat is put on the board by the other team. Once there are 20 goats on the board, team Goat can and must move it's goats. The game ends when either the Tigers have captured 5 goats or the tigers can no longer move. A tiger captures or eats a goat by jumping behind an adjacent area (occupied by a goat) onto an
empty spot, similar to checkers. Only one goat can be captured at a time and only one tiger or goat can occupy a slot. The rules are simple, but the gameplay is strategic. Try it out and you'll see what I mean. Scores can be shared online.

Choose team, board size, and level.
The graphics are simple but with distinguishable colors. The tutor mode is a simulation mode where you learn by watching computer play against itself. That along with the instructions do a good job of explaining the game. Punjitam is brought to you by the developer iPleanty Systems. The app is about 1.7MB and is downloadable from Google Play for Android devices.

The only things missing is a statement saying the requirement for team goat to win, and sound effects. I suggest and suspect that sounds would be added in future updates. At least a sound for making: a selection on the menu, a tiger movement, a tiger making a capture, a goat getting added to the board, a goat movement, and for game ending. Maybe a setting where you can choose between peeps and more sophisticated sounds, like tiger growls when tiger movements are made. Overall it has all the basics for the game. There is a piece of culture in this game. Check it out and play a game many people in other parts of the world are already used to.



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