Saturday 26 May 2012

Take Me Home (FREE Friendly App)

The title of this FREE app doesn't really tell you what the game might be about. I can tell you however, that the game is really fun and definitely more than you would expect from a free app. 
The gameplay and graphics remind me of the popular Cut the Rope application, it's a game mechanic that really works well and is carried over quite nicely into this app making it one of the better free apps similar to Cut the Rope. 
Help Bubu reach his destination in each level. The presentation is clean and colourful , very appropriate to this type of free puzzler app. 
The background music with some very well scored sounds of nature is nice and comfortable to listen to. The apps music is a great mood enhancer and makes you feel free and friendly. Most levels can be finished with a variety of different routes. 
In fact, to get the most gold you need complete those levels with different routes to collect the coins. Each time you finish, the game records which coins you have collected so you may concentrate on getting the other coins. Only one coin is needed to go to the next level. The developer, Droidhen Publisher, has done a great job with the beautiful artwork. The animations and sound effects are smooth and don't feel cheap or out of place at all.

How to Play
Download of course (on Google Play). Tap the starting point and BuBu, the pink thingy, rolls out. Use accelerators and friendly bugs to get Bubu to your endpoint while collecting one or more coins. Accelerators are small stone tablets with a fish fossil or bone imprint on them. The fish points, like an arrow, toward the direction of which it will accelerate or shoot your Bubu when they come in contact. Touch controls are registered accurately.

Strategy and practice will be needed for the more complicated levels. Level 21 was where I got stuck momentarily. Although the developer states that coins are needed to proceed to higher levels and I didn't concentrate on getting most of the coins until some time after level 21, I haven't yet come across the point where gold was a problem.

After finishing a level, the route you took is replayed to you, the coins you've collected are shown at the bottom right of the screen. Bubu appears more like a ball in the game than in the title screens art. But that's not a problem as he still looks cool in the game.
 In the title screen he looks like a pollen with texture. This is a game I highly recommend. It's well developed and I don't have any suggestions for it (rarely happens) because it seems like a completed version of what it's suppose to be. Wait...there is a minor one. 
Where to find hints in the Take Me Home App
I don't think the app told me What and Where the HINT button was. I accidentally used my coins by pressing the hint button on the first level (It's the yellow light bulb).  There are hours of available gameplay. It's even a great minute killer with a quick start up time. I definitely did not regret downloading this Android App.


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