Monday 7 May 2012

Wordz on iOS bringing some great ideas to online word games

We could mention a dozen great iOS word games off the top of our heads, each better than the last, so it takes something really special for us to sit up and take notice. Wordz is one of those very special iOS word puzzle games that really grip you by the scruff of the neck and demand your attention. And with over 800 thousand Worldwide players and as  a top ten app in over ten countries you can't deny the popularity of this word game.

The first thing that we noticed about WORDZ was the really neat and clean looking interface. The screen that you make your plays from is just a joy to behold with such well laid out designs and graphics that you know you're going to have so much fun playing the game. Longevity in an iOS game is not often a given , but in this super smooth Word Puzzler with three different game modes you're more than spoiled for choice. 

Our favourite Wordz gameplay type is Idealist, where the winner is the fastest player to find the longest word on the table. Classic mode also gets the adrenalin going as you race against your opponents in typical Scrabble like fashion to make as many words as possible with the longer and more complex words getting you the Higher WORDZ score. The third game mode is brilliant and a certain Mr Kawashima's training app is put to shame as this mode gave my addled brain even more of a workout on my iPhone as I battled to find as many words as possible in the challenging Rational Mode.

Remarkably the popular game is free , but also has some of the cleverest uses of In app Purchases that I've seen in a puzzle game :

The game also has a  Wordz PRO membership offer which gives players these extras:
•       Choosing a nickname if the player does not have a nickname attached yet.
•       The opportunity to play 10 seconds more for the online game mode.
•       A little tip for each board: knowing letter occurrences.
•       Pro Crown near the nickname at the top scores list.
•       Unlimited time at the practice session.

And finally just to go one better they've taken one of my favourite styles of play on iPad and introduced a really awesome Pass and Play type game-possibly the funnest Pass and Play I've had the privilege of playing on iPad:

With the Pass’n Play mode, Wordz can be played with 
friends right there, up to 5 players and 4 rounds and bring the Wordz gameplay into a new 
party game mode.
Go to the Appstore right now and see what all the Hype is about:

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