Friday 8 June 2012

AirAttack HD: Classic Style, Modern Looks

Ever get jealous that Apple Products have so much more developers than Android? I do, but every once in a while a worthy iphone/ipad app gets ported to the Android Platform. This is one of them. AirAttack HD takes on it's genre really well. It plays almost exactly the way it should, "almost" because of the few upgrades. The graphics of the game are more up to date with it's smooth colorful 3D graphics. Choose from Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty and from 2 different modes and 3 different types of planes. Bombs, homing rockets, cannons, lightning attacks, flamethrowers, turrets, extra lives, shields, super rockets, lasers, fireballs, and wingmen included.

That's right, it's use a flamethrower.

One thing that differentiates this from some other shoot em up games is a healthbar.

Shoot 'em up games had never really been my thing (I don't have coordination) so I had to Google what this genre was really called. I thought Shoot 'em up referred to those Flash games where you ran around on platforms shooting people. 

AirAttack HD is Xperia Play optimized. Use either the control pad or touchpad to maneuver enemy fire. The touchpad really comes in handy with this game. The Android app can be found on Google Play with a Lite version for FREE or the full version for $2.99.

These screenshots seem to have a little worst quality than how the gameplay looks.  Although it looks great already with its nice background. Also, the screenshots don't capture the nice background music. Sounds a little like upbeat hip hop with a dramatic tone that calls for action.

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