Friday 22 June 2012

Ceramic Destroyer - Slingshot Mines

So this week I discovered two apps that I should had known about earlier. The first one was the Coupon App. This review will be on the second app, Ceramic Destroyer. My little brother had been playing this for quite some time already (and he doesn't even review apps). Shoot sticky bombs at ceramics. Destroy up to 90% of the object to move on to the next level. This app isn't violent as the word "destroy" suggests. Your weapon is a Catapult (like a slingshot) with springs used to repel your shots at the target. High quality sound effects (cracking, exploding, shooting, clicking) and very nice looking coloful visual effects give this game a really good presentation.

Over 5 million Downloads and still counting.

That's no surprise considering how fun it is.

4.7 out of 5 stars average user rating on Google Play.

FREE with lots of different ceramic shapes to demolish.

Aim and shoot like a bow and arrow or like in ....Angry Birds.

The game is simple and easy to learn. That doesn't mean it isn't any fun. More strategy has to be used as the levels get harder. The tutorial teaches you what each shot does. It just misses a few things. Nothing minor, because the game is simple. No directions are actually needed as you can probably learn with trial and error(so you don't really need to read on), but it delivers a nicer experience if you're not having to learn by experience only. Plus an App/Game feels more complete and well polished that way. 

I don't think there was a text/tutorial letting you know that you can switch your current attack item with the next one (like in tetris, but without the hold). The app also forgets to tell you that shots bounce off the screen. Mines or Mini-Bombs (set by the level or player) don't explode by themselves, only when hit by other explosions. Pretty shiny lines connect mines to let you know that the mines are within exploding range of each other. So if one of them goes off, the other will too. Faded Icons or Symbols that slightly resemble each of the four Bombs will appear on some levels. Explode an area that overlaps enough of that icon, and you will receive more ammo of that type.

As far as I know it's impossible to have two shots on the screen at the same time (Blue and Green)

There are four kinds of bombs you can use. (they are simple to learn, as the tutorial teaches you)
Green Bombs - Sticks to the hit area and explodes after a few seconds.
Blue Bombs - Shoot it normally, then tap the screen to split it into 3 smaller bombs (mines). IF you don't split up the Blue Bomb, it will explode on impact like a Green Bomb.
Yellow Orange Bombs - Shoot normally, then tap to place a mini-bomb with each tap(the shell will travel over the ceremic, up to 3 times. The shell will explode at the end of it's course.
Purple Pink Bombs - Shoot, then slide or swap your screen during flight to adjust it's course. You can't control the bomb like a computer cursor, more like paddling a boat. This will explode after a set amount of time.

Very Rarely there are two errors that can occur. First, the catapult shoots from your release point instead of moving forward and then releasing the bomb. Second, the bomb sometimes flies towards you(down on the screen) after reaching the release point instead of flying towards the targeted ceramic.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
The Yellow shots remind me of a Magnum Revolver handgun and look more Orange.
The Purple shots look like magical energy.
This game is FUN.
The Green Bombs reminds me of the sticky bombs Batman (Christian Bale) on a building in Hong Kong in the Dark Knight. After you play the App come back here to Watch the dramatic action scene below to refresh your memory and see what I'm talking/writing about.

I wonder if my younger brother is better than I am at this game? He's 7 years young.

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