Saturday 16 June 2012

Initial Thoughts on Buying a Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been much written about,so is it really the best mobile phone to buy as of June 2012? Now I'm currently using an Xperia Play , as regular readers will know, and love the open source ability of Android. however at the same time I use my iPad for a lot of business, and indeed am writing this article on the Apple Device. So I don't have a favourite either way and both os's have their own advantages. But to research this article I've gone off to research the Galaxy S3 for my partner who currently owns an HTC Desire. Her reasons for wanting to upgrade to an IPhone 4S are typically emotionally driven with the fact that many of her friends have the Iphone and that she initially thought that you couldn't get Music docks for Android Phones! A fair point about music docks, because despite the fact that Android is far outselling the iPhone the accessories for Apple products still seem to be a lot more prolific and sexier than Android speakers and other accessories . Even for a phone as eye turning as the Galaxy S3. I'm not going to banter about the amazing specs or features of the Android marvel as many other websites have already done so. But what I will say as an individual both trying to convince a significant other to stick with the Android flagship rather than get an IPhone, and equally to decide for myself whether to get the Galaxy S3. Is that the phone will do absolutely everything and more that you ask and expect of it, but the large screen size , while for many a plus point might still deter some people. Mobile phone contracts to consider for the Samsung Galaxy S 3 from Vodafone , generally indicate that buying the mobile outright will save you money in the long run , but your data package will, at the moment ,be smaller than the typical 40 pound plus contract that you would expect to pay on a 24 month Vodafone contract for the S3 handset coming free. The contract that my partner has will expire in just over a month, closer to the time when and if she gets the Samsung Galaxy S3 I will update this article to reflect on the pros and cons of the phone from a consumer viewpoint. To look at the other types of mobile contracts available for Europe and the Uk at the moment we recommend looking at our new partners website at Handytarife Vergleich 

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