Saturday 23 June 2012

Quick Guide to Smurfs' Village on iPad

If you're a Smurfs' Village fan who could do with some help in the iPad game then read on... You've probably come to this article already addicted to Smurfs' Village , so you know what it's all about. We're going to give you some help with Smurf Village Farming; how best to use your Smurfberries; and some crucial advice about how to recover a reset Smurf Village Game.
Guide to Farming and harvesting Crops in Smurf Village
What are the best Smurfy Crops?
Definitely the  Blueberries. The Blueberries give the most coins and also the most experience per hour. The Smurf Blueberries need a lot of looking after though as they mature in only thirty seconds, if you're really fast with your Smurf crop maintenance  you can perhaps get 120 coins and experience points in an hour. The average player on iPad could expect to get about a hundred per hour.
If you want some shut eye and don't want to constantly monitor your crops before they wither then go for the  Tomatoes. They mature in 8 hours and give you a 21 coins and 105 XP
  The best  overnight Smurf Village crop is  Corn as it returns 
(15 coins, 155 experience).

There are several good crops for different time frames. Just be aware that crops do wither so plan how long you will be away from the game.
How long before a Crop Withers?
A crop will wither in the same time it takes to grow. So for 
example: Blueberries will take 30 secs to grow  but also 
wither in 30 seconds (some sources say 5mins??) and potatoes will wither in 24 hours.
bluberries because that withers in 5 min. A good hardy crop 
that doesn't wither is sasparilla .
The Best Buys for your Smurfberries

Harvest Wagons (15 Smurfberries) can be purchased by using Smurfberries and used for unlocking the Autumn Bush and Golden Corn.
 Thanksgiving Statues aren't always available as they are time dependant , but when available are a good Smurfberry purchase. 
Getting More Coins and Smurfberries
Wondering how to get more coins faster in Smurf Village and also get SmurfBerries faster?
Coins: Blueberries are the best crop for getting coins. For example an hour of farming twenty plots with Blueberries can get you 20000 coins.

Getting Free Smurberries: Don't want to pay?Then  Jokey Smurf is the Smurf to see as he will have a daily Smurf Village Gift, also expect to gain a gift for every level you get.
  • Inviting more friends to play - Tap on the Invite Friends
 Icon at the far right of the Neighbor map. This will cause 
message to appear on your profile page at Facebook giving 
friends a link to download the game. Once they download 
the game and log into Facebook they will automatically 
appear on your friend list.

Inviting Facebook Friends is a great way to get Smurfberries and 
coins. Go to a friends Village and see Marco to get money and
 other goodies. About every 50 visits you will get Smurfberries

It works with the people you are friends with on Facebook- if none 
of your friends are playing, you cant share anything, but if they 
do- you can give/receive gifts that earn xp every 24hrs. It's a free 
way to get coins and gifts, even if you don't have Friends! A good 
way to get hints about the game is by seeing what other people do 
with their villages
Best Use of Smurfberries
The Harvest Wagon has become a substitute for  the Thanksgiving statue.  The Golden Corn is indisepsible between levels 12 to 22. Get higher than 22 and coin is less of a problem.
Buy the Harvest Wagon and grow Golden Corn while you sleep. This will make a massive difference to your playing style. Also Farmer Smurf saves you a lot of harvesting time
It is recommended not to get Painter Smurf as his game is very difficult, with only the easy ones being easily achievable but only giving 15 XP
Lazy Smurf is quite profitable, initially you will only get
less than 100xp a game.. But later if you get the badges Lazy
 Smurf's game will get you 500Xp per game..
An example of getting Xp from Lazy Smurf:  after you get 50 boots 
you earn 500 XP with every additional boot..
 Mining smurf is a good one to have. Look for the Golden Pick to 
make the most of him

What is the Golden Pick?
Access it from the same menu where you got Miner Smurf's mine. It costs 20 smurfberries and can be used to get rid of rocks twice as fast. The Golden Pick is great  for playing Miner 
Smurf’s minigame. If you click on the mine, then select the 
minigame, then scroll all the way to the right. It should be listed
 there for 20 smurfberries. Yes- I know that’s a lot, but you can 
break rocks really fast and therefore get money and XP that much 

Ways to Recover a Reset Smurf Village Game
If you are playing the game on an iPad ,link your game 
center and it will back the game up online. If you absolutely have 
to start over…. Start over from your game center. I had to start 
over my daughters game over and the game center version gave 
her 2600 smurf berries free at the beginning. So far I’ve got her to 
level 21 in just a few days. (Quote From Smurf Village Forums' 
Another good way to recover a lost Smurfs' Village game is  to recover the game from the previous back up point.


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