Monday 18 June 2012

Summer BBQ Apps for iPhone

BBQ apps for iphone
Summer iPhone BBQ Apps
Grill Season is almost upon us, so it's time to break out the BBQ's and the apps, because men love to grill , but we also love our gadgets!

So this Summer when you're sitting around the BBQ with your iPhone in hand, get off of Facebook and tend to your meat and get your mitts on these well done BBQ Apps for iPhone:

iGrill doesn't only supply you with a handy barbecue iOS app but also has another funky gadget to make you salivate. The Grill thermometer connects via Blutooth to your Apple Device letting you know how long to grill your BBQ steak and other meat for. 

Weber's on the Grill: everyone knows BBQ giant Weber, and many a delightful, and I'm sure many a ruined one too, barbecue meal has been made on Weber's through the years. Weber's iPhone App gives you access to many unusual barbecue recipes via their app, including filet mignon roast steaks ; rubs; sauces and marinades from various Weber books, including Weber's Charcoal Grilling.

Grill Hero: Let's you relax while your BBQ meat is charring with a lite time management type game, that naturally puts you in the shoes of a barbecue genius.

iBBQ: Really an excellent all round utility and barbecue helper app. iBBQ really gives you all the help you could possible want to make your Summer's parties rock. Find the right joints of meat, local butchers to use and even what the weather is going to be like when you fire up the Weber! It's like having a barbecue genius of a dad in  your pocket!

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